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We closed out the last youth group of 2017 with making crafts, sharing words of affirmation and gifts. Thank you everyone who partnered with UYFO so that we are able to share the good news in this season!
Which Christmas cookie is your favorite? (We also made vanilla frosting from scratch沽)
The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. John 1:9
Happy Thanksgiving!
We are thankful to have a family dinner with the College Church community!
we had some visitors. 泗愚泗
Boys' Bible Study. Name that passage....
N will be having a beautiful baby girl end of this month 汳
"Though the seasons change, Your love remains." Chicago had its first snow of the season笶 As Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are approaching, we want to invite our friends and supporters to join UYFO through prayers, seasonal volunteering, donations for the holiday events and financial support! Please click the link in bio, if you want to receive our monthly newsletter.汳
post youth group dance time with PJustin 沽
a chocolate caramel apple with pecan is perfect for a fall afternoon 沽
baking > crafts
Friday Youth Group!!! Today we learned what it means to have faith through the story of Daniel.