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These road renovations look more like a technicolor makeover. 🌈
From this weekend. The weather has been like this all week, today included. 🌧
Parking garage as a frame.
HBD to my sister who’s been sassy since day 1. And I’ve been copying her since then too, as evidenced in this classic Halloween video where I spin around for no reason except that she did 😂
Finally stopped in at this local used book store. Nerded out over old cover and typeface designs. Could this place be ANY CUTER? 🤓
Monday night with Modest Mouse. 💙🐁
Felt sort of disappointed in people in general today? But I feel better knowing someone in the 3rd Century in Syria made these beautiful detailed mosaics of a tiger and boar facing off.
Museum date with Mom! 💛
M | I | C / A  in bloom.
Bookbinding demo in GD1 today. We used our latest project to make a class zine. Then the class brainstormed and voted on this title. So much fun! #pointsizepunk