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Complete a UofT credit overseas in 3-6 weeks! Check the website for info session dates and program specific information.

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For this course every week we go on a field trip to somewhere different. Some of the places we've visited include: The Korean National Assembly, the Korean Broadcast Station (KBS), Hite brewery and lots more! The field trips include both educational and sightseeing locations so there's something for everyone!
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The course we’re taking right now is Global Business Modelling. It’s quite different from the typical UofT course since it involves lots of group work and in class discussions. You really get to practice your presentation and teamwork skills as well!
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Here in Seoul it’s hard to find a bad meal with all the amazing food options! Some of Seoul’s most famous foods include bibimbap, bulgogi and of course, kimchi (fun fact: Korea has over 100 kinds of kimchi)! Also, if you’re a coffee lover that wants to take a break from Starbucks, Seoul will not disappoint as everywhere you go, you’ll be able to find independent coffee shops.
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Hello Seoul! My name is Shirley, I’m in the Rotman Commerce program going into third year and I’m going to be this week’s social media correspondent for Summer Abroad in South Korea! 
Domo is far away from Toronto this trip, 10,728.44 km to be exact. Can you guess which famous Seoul landmark he’s visiting for one of our field trips? Hint: It’s kind of like our own CN Tower but not quite as tall. It’s also 236 meters tall and located on Namsan Mountain, providing panoramic views of the city!
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Some of the best parts about the Summer Abroad Program in Seville are the many exciting field trips the class takes throughout the month! For the trip we took on Tuesday we first travelled by bus on public transit to get from our residence to our classroom, where the whole class met and walked as a group towards our destination. Along the way we saw many beautiful historical sites such as the Casa De Pilotos. We all arrived together at the Setas, otherwise known as the Metropol Parasol, one of the most stunning modern buildings in the otherwise old city. Together we toured the area and posed as a class on the top-level boardwalk overlooking the city (with many historical landmarks such as the Giralda in the background). This class has been so enjoyable, and we are all becoming great friends by exploring a new culture together! 🇨🇦💙🇪🇸 #uoft #uoftabroad #summerabroad #Seville #Spain
Spain is known for having some of the best food in the world and it comes in many delicious varieties. The first photo shows an example of tapas, small plates which allow you to try multiple dishes at once, and the second photo shows a large seafood paella which is composed of various seafoods and seasoned rice (the paella in particular was shared with four people!) Delicioso! 😋

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Domo has come along with us to Seville, Spain and he has joined us on some adventure around the city! Can you guess where he is? Here’s a hint: this famous Seville location was featured as a filming location for the 2002 film “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”. #uoft #uoftabroad #summerabroad #Seville #Spain #domo #whereisdomo
We’ve arrived! Summer Abroad Spain has begun and our class is getting all settled into our residence and our daily routine! My name is Grant Ford and I am the social media correspondent for the Seville section and I am so excited for the rest of the program! I just finished my 3rd year of studies at Daniels Faculty of Architecture and am taking FAH390 which is going towards my History and Theory Specialist. This picture was taken outside of our beautiful residence, right before taking a much needed siesta 🌞

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Domo has travelled to the southern hemisphere with our Australian Wildlife summer abroad program. The ocean and the blue sky comforts all the tiredness from the trip. Domo is ready to meet some new friends in the wild and experience three weeks of Australian winter with sunshine, ocean and wildlife. —Xiyu Lu
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The Australian summer abroad program is almost “Free of Classrooms”. As the title of the course said, we explore wildlife in Australia so that most things we learn from this course comes from nature. We visited the Nightcap National Park for a full day field trip during the first week. As our professor Bradley Nesbitt said, “We love nature and nature loves us” and it is something that I could really feel when I went into the woods. We study nature for maintaining a better ecosystem because it provides shade and nutrition for us and all other animals. — Xiyu Lu
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We are now in Australia! 🇦🇺 This week, Xiyu Lu is sharing her experience taking ENV396H0 (Australian Wildlife and Conservation) abroad. 
In the morning we have lectures at Byron Bay Community Centre and in the afternoon we go outside to interact with wildlife in Australia. Australian aboriginal people have had a strong connection with nature for over fifty thousand years. We tried out one of their survival skills, spear throwing, which was used in the old times for hunting wild animals. 
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The amazing thing about HKU is that it is right on a mountain! The trails that you can take to get to class are incredible! There is a traditional route on the road; however, here is the fun route through the mountains to HKU campus ⛰ 
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