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We had some wonderful DMND graduates visit us today all the way from Germany! We loved hearing about their experience with Udacity. #iminDMND
Happy Valentine's day from our newest DMND team member, Alexandra! #IminDMND 笙・ク条沚ェ
New company shirt to celebrate 10,000 DMND students 沁 thank you for learning with us! #IminDMND
Another DMND birthday! Happy birthday to our wonderful producer Pauline 沁を沁
newest addition to the DMND team 汾セ #IminDMND
Happy Birthday to our AWND instructor, Gloria! Hope you have an amazing day沚ー #IminDMND #IminAWND
Go big or go home 沚 Pizza is a great snack in between courses 沽 #IminDMND #pizzaparty
Celebrating our AWND producer's birthday. Happy Birthday, Kyle! 沁解沁
Our live walkthrough of the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program is going on now! Are you watching? Link in bio
Hope to see you there! You can still RSVP for this live session. (Link in bio)
Happy birthday to our amazing producer Ryan! 沁を沁 #IminDMND
Looking to launch a career in digital marketing? We窶决e excited to announce our partnership with @facebookblueprint ! This collaboration integrates official Blueprint courses directly into Udacity's curriculum窶波iving you a 360-degree understanding of digital marketing. To learn more, visit: