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Speaker. Trainer. Sage. Best-Selling Author, Relationship Coach, Cancer Survivor/ Overcomer And Mom.
Positive And Intentional.


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Powerful Quote By @realtalkkim 
Regrann from @awomanandhalf
I Have Discovered That While It Is True, The Truth Hurts, Nothing Creates Pain More Than The Lies We Grow Accustomed To, The Ones We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves Or Tell Ourselves About The Complicit Roles Of Other's. They Soon Become Strongholds Which Limit Our Wholeness And Flight. Have You Considered It Might Not Be Them, Might Just Be You?
Let The 'Truth' Break Your Heart, So You Can HEAL and Live!
. ~Eden A Onwuka (C)TheSage18 
Regrann from @awomanandhalf.

Ladies, Final Call For Qtr 1. Limited Slots Left.
Relationship Coaching For Women Who Desire To Cultivate The Strength Of Their Soul, To Activate And Fully Walk In Divine Purpose, And To Initiate Healing From Past Hurts. *It Requires An Investment* .
~Eden A. Onwuka (C)TheSage18 - #regrann
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I Tried, Trust Me. But I Couldn't Resist Sharing These Cuteness And Laying My Love On #Ekwueme For These Two Legacy Makers, Proofs Of Mercy, Spicy Sugary Combo Of Goodness Wrapped By Heaven Into Two Amazing Personalities. My Caramel And Vanilla Who Will Be TWO On February 29th. *
One Year Ago, Before They Turned One, My Fate Seemed Bleak When I Was Surprisingly Diagnosed With cancer, BUT My Faith Got A Tweak From God When I Held On To HIS Word For LIFE. Throughout The Treatment At MD Anderson cancer Center, These Twincesses & Their Amazing Big Sis Gave Me A Solid Reason- A Vision Board, A Blueprint, A Reminder, The Encouragemet I Needed To Fight Pain, And Continue Fighting The Fading 'Inconsistencies' Of Restoration With #Praise. *
~Eden A Onwuka (C)TheSage18
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#Survivor #Overcomer #LifeBeyondCancer
Because Any Excuse To Wear Red Is A Good Excuse.
You Make My Heart Skip The Deserts Of Arabia 
You Make My Lips Sing Countless Chords in Accordia
You Make Our Hearts Fuse Into An Unbreakable Harmonica

Who Knew Butterflies Didn't Go Away In Forever Years?
Who Knew T'was Possible To Not Shed River Tears?
Who Knew We Could Rise Above Many Austere Fears? ~Eden A. Onwuka (C) TheSage17
Life Is Good,  Love Is Real 沽

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To All Who Chose To Be Alone Than Be In A Hole.
To Everyone Who Would Rather Remain In Discovery Than In Recovery
To The Strong Ones Who Refuse To Be Rattled By External Manipulators
To Those Who Are Fixed On Purpose, Knowing That Marriage Can Be A Part Of Purpose, But Not The Entirety Of It.
To Those Who Would Not Accept Mediocrity In Exchange For 'Marriability',
Who Understand That Being Single Is A Stage, A Phase, A Pathway And For Some A Choice, Definitely Not A Dead End.
To Everyone Who Desires Their Soulmates But Remain Gracious Enough To Celebrate Others Who Have Theirs.

To Those Who While Waiting, Are Busy Building Empires, Creating Legacies And Leaving A Positive Mark In Peoples Lives.
To The Prisoners Of Hope, Believers In Love; Those Resilient In Expectation, Who Know That In spite Of Bad Breaks, By Divine Serendipity, God Can Set The Solitary In Families.
To Those Who Are Truly Lonely Today, Who've Lost A Loved One, Experiencing An Emptiness That Expensive Gifts Cant Fill.
You Are Not Alone. Celebrate Yourself. I Speak To Your Soul Today--Your Value Is Greater Than Just One Day.

Cheers To Not Settling, MVP!

Happy Ash Wednesday, Happy 'Not Settling' Day. Happy Valentine's Day. ~Eden A. Onwuka (C)TheSage18
'It's Just One Day' {Falentine's Hype}

So you got No Special Dinner
No Calamari, Caviar or Gourmet
No Large luscious Bouquet
No Box of Tasty Chocolate
Or some telltale gift of grandeur?

So you got No phone call or frenzied text
No Spontaneous or Creative Surprises
No Excitement Brewing
No Sumptuous Soup Stewing 
Or you're wondering what's the fuss?

So you had No heartwarming candles' lit
No Red dresses seem to fit 
No sunrise from the long dreary night 
No friends are on 'loan' tonite
Or maybe the weather just ain't right?

So you have No Special Someone
No one to profess some kinda Love
No break from the crazy media shove 
Perhaps it feels a tad Lonelier today.
Breathe, Your Value is Greater than Just One Day! *
~Eden A.Onwuka (C)TheSage14
The Guardian #Feature

Your Story May Have Started With You, But It Is Definitely Beyond You.
It Might Be The Reason Someone Will Make Sense Of Their 'Treason'
It May Be The Push They Need To Move From Gory, To Glory.
By Your Vulnerability, They'll Reclaim Their Lost Identity.
In Telling Your Story, Others Prevail In Theirs. .
~Eden A. Onwuka (C)TheSage18

#CanceredNotConquered @Womenofrubies 
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Featured in The Guardian, as interviewd by @estherijewere @Regranned from @womenofrubies. Cancer Survivor and Life coach Eden Onwuka shocked many when she revealed her ordeal with the dreadful disease few weeks ago. On January 7th 2017 , Eden was diiagnosed with cancer and for 11 months she went through intense treatment while still trying to keep up with her daily activity. In her gripping memoir, I am More Than Body Parts, Eden writes of her experience in real time, right in the middle of her Cancer diagnosis and progression. She shares her daunting journey and how the mindset of an overcomer has kept her spirit-woman at ease. Eden believes it is possible to be 窶呂ancer-ed窶 and not cancelled, and like any negative experience life brings, the response of the human spirit plays a pivotal role in restoration.
In her words 窶廣fter a year of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, physical therapy, hormonal therapy, countless needle pokes, hospital visits, side effects etc, I realize that daily choosing Joy kept me sane. Empowering others even as I fought the biggest battle of my life has revealed to me the unbreakable strength of the human spirit.
In commemoration of the world cancer month, we bring you the inspiring and life changing story of Courage in despair and Hope in adversity.

My Childhood
It was Besutiful closely knit family with brothers and sisters, born to parents who placed a high premium on education. Dad worked for Unilever, while Mum was an Educationost. Typical post colonial middled class family in Lagos State. I recall Fun trips to the Bar Beach, Amusement park and Trade fair. Then boarding school in a Federal Government Girls College in Niger state.

I am the middle child in a family of seven, I have a twin sister and I pretty much love to read, travel and volunteer. I窶冦 easy going and friendly but love my quiet times, that is where I refuel as a creative person. I like to describe myself this way; I am from the East, born in the West, schooled in the North and served in the South, and i now live Western. Funny, but true plot. I begun my career with a brief stint at Shell Petroleum...
Continue reading on www.womenofrubies.com
Because Sometimes Life Takes You Left 筮ク州efore You Go Right筐。ク *
Love Is Beyond A Season, It Is A Decision, Many Times A Lifestyle. It Is A Commitment Even In The Face Of Things That'll Make You Question Your Commitment. *
Looking For An Uncut Story Of Love And Hope In Adversity? Real Romance? Looking For Timeless Encouragement? Then Read #ThePowerOfASingleStory And Pre-order #IAmMoreThanBodyParts *Link In Bio* *
(Left Pic- Cancer-ed. Right Pic- Conquered)

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Because, BlackHistoryMonth 
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