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My little bean in his cone of shame. Sob. But he’s taking it like a champ and claiming every part of the new house as his own. While constantly bumping into EVERYTHING because his spacial awareness is shit. Love u bby.
Whoa, Vilnius is a handsome boi. So much old world charm, my Klaipeda-native ass was schooled today in hilly, cobbled, and never-fucking-ending winding roads. I can’t wait to come back to visit a little more thoroughly. And maybe stop buying souvenirs like some Yankee that’s never seen our flag before. Yikes.
My favorite place in the entire world 🗺
The most wholesome goddamn photo I’ll ever take. Peonies, doggo, a sweet summer breeze.
Day two in The Land of Angry Looking Blond People consisted of walking through the old town, seeing amazing little mazes of ancient houses and cobbled streets. Apparently my memory doesn’t do reality justice, so my mom (happy birthday!) spent the day walking me through the city and telling me what I missed when I was a baby. Here’s me happy by a fence.
My amazing, white-bearded grandpa (not a lizard contrary to how I made it sound just now) built this house with his own two hands. I remember it being built, all the sand and brick piles I would play around. Now I daydream about finding a little place of my own in the woods that I can retire to. Maybe granddad can help draw up the plans.💛💚❤️
Day one back in my favorite place in the world. After a day of travel, a wreck of a sleep schedule, there is nothing that can even briefly compare to being overfed by lovely, funny, and sweet-as-honey grandparents. Their garden is my happy place.
Obligatory fawning over spring FINALLY hitting Chicago. What a wonderful world.
Cozy like a pair of ferrets. Or as I call them, hairy noodles.
My two sons. 🐱🌵
Flying home never felt so good. I think it’s hard to love New York...when you live in Chicago.