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Happy Monday 💋
When I am feeling lazy and don't want to do much to my hair. I do a bun. It's one of the easiest hairstyles to do. I like my buns to be sleek and smooth. I did that using three #DesignEssentials products.

1. Apply Almond&Avocado Curling Creme to add moisture and make the hair more versatile to manipulate. (this is one of my new favs,when I say hair was sooo soft after using this!

2. Detangle hair. Use a comb or brush. This helps to smooth the hair. 
3. Dampen hair. I like to do this for a couple of reasons. It helps to smooth the hair,add moisture and help to prevent flakes from forming from the edge tamer. Whenevers I use edge controls or gel,I apply water first so it can help set the product. 
4. Apply Honey&Shea Edge Tamer. You don't need a lot at all. Use your hands to smooth the product onto the hair by using a little pressure. Then use a brush to smooth some more. 
5. Wrap your hair with a sating scarf to set the hair. Leave for minimum 10minutes. This will help to smooth the bumps and lumps and set the edge tamer.

6. Spray Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist. Smooth smooth and smooth!! Shape and create the bun. The oil mist will help to create shine and seal all the moisture in.

7. For an added touch. Add coloured pins in whatever pattern you wish and you are done. Simple. Easy. and cute!! 😊

For more details and information watch the full video on my youtube channel

Learn more about the products used @designessentialsuk @designessentials

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Head to my youtube channel right  now to find out how I got this shine on my hair (it isn't edited!) using @designessentialsuk products 😊 .

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Yesterday at @nowornevermoves #breakeverychain It was so beautiful to have so many beautiful black queens in the room. The energy was amazing 🎥 @julymysunshine
Wedding photo goals 😍😍
yasssss @tarajiphenson
This Saturday I will be at @theafricacentre Summer Festival. Hope to see ya there! 💋
As some of you may know.I am a huge fan of lingerie. I often struggle with finding pieces that fit my body shape and support my large bust. Alot of times, brands don't cater for or represent women who look like me. So I am so happy to be a part of @lovepanache #foundmyfit campaign. The Adorra set is my perfect fit and I in love with it! Check out the website to find out why.
let your no be a no.
Say it loudly. 
without drowning. 
Let the words living
inside your heart
find ways to come out of your mouth.
You are not angry.
You are tired.
I repeat.
Let your no be a no.
Make your language clear before men. 
before your people.
Karen Owusu
I need this tee! 😂😂😂
The most important part of your hair care routine is shampooing and conditioning. A lot of people do not spend the time and care required for a healthy scalp to maximise healthy hair growth. 
Check out my detailed video on my channel featuring @designessentialsuk . . . .

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do not wait to be loved. 
Stop waiting for people to pour into you. 
Learn the art of loving yourself/others.
Karen Owusu