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The islands of Malta and Gozo are surrounded by mighty cliffs, which are especially worth it to visit during the winter months. During these colder months, big waves often crash into the cliffs. It’s a spectacular event that gives a great opportunity for a long and unique walk along the coastline.  #unnavigated @malta.gozo  @lovemalta @lovinmalta
Quite a view in Valletta, the Capital city of Malta. #unnavigated @lovinmalta @lovemalta @malta.gozo #malta #valletta #maltalove #maltagram
Good news: Valletta has been awarded as the European Capital of Culture in 2018. This means that will be a lot of cultural activities hosted in the Capital city of Malta. Might be worth the shot to visit one of these events on your visit to Malta.
Valletta, a city of History.⠀
Originally architected as a fortress city to defend Christianity, the Maltese Capital is a piece of Baroque art. Valletta was originally built as a ‘city by gentlemen for gentlemen’, orchestrated by Pope Pius IV. He had sent his most qualified engineer, Francesco Laparelli, to design and built this city in a modern street grid. The likes of such a grid can also easily be recognized in other modern western cities like New York or Barcelona.⠀
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Being surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, the Maltese Capital city of Valletta is a wonderful place for a sunny city trip full of history, good food and many cultural treasures. #unnavigated @lovemalta @lovinmalta @malta.gozo
As the posts of my marvelous adventure on Crete are coming to an end, Malta will be up next. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and website in the coming weeks. #unnavigated
When I was hiking in the White Mountains in Crete (on my way to mount Gingilos), I bumped on this beautiful viewpoint with a fresh water source. High up in the mountains. #unnavigated.
Hiking in the wild White Mountains in Crete. What a sublime experience! 🇬🇷🐐⛰ #unnavigated #topcretephoto #creteisland @weheartcrete @travelexploring
The small Greek seaside villages in Crete are very lovable. Perfect for a short walk. 🇬🇷🌞🌊 #unnavigated
The charming little streets of Chania in Crete. It’s wonderful to get lost here just by wandering around. ❤️🇬🇷👌#unnavigated
A Greek mountain goat, next to the road somewhere in the mountains of Crete. 🇬🇷🐐 #unnavigated
The Agios Antonios Gorge in Crete is a beauty! It’s amazing how many natural walks you can do on this island in gorges, mountain forests and on sun-bleached breathtaking beaches. Crete is a great travel destination for any nature lover. 🏕🌳🏔🇬🇷