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I wish I could spend everyday by the sea, it’s so calming.
St Ives was so pretty this evening. It was the perfect way to spend our last night here, we even had a bit of fun in the amusements where Damian got a high score on a racing game - surprise surprise! It’s a shame we have to leave, the last few days have gone far too quick and I’ve really enjoyed being surrounded by family.
My Polaroid’s from @lalalab arrived today! Thought it was about time I got some new ones printed and gave my displays an update! Made so many memories over the last couple of months it’s really nice seeing them on my wall.
Mental health is something I have struggled with for over 10 years and in the last year I have opened up about it more than ever before. I finally seeked help this year and since then I have been on a journey I never anticipated. All I keep wishing is to feel okay again and not be on such a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes my mood well, it’s not fun.
So I have FINALLY edited my photos from our trip to Cornwall two weeks ago and damn there’s some nice ones, definitely going to have to share them on the blog! It feels so good and uplifting to be taking photos I love again.
Since returning from Cornwall and being back at work I’ve been lower than ever. The two weeks off went quicker than ever and all I could do was think about work when I just wanted to relax. I wish I could just switch off the part of the brain that makes me feel so shit but apparently that isn’t possible, who knew?! I really need to get my Cornwall photos and vlog edited but motivation isn’t my friend either 🙄 Can someone just wisk me away somewhere pretty please? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Today we went to Lands End and we were very lucky with the weather, the views were insane! 
Tonight is our last night in Cornwall and I really don’t want to leave, it’s been a great way to escape but part of me feels like it hasn’t quite been enough to clear my head like I need.
Even in the rain and wind this place is beautiful. This really is an escape that Damian and I both needed.
Today has been a brilliant start to mine and Damian’s time away in Cornwall. We spent hours at the Eden Project, then headed to Newquay where I got both my nipples pierced (OUCH!) and then drove to St Ives to stay at his uncles and chill. Can’t wait to spend more time here and see what we get up to.
Counting down the days till I head away to Cornwall. Just need an escape from everyone and everything.
<Soppiness alert>The one who supports me through everything, who believes in me more than I could ever believe in myself, who makes me smile even when I want to cry, who shares all my favourite things, who I want to spend all my time with and not to mention is hella good looking like damn. Thank you for coming into my life and thank you for being the person you are. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
And just like that my birthday is over and next year I’ll be turning the wonderful 25.. damn. Had such a nice meal out with Damian and the parents, I currently feel very overwhelmed with love and happiness. 🥰