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Hello! 👋🏽 We are:
> Paul, Kristen, & our 4 Boys
> Exploring with Roof Top Tents
& a Converted Cargo Trailer
📬 upintherooftop@gmail.com

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We are currently coated in sawdust over here. 😁 Check out our stories to get an update on our trailer! And swipe 👉🏼 to see my floor plan I’m building from. Does anyone else do this before a build or do you go in all willy nilly?! I’ve been drawing floor plans for YEARS so my dreams can get out of my head.
We are slowly but surely getting this thing done! 
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Hey guys, we’re still here! 👏🏼🙌🏽 This holiday season has been really enjoyable, and we’ve been thankful to be here with our families. We’ve also seen a lot of changes in just a month. Good and bad. Well not bad, just uncomfortable. Coming back though has definitely made us realize even MORE just how much the road is truly home for us. We’ve been praying haaard to keep this opportunity going, and we’re thankful that it is, but we should have known it wouldn’t come so easy. 2018 is going to be the year we WORK OUR BUTTS OFF for this life we’ve created. We’re ready to fulfill more dreams. I’ve created this habit of looking at my “inspiring words” Pinterest Board when I want to kick bad thoughts out of head. And it’s slowly been working. So enjoy a few of my favorites, and hopefully you’ll be inspired too to kick 2018’s butt! 👊🏽 #upintherooftop #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies #familyvanlife #theroadishome #optoutside #cargotrailerconversion #vanlife #ditchingsuburbia
After getting both (yes BOTH) of the drones we bought for Christmas stuck in the trees yesterday and spending half the day trying to find them and get them down, we opted to stay inside and play with our new toys. Any other boy moms out there ask for Legos for Christmas?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 😂 Ignoring the holiday mess and putting this together was definitely the right choice! 😄
Merry Christmas!🎄🎁❄️⛄️🌟🎄☃️
We’re so happy to be ‘home’ for the holidays this year. I didn’t think doing all our traditional Christmas things would be any different than any other year, but I’ve found that I’m savoring each moment and making the most of being with family, which is something that was highly stressful and honestly dreaded in years past. I hope you all are taking time for these moments to happen for you too, wherever you are right now! 🎄❄️☃️🎁 #ontheroadismylovelanguage #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies #merrychristmas #happyholidays
Some serious Christmas spirit here. 😂😂😂
“Look at this cactus Dad! Take my picture.”
You know you’ve created a wonderful long lasting friendship when you are genuinely sad to leave. With 10 kids, 4 adults, and a dog in the house, you would think we were insane, but none of us wanted it to end! We had such an awesome weekend with the Sheens and can’t wait to come back! @sh33ner @bedelia333
The temple square lights were TOTALLY worth the trip, especially when accompanied by one of my very good friends @amyjosturz! So thankful to have spent tonight with her and her family (and hold her sweet new baby 😍)! Photo cred: @amyjosturz 
#templesquare #saltlaketemple #utah
It was so much fun to see an old friend today and tour around his workplace. 😃 Thanks so much @staceyharkey for teaching the boys about your creative process and how much work it takes to put on a great show! @studioctv #studioc #byubroadcasting @byutv
Lake Mead was an amazing boondock. Great view of the lake and mountains. Close to town but far enough and amazing cell signal so Paul got some work done between hikes and playing frisbee with the kids. Sad to leave but we’ll be back.
We had a wonderful time getting to know some awesome people the last couple nights. (@mali.mish, @campendium, and @weelittlenomads & @airstream_charleston) Great conversation and stories, spending time with our other friends @tinyshinyhome, and lots of friends for the boys. We are excited for this weekend, but we’re seriously going to miss being out here! Can’t wait to cross paths again in the future! #fulltimetravel