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Gain real-world experience running live campaigns as you learn from top experts in the field. Share and tag #iminDMND to the pic of your diploma. 🎓

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It's Aloha Friday! Make sure to take breaks between your Nanodegree lessons this weekend. Where will you be studying? 🌺💻 #alohafriday #weekendwarriors #imindmnd #iminawnd
Greek food is on the menu today. My favorite dish was the beef gyro. All the noms! 🍽😋
Master platform-specific skills valued by top employers, while at the same time establishing a broad-based understanding of the whole digital marketing ecosystem. Hurry! Registration for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree July 2018 term closes on 7/17/2018. 👩🎓 👨🎓
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"I think with learning, you should always build on what you’ve already got. My aim was to combine the marketing experience and education I already had, with the practical knowledge of tools and technologies that I could see companies were looking for in job postings. I thought Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree program was the place most focused on those specific tools and technologies, with the added benefit of the projects that would help me build my portfolio... I’m now a product marketing manager at an automotive company. I’d been applying for jobs before I started my Nanodegree program, but after I started, I was really able to step-up my efforts. I understood how to select the most important parts of my experience for my resume, how to reach out to recruiters, how to prepare for interviews. This really helped me land my new job. Now, I’m helping the company generate a lot of content and build up their digital marketing efforts. I’m working on so many projects—from blog content, to webinars, to corporate partnerships."
Learn about AdWords and SEO by running real campaigns. Hurry! Registration for the Google Adwords Nanodegree July 2018 term closes on 7/10/2018. 👩🎓 👨🎓Link in bio.
Our AWND instructor Gloria exploring beautiful Italy. Where will you be completing your Nanodegree program this summer? #IminAWND #studyabroad
Happy Friday! Look who showed up to the office unintentionally twinning 👯 #IminDMND #twinsies
Last day for Morgan before she heads off on her summer adventure! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation 🎓 #IminDMND #goodbyefornow
Just relaxing with some after work karaoke 🎤💁#IminDMND
Happy Friday! We're recording something new for our Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. Enrollment for our May term closes May 22. Sign up today. Link in bio 👩‍🏫 #IminDMND #bts
Dan taking a chocolate break 🍫🍬🏗️ #candycrane #IminDMND
Got some new faces in the office today 🚸👦👧 #bringyourkidstoworkday