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Mother of 4. Love sewing, quilting (still hexies and epp addicted), thimbles and lighthouses. Scotland but part of heart left in Poland and Malta


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Day 37/100, week 6 #100hexies100days2017 dots&stripes. I missed days 35&36 but will catch up tomorrow. Do you know that I don't like stripes! The only thing I like with stripes on is lighthouse! 
#hexie #hexagon #lighthouse
If you already think about Christmas πŸŽ„than Christmas Caroling RAL is for you! Today is my day to share my free pattern! I  made it inspired by the song O Come All Ye Faithful. Visit my blog to find free pattern, giveaways and links to other talented bloggers sharing their patterns today! Link in my profile
#freepattern #fpp #foundationpaperpiecing #christmascarolingrowalong #christmasquilt #christmascaroling2017 #christmascarolingrowalong2017
My last finished quilt, day 18 in #greatbritishquilter. It's my rainbow quilt Rainbow Memories🌈 I've created all seven paper pieced patterns in #quiltassistant . It has 705 tiny buttons and binding made from #selvages. And it's going to be shown on Scottish Quilt Championships in Edinburgh next weekend. I'm super happy I managed to finish it! πŸ™Œ I think most thanks are to my husband πŸ’• He was cheering my up when I was going to throw it away and when I almost fell asleep sewing on 500th button 😴 
I've blogged about it - link in my profile
#foundationpaperpiecing #scottishquiltchampionships #rainbowproject #rainbowquilt #makemodern #matchstickquilting #quiltsofinstagram
Day 34/100 big&small in #100hexies100days2017 Do you see little Wally on my sewing machine? I have that sticker from few months because having Wally's fan in the house means you have Wally everywhere 😊
#hexie #hexagon #whereiswally
Day 16 #greatbritishquilter My favourite sewing project. It's #totebag with #lighthouse. I made it from IKEA sofa cushion cover bought for 50p πŸ˜€ Sewing was so easy as I didn't make lining just overlocked raw edges. It still looks great after a year of daily use. It was a gift for my husband and it has additional story about our 3 years old betraying my secret sewingπŸ˜‰
Thank you @sarahashfordstudio and @sydneyrosedesigns for this month! I love the idea to get to know more about quilters around us! 
#shoppingbag #upcycling #upcycled
My whole #thimblescollection. It's not big and I think it would rather be something like a "memory box" from places we visited 🌍
@mlptabb2 now I will be waiting for your collection 😊
#thimble #thimbles
Days 32-33/100 in #100hexies100days2017 the smallest and the biggest #thimble from my collection....And this is how I'm taking pictures πŸ˜‚πŸ’™ #pictureschallenge 
#hexies #epp #thimble
My #greatbritishquilter WIP: I have more than 10 pots to do but as you see my little helper and his hands are here to grab anything I try to do. Little helper with #hexies counts for day 31/100 in #100hexies100days2017 😏
Day 30/100 #100hexies100days2017 #hexies with small #thimbles 
It's half of my #thimblescollection 😊
#hexagons #epp #thimble
Shared post for #100hexies100days2017 day 29/100 big&small and 
#greatbritishquilter month, day 11 how do I take my tea β˜•
My little #hexie with my favourite big cup with a dog! When my kids are helping to prepare breakfast or dinner they are choosing cups for everyone in our family. They always tell: doggy cup is for mammy 🐩 I like big cups! We drink a lot of tea so we often make mixed tea (black and fruit) in big pot. In Poland we drink black tea withouth milk and also any other fruit or herbal tea, but I prefer the black one with sugar 🍰😊
Day 28/100 #100hexies100days2017 another red #hexie with my little stash for #greatbritishquilter month. I don't have many fabrics as I usually buy them when my new quilt plan is ready. My last wish could be orange or yellow fabric to brighten my stash πŸ’›πŸ’› Thank you @sewfoxymama for another week of fun! πŸ’›πŸ’›
Day 27/100 #100hexies100days2017 another red #hexie. I don't know why I have so many scraps in red 😡 
My wish would be magnetic pin bowl, but as it's not handmade I will see if my husband really reads what I'm writing here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜