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We're a family of 6 accumulating experiences. We explore with #RoofTopTents & a beast of a trailer. Come say hi!

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#rttviews The mountains are gorgeous tonight.
We will definitely be coming back again! @sequoiakingsnps
I felt like I was entering a sacred place walking amongst these forest giants. I felt like I needed to whisper. I could feel the wisdom stored in their massive foundations. And I wanted to know the stories they’d tell! Such an amazing experience. Even the boys, who sometimes shrug these things off, felt their grandeur.
I have really been enjoying doing laundry lately. No seriously. Sometimes it piles up, but even on those days I’m grateful. I figured out a way to use the top support beams inside the trailer to house the clothesline, and the shower drains the washer/dryer. With a nice breeze, it just takes one afternoon to get all this laundry (😳) done. Sometimes it’s quicker than the laundromat! Especially if we’re out in the middle of nowhere like right now. It still amazes me to have a decent washer and dryer in this small of a set up! #nomadlaundry #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies #upintherooftop
You guys, it smells like Christmas up here. It is AMAZING. It’s chilly, quiet most of the time, and definitely less crowded than the city we’ve experienced the past week and a half. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite locations. ❤️ #fulltimefamilies #fulltimetravel #cargotrailerconversion #california #sanbernadinonationalforest
It was so fun to explore the Mormon Battalion Site and the beautiful San Diego Temple. We learned and talked about lots of church and family history! #lds #fulltimetravel #sandiego #imamormon #fulltimefamilies #ldsfulltimefamilies
I love the way school looks now. It’s a freedom I’ve dreamed about for so long. I’m so thankful I get to see their minds soak it all in. This makes my mama heart burst! ❤️ #roadschool #unschooling #ditchingsuburbia #rooftoptentliving #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies
The San Diego Zoo was fun! #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies
This is how we watched and listened to General Conference today. I think this was one of the best ways we’ve ever watched it. I felt so much peace knowing that we are in the right place right now. ❤️ #ldsconf #imamormon #lds #fulltimetravel #ditchingsuburbia #rooftoptentliving
My view right now. ❤️ Paul said “what if we just stay in California forever?” 😂 #california #ditchingsuburbia #fulltimetravel #fulltimefamilies #optoutside
We had so much fun! #imaginedragonsevolvetour
2 of 4 happy boys tonight! Waiting for Imagine Dragons to get on stage!! First concert for these little men. And there a TON of kids here. 😃 #imaginedragons