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Being a total hipster with @phil.yuck and spending my student loans on lavender and cocoa ice cream. Thanks for a lovely friend date.
What an awesome weekend spent surrounded by painfully talented industrial designers at #sq1con ⠀
Thanks @reid.schlegel for being cool about getting stuck with the only graphic designer in the entire conference and @strathmoreart for these intimidatingly fresh sketchbooks.
Counting down the moments until I go back to one of the most surreal places I've been to (in a touristy and also horrified-subway-passenger sort of way)
If you'd have asked me last year where Playboy lies in my life, I'd have laughed at you. But being surrounded by Art and Hef's world designing something so far ahead of its time— the thought, experimentation, and artistry placed into each spread has blown my mind.  These are my favorite bits of the oldies, from Chaplin to Warhol.
Light at the end of the tunnel. Just kidding, those are the suburbs so it must be hell.
When you go to Home Depot to clear your head, you're in too deep. This is how I imagine heaven to be.
Celebrating the start of autumn, design school, and my social life with a trip to one of my favorite places. This poor desk doesn't know how awful I am with X-acto blades yet...but it will. 🔪
Waiting for the one that makes me rich.
Surprise to everyone including myself: I went to New York for a day! My legs are weak, both because I fell in love (sorry, Chicago) and also because I walked through Manhattan in new shoes like some sort of metropolitan idiot. But every moment was lovely.
When her fat spills over the entire windowsill, that's amore.
If I looked like that, I'd go prancing my ass around everywhere too.
Yesterday, I was working on the content + design of a book on Art's early work. We found his old student IDs, and they stuck with me ever since. It's so strange to see someone so successful as a student, studying and struggling and laughing. That's me right now! Maybe that means we can get there, in our own ways, too.