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Spotting wild gazelles in the St Lucia wetlands park in South Africa. #southafrica #unnavigated
I made this picture of my little friend here in South Africa. I was having lunch on the rooftop terrace of @Mantisandmoon when this little monkey came to say hi to me. #unnavigated
So about when I was in South Africa: A few accommodation tips: The Amphitheatre backpackers lodge in the Northern drakensberg area is a lovely hostel where the beers are cold, the beds are cozy and there is a camping ground with a magnificent view. I had a great time there, so you should definitely check it out whenever you are in the area #unnavigated #southafrica #hostels #accommodation
Midway between Johannesburg and Durban on an idyllic piece of land, encircled by awe-inspiring mountains you will find Amphitheatre Backpackers. The lodge takes its name from “The Amphitheatre,” the most famous geographic feature of the Northern Drakensberg, South Africa. #unnavigated
Have you ever been to South Africa? This picture was taken when I was staying at the Amphitheatre backpackers lodge. #southafrica #unnavigated
Lesotho holds a very rural and traditional culture and the natural setting of this country is unimaginably beautiful. #unnavigated #lesotho
Just how cozy does this little house look?? Travel in Lesotho: A rondavel house is traditionally made with locally found raw materials. Stones are stacked up in the round walls and the mortar consists of sand, soil, or combinations of these, mixed with cow dung. #unnavigated #lesotho
Lesotho, hidden away in between high peaks, is a tiny independent highland country that’s completely surrounded by the South-African expanse. Get ready for unforgettable hikes, cozy little villages with rondavel huts (read post in bio) and breathtaking mountain views. @unnavigated #lesotho
In Malta, there are nine little islands to discover. Three of them, also the largest islands, are most commonly visited by travelers: Gozo, Comino, and Malta. Gozo is smaller in size than Malta, which is more famous and Comino is the smallest. @unnavigated
Gozo is a great place for the outdoor adventure traveler as there a lot of options to choose from like rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking. While exploring the island you will see a wide variety of amazing views due to a large number of valleys, hills and small beaches.  #unnavigated
The islands of Malta and Gozo are surrounded by mighty cliffs, which are especially worth it to visit during the winter months. During these colder months, big waves often crash into the cliffs. It’s a spectacular event that gives a great opportunity for a long and unique walk along the coastline.  #unnavigated @malta.gozo  @lovemalta @lovinmalta
Quite a view in Valletta, the Capital city of Malta. #unnavigated @lovinmalta @lovemalta @malta.gozo #malta #valletta #maltalove #maltagram