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"While the Colosseum stands, Rome shall stand; when the Colosseum falls, Rome shall fall; when Rome falls, the world shall fall." #unnavigated
All roads lead to Rome, where many orange trees decorate every corner of the city 🌳🍊 . #unnavigated
Every Pizza & Piazza in Siena, Italy is Wonderful! ❤️#unnavigated
The dome of the Siena cathedral in Italy 🙏🇮🇹 #unnavigated
The bank of Monte dei Paschi di Siena is the oldest surviving bank in the world. #siena #unnavigated
Not until we travel do we begin to better understand the world. Capture every moment. 🌍🙏❤️#unnavigated
Il Duomo in Siena serves as one of the top cultural landmarks in the city. One of the most typical features are the black and white columns and striking decorations. It seems like there’s not a single spot of blank space in the Duomo. You could easily spend a few hours exploring the interior. #unnavigated
The beauty of Siena, Italy is a remarkable one. 🇮🇹 Would you choose Siena over Florence? Or Florence over Siena? Share your opinion in the comments below. ⬇️ #unnavigated
A magnificent sight of the city of Verona, Italy. You can climb up the Lamberti tower to enjoy the exact same view. #unnavigated
Many architectural wonders surround the famous Piazza Dei Signori in Verona, Italy. #unnavigated
Majestic light and old religious statues inside of the basilica of San Zeno in Verona, Italy. #unnavigated
On the fortified walls of Castelvecchio in Verona, Italy. #unnavigated