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Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. We help people have a stronger connection to God by helping them feel accepted, loved, and connected.


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I trust in my spiritual insight, and I am at peace. #espanol #Unity
Confio en mi comprensiテウn espiritual y estoy en paz.
I simply trust, and I am at peace. #DailyWord #Unity
I am free to express my talents and abilities. -Lent 2018, I AM.
Through my intuition, God directs my thoughts. As I listen and act on the messages I receive, my conscious connection to God grows. -Lent 2018, God.
What we think about, we bring about. -Lent 2018, Affirmation
Our hearts break today as we hear the news of another school shooting, this in Parkland, FL. We must not cease prayer discipline, and we must allow prayer to compel us to right action to create a safe world for our children and for one another. #enoughisenough #parkland
Happy Valentine's Day! May you know that you are ever held in the arms of Infinite Love, that which is expressing and having Its very being in, through, and as you! #Unity #Love
In the flow of our loving nature... find Unity, find Self. #Unity #Love
Our Master teacher, Jesus, lived his life boldly, whether he was teaching, demonstrating, or sharing a meal with friends. By following Jesus' example, I accept the joys and challenges it will contain. -Daily Word
Affirmative prayer and affirmative attitudes constitute a "secret weapon" for individual peace as well as world peace. -Myrtle Fillmore, How to Let God Help You
I hold a vision for world peace- not just as a hope but as an intention, confident in the Oneness that underlies every appearance of separation and discord. -Daily Word
Remain in the flow of life without attachment. #Unity #Truth