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Behind the scenes of a new project. Can't wait to announce what it is! Stay tuned. #IminDMND
Jaimee, on our DMND team, is back from Inbound, a digital marketing conference hosted by our partner @hubspot #IminDMND
"Education is everything." Inspired by @michelleobama keynote at our partner @hubspot #INBOUND17 conference #IminDMND
Jaimee on our DMND team is at one of our partners @hubspot conference #Inbound17 #IminDMND
Fuel for our DMND offsite. Today's agenda: brainstorming to make our program even better! #IminDMND
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Rebecca of the DMND team 🎉🎂 #iminDMND
Last day for our DMND intern. It was such a joy having her this summer. We wish her the best during her last year at university! #IminDMND
Last week some members of our Brazil DMND team visited our HQ here in California. We miss them already, but look at how much our team has grown! #IminDMND
Thank you for joining coffee and croissants. Continue the conversation on Facebook! Link in bio. #IminDMND #MadewithUdacity
Getting ready for coffee and croissants! Click the link to join us. Session starts in 15 minutes! #madewithudacity
Good luck in all your future endeavors! Last couple days for an awesome Project Manager. #imindmnd #dmnd
Congrats to the #DMND team! Winners of the OKR Impact Award