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Full force stream assessment.... in this #fieldphotofriday shot you can see water-quality, streamflow, and elevation data collection equipment.  We are working with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe to understand the water resources of the Lame Deer watershed. #collaboration #knowyourwatershed
Fishing boat vs streamgaging boat: we try to stay out of the way of those recreating on the river when collecting data. #movingover Bighorn River near St Xavier #driftboat #streamgagesofinstagram Wonder if they checked the online real-time flows before launching? 🤔
Not quite the same angle, but close enough to see how the stage rose nearly 3 feet while streamflow doubled in 48 hours since we were there Tuesday on the Tongue River at Birney Day School! #birdbonuspicture #lookclosely #streamgagesofinstagram
Measuring streamflow in Tongue River at Tongue River Dam yesterday. In last 24 hrs, stage has risen over a foot and current streamflow is highest for the date (72 yrs of record). Real-time data available for all streamgages using link found at:
Wild #West at its Best - #GrizzlyBears: Come to our #OpenHouse on June 2 to learn all about one of Montana’s most iconic species - the grizzly bear. 🐻
For over 45 years the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team has been working in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to learn as much about grizzly bears as possible and the team is excited to share their experiences with you. 🐻
Find out how scientists study grizzly bears in the wild and how the latest technologies have given new and unique insights into how many foods grizzly bears eat, their health, and behaviors. Explore our “bear trunk” for a hands-on experience.
The Southwest Montana Bear Education Working Group will also be there and set up to share bear information, displays, and an inert bear spray demonstration with a their charging bear simulator! Check out the three life-sized bear mounts and explore bear-resistant containers, bear skulls, pelts, and more. You can also learn more about how to travel and live in bear country.

#USGS #science #Montana #Bozone #GreatOutdoorsMonth #Bears
Accurately measuring streamflow at some streamgages requires us to get to parts of the river system that can’t be waded or driven to.  Hello #kayak! Big Hole River #wheretheresawilltheresaway #cantstopus
Setting up the bridge crane to measure flow in Tenmile Creek. It looks unwieldy, but it does a great job of allowing us to hang equipment over a bridge to@measure flow. #counterweight
Taking a cue from the beaver regarding usefulness of willows, we are using a stray branch to act as drag for the ADCP and add stability. Streamflow and water depth profile of the St Regis River at St Regis can be seen on computer screen. #lowtech #hightech #streamgagesofinstagram
Ancient trees and snow tell stories and #USGS scientists will share those with you at our 2018 Open House!

Come meet us June 2, 2018.

#NOROCKOpenHouse #OpenHouse2018 #science #montana #bozeman #bozone
Calibrating equipment in preparation to measure streamflow on the Blackfoot River near Bonner. Measured streamflow was about 14,000 cfs which is more than 4 times the average flow for the date. #springsnowmelt #streamgagesofinstagram
Large logs moved by high flows are clogging the bridge at the South Fork Musselshell River above Martinsdale streamgage making it challenging to measure streamflow. We had to go to a different location downstream to find a section where flow was confined enough to measure. #highflowchallenges #streamgagerforscale #streamgagesofinstagram
In modern times, this is a field, but historically it was a channel of Ten Mile Creek near Helena. Our streamgage just upstream shows flows are about 6 times higher than average today, and that water has to go somewhere.  Some localized flooding in Helena as a result. #staysafe