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Committed to sharing music with a message to the world and comprised of two men who each exhibit a high level of enthusiasm in everything they do.


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Sharing more original anointed worship music acapella with the Vibrant Faith Church yesterday...God truly touched his people!
Sharing one of our new worship songs acapella with members of The Living Water Church in Washington this past Sunday 10-28-18. God's anointing was surely present!
In the studio after our interview on the 'Marty and David Show' in Danbury, CT this week. We had a great time with these guys!
This is what Police officers from the 73rd Precinct had to say after hearing 'Give Up That Gun' tonight
Sharing 'Give Up That Gun" with officers from the 73rd Precinct at the 'Stop Gun and Gang Violence' Campaign fundraiser tonight.
We met Benny today while sharing 'Give up that gun' with people on the streets of Brooklyn.
With Matthew Perry at the 'March for Our Lives' tour in Queens, NY on 8-11-18. We love this guy!
With Arieyanna Williams at the end of the March for our lives tour in Newtown, CT today.
Do you like the song 'Give up that gun'? We asked this question today in Newtown, CT
In Newtown, CT today sharing give up that gun at the end of the March for our lives tour. This lady heard the song 1 time and started singing with us!!
We had a phenomenal opportunity to share the song "Give up that gun" with David Hogg, Arieyanna Williams and 1 other student on the March for our lives tour at the Helen Marshall Cultural Center