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We're a family of 6 accumulating experiences. We explore with #RoofTopTents & a beast of a trailer. Come say hi!

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Can someone caption this for me? #toocool
“You look ridiculous.” - Kristen
“I look awesome.” - Paul
While it’s always good to spend a little time at home we’re excited about our next chapter. We were looking for a new bigger car this week to haul our ex trailer. Now we’ll use that money to get an enclosed trailer it looks like. We’ll do some small mods to it so we can use it as we like but the little wooden trailer beast we spent months working on is in Arizona now. Broken at a strangers house. He’s a welder and he said he’s going to lift it and put a new frame under it in a few months. Anyway, it’s his now. We’ll miss her. But if this journey teaches us anything it’s that the material isn’t what’s important. We’re moving on. We’re mounting our tents to a new trailer and we’ll be up and out soon. If anyone has an enclosed trailer or has some ideas for our next vehicle we’re open for suggestions. We’ll be getting a bigger car in the coming months either way. Just not as soon as we’d like. EDIT: Kristen informed me the trailer does not identify as female. Sorry for the mix up.
There are so many reasons that could possibly make us give up right now. But all I can think about is how the events that happened this week were such a huge blessing. Our trailer broke. Like literally. It snapped. It happened on this insanely bumpy road, but we were definitely watched over because it happened on a straight and level road. A wonderful Navajo lady (that will forever be in my immediate-but-not-really-immediate family) stopped to help us, let us tow our trailer to their house, and then set up a tent in their backyard for us so we could “stay on the res” safely. We were watched over by their dog, Koda, who barked at any roaming cows that tried to come close to the tent. The next day we went into town, got a Uhaul, and loaded all of our stuff. After I insisted on purchasing jewelry and a lovely dream catcher from her stash of Navajo stuff, and after the missionaries randomly stopping by (like seriously, I’m not making this up), I sat in the car, stunned. I couldn’t believe this was happening to us. And I started realizing that this journey isn’t just for us. That all of these trials weren’t for us. That we are meeting people and making new friends because Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. He knows our hearts, He knows the needs/wants of others’ hearts, and He knows that we need to connect for the benefit of each other. I’m SO THANKFUL for this week, and I hope that through this trial, we are given more opportunities to make more friends in the future. Because I’m finding my tribe out here, something I’ve desired for such a long time. We are in Texas, trying to figure out our next steps. If you guys have any suggestions on what we should do, we’re all ears! #fulltimetravel #findingmytribe #thankful
We were here. All they wanted was to be there. Rocks are still king in our home. Even more than Horseshoe Bend.
We try our best to teach reverence and respect. Sometimes maybe I think the boys get it more than me. That it’s love, and joy, and happiness. There’s a place for solemn reverence and they’ll learn. For now they understand they feel happy when they go to the temple. #cagematchontemplegrounds
We are in the stage where EVERYwhere we go, it’s a mad house, even at the temple. So glad we just laugh about it because I’d be a mess if I didn’t. 😂😂😂 #provocitytemple #provoutah #lds #fulltimetravel #upintherooftop #utah
We are having lots of fun touring SLC this weekend! So many history lessons packed into one afternoon. #fulltimetravel #upintherooftop #saltlakecity #utah #lds #imamormon
Can I just say that while we were visiting our old friends in SLC that we never once said sorry for the noise or the mess or the wet pants or the punching in the crotch or the interrupting little ones. It was a great night and we had so much fun. Thanks @bedelia333 and @sh33ner for welcoming 6 crazy people to add your your 8. We’ll have to do it again soon!
We literally got out of the shower 30 minutes ago. At least they’re happy.
Holly made the comment yesterday saying, who would have thought that we would meet up again in our life, especially traveling full time in random Idaho near Yellowstone of all places! 😁 We went to the same schools growing up and are now out here doing this traveling thing together! We had so much fun catching up and playing. I can’t wait to run into them again in a few months! 😃❤️ @oureverydayadventure #fulltimefamilies #upintherooftop #fulltimetravel #idaho #7boys #lotsoffun #thebestofthephotos