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There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get a little upset by how beautiful U of C is.
☁️ Should I post a cheesy caption about waiting for the rainbow at the end of a storm, or just be moody in private?
My favorite awkward boys (@ryankschulz and Wes) are on an adventure this weekend! So I’m left back home with classy and sassy Archie and a throwback to our camping trip last month to keep me sane. 
Also...don’t get used to the VW posts, they’re a rarity here.
Feeling a little bit like ABBA every time I wear these. 👩🏻‍🎤
🌵Oh yes they do.
I think I’ve got a little bit of a @deciem obsession and I’m not at all mad about that. If you don’t know who they are, you gotta. Affordable science-turned-skincare that does the body (and wallet!) so, so good. Even my mom is a cult fan now!
☁️A really big dream of mine is to one day move to the English countryside where I can walk to the town shops or take a train to London, but also walk to the woods when I need to take it slow. @ryankschulz took me to a little corner of Illinois to make me feel at peace for a moment until that day arrives, and I could not be more grateful. Even this photo feels calm.
🌵I promise I DO have a social life that doesn’t include garden centers, but plants never need posing or staging and always look gorgeous. So I guess I’m going to be all about plants now!
An embarrassingly large portion of my life in the US has been about trying to fit in. Being from a very culturally different country, I thought I had to get rid of the parts of me that were different in order to be liked. Then I realized I was so stressed about being ‘normal’ that I formed a silent anxiety and began to subconsciously hate the clothes, textiles, books that I had grown up with. It’s only recently that I thought to myself, why the hell do I want to fit in? Isn’t it more interesting to be an authentically weird human being? And I’ve started to realize that a big part of my happiness comes from tying my Lithuanian nature to the slickness of Chicago city living. So, these are the clogs I bought from Sweden because I might as well be taking steps to get back to my roots in a very literal way 🌞🌻❤️
This is the funniest dog I have ever met. Look at him. He’s some sort of Whippet Fast Boi mix that has the most incredible awkward double chin I’ve ever seen. Anyways, if you’re downtown, come meet him.
If you’re not yet convinced of how cool I am, here’s my wild Saturday in which I got properly lit in three garden centers and bought a small country’s worth of flora. Photo cred: @ryankschulz
This city is freaking awesome. Every weekend I find new places I adore, that make Chicago feel like home sweet home. This is my lucky-as-hell view from work.