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the pool party don’t start til we walk in......
no furniture no cry
sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
slopes couldn’t handle the kids
too underground for the main stage 🚨
Moynaq, Uzbekistan once had the shores of the great Aral Sea lapping at its border, the entire economy relied on what the sea provided. in the 50s the Soviets set up canals to divert the two rivers that fed the sea into a new project of cotton crop. over the decades the sea gradually shrank, and in what’s called one of the greatest environmental disasters of the world, the Aral Sea is now 20% of its original size. Moynaq is a dusty frontier town with a rapidly declining population. on the northern edge of town where the port once was is a graveyard of ships, their rusted, decaying carcasses strewn as a reminder of Moynaq’s glory years
in typical me fashion i got all up in my feelings looking through some unreleased photos, like this comical picture of a woman in Armenia holding a turkey. i decided to take a shortcut to the highway and wound up trudging through her farm. i’m not sure what confused her more: the fact a man who only spoke a solid 20 words of Russian was roaming her property or that he wanted to photograph her. the humour was lost on neither of us
almost like i never left
in a historical first, the Afghan government and the Taliban brokered a temporary ceasefire for Eid, the Islamic celebration breaking the fast of Ramadan. my Twitter feed is bombarded with images of Taliban members taking selfies with Afghan military. it’s a reminder of the human element of a conflict that seemingly has no end, and what should be the foundation for future peace negotiations. i’m a little late but Eid Mubarak to all my friends celebrating, both in and outside of Afghanistan