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Whirlpool time me and the crazy duck 🦆 hanging around #lifeisgood❤️
Cheers 🍻 waiting for my date 😎#lvnthegoodlife
Breakfast for Champions ! You wanna get healthy than start to eat right .... I’m so tired of all this American Fastfood .... 🤮
Lazy Supercross study 📖 evening 🍪😤🙈😂
I can’t wait till I walk like that next time in Supercross race ! Gods plan is bigger than mine trust in him he will show you the way ! New year new luck⚔️🏋🏻‍♂️#allwhatittakesisalittlebitofhardwork
Rainy afternoon in Florida 🌧☔️
Good morning world 🌎 let’s go hit the beach 🏖 Lady’s I come for ya 😎
Thank you Mum and Dad for getting me my lady out of my deal ...🔥😍❤️💙💘@stocker3207
I love to travel ✊🌎
You believe you got a cool 😎 Dad ?! But mine is for sure cooler than yours!! This man showed me so a lot , he showed me how to ride a bike and work hard ... sure we are not the same persons and I also tooked often my own ways ! But I Learnd out of it ... and now I try to bring Everything together till to the next Supercross Saison to stay also behind the gate like this legend my dad !  Thanks for take me on so many races and tracks all over the world 🌎 and show me what’s life really about ! Love ya dad ! #livefree #motoguys #motolife #sinceimababy #thankyou @stocker3207
You are what ya eat !!
Du bist was du isst ! #healtyfood #sportsfood #goodlife #bestrestaurant #albertville #chinagarden #privateer #supercross #recovery