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Post 4/4: I vaccinated this little boy before his photo was taken – you can see from his finger. We mark each infant’s finger and record every child who has been vaccinated. If any children are missed, we go back to vaccinate within the same week. This boy is happy because I gave him a balloon. It may seem like nothing to you, but these children don’t have toys to play with. Children make kites out of plastic bags, or play in the sand. They love the balloons, and all the children run towards the vaccinators so they can get one. We give out 1.2 million balloons during each national polio vaccination campaign. It has been a long day, as we started at 7am. I also need to study. I am still at school, in 11th grade. I attend school after work. Working to eradicate polio has encouraged me to stay in the health sector. My dream is to become a midwife. I just hope my future husband will allow me to work -  and those men are hard to find – but this programme is showing what women can do. Thank you so much for reading! © UNICEF/Afghanistan2018/Hibbert

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Post 3/4: I am only 19 years old, and yet I manage a team of four women. We go house-to-house educating families and vaccinating children. In my community, there are many families that do not allow their daughters to work. I am an exception. Women are also not allowed to leave the house without their father or husband’s permission. But men also can’t enter another man’s house, because this is where women can be free of their burqa. The home is also a woman’s place in my society. We need more women polio vaccinators and educators, because they can enter the house and check that every child has been vaccinated. Even if one child misses the vaccine, it could put the entire community at risk. In this photo, my team is giving vitamin A supplements in addition to the polio vaccine. Vitamin A helps build a child’s immune system and improves eyesight. During this national vaccination campaign, 8.9 million children will receive vitamin A tablets.
© UNICEF/Afghanistan2018/Hibbert
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Post 2/4: In my country, guns and tanks are common. We don’t even think about it. This is an old military barracks, where kids come to play. I come here to speak to parents about vaccinating their children. One of the biggest challenges I face is families that refuse the polio vaccine. They say it is unsafe, or haram [forbidden by Islamic law]. There are even some doctors in my community that do not believe in multiple polio vaccinations. I try to explain that the vaccine is harmless and the only way to protect their child from paralysis. I also clarify that children must take the vaccine more than once because it builds their immunity.
© UNICEF/Afghanistan2018/Hibbert 
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Post 1/4: I will call myself Afia. But, forgive me – it is not my real name. Where I live, it is not safe for a woman to show her face. So, I would prefer not to use my real name. Today, I'm taking over UNICEF’s Instagram to give you an insight into my life and work vaccinating children in Afghanistan. It is not easy to be a woman, or child here. My cousin is just 11 years old, and she is already engaged and will soon be married. She won’t be able to go to school, and instead she will be forced to cook and clean for her husband and his family. I am lucky, my father is more liberal. He let me go to school and I have no pressure to get married, because I support my three unemployed brothers. Because I provide money, they value my thoughts and opinions. I have been working to eradicate polio for seven years. My job is very important, because Afghanistan has the highest number of polio cases in the world. I am one of 70,000 polio workers across the country that ensures 9.9 million children are vaccinated against polio. However, if I wasn’t working I would also be forced to marry. My job is not just saving children’s lives, it is saving my own.
© UNICEF/Afghanistan2018/Hibbert

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What are you reading for #worldbookday? Head to the link of our bio to check out 21-year-old Sona's #comic book featuring superheroes fighting #climatechange. © Katarzyna Pawelczyk
4-year-old Ray at a community-based pre-school in Kuching, #Malaysia. © UNICEF/UNI187729/Pirozzi
How do you say friend in your language? These friends, Cedric and Anne, live in Côte d'Ivoire 😄😄 © UNICEF/UN061312/Dejongh @unicefcotedivoireci
This happy boy is on his way home after attending a UNICEF-supported school for Yemeni refugee children in Djibouti. © UNICEF/UN0199558/Noorani

Happy #EarthDay 💚! #ForEveryChild, a sustainable future. © UNICEF Myanmar / 2014 / Kyaw Kyaw Winn #EarthDay2018
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Powered by the sun and warmed warmed with smiles! UNICEF-supported solar pumps bring safe drinking water to remote schools in the Philippines. @unicefphils © UNICEF Philippines/2018/Archie Omega #EarthDay2018
We all need someone to lean on. Love these two little ones from the Kenema District in #SierraLeone. #ForEveryChild, a friendship. © UNICEF/UN072209/Phelps