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Though early in the season, snow conditions are unstable in some #Montana ranges. #USGS #snow #science field crews performs stability tests as part of an #avalanche risk assessment. #fieldphotofriday
Hoping for the best, but prepared for an emergency. CPR and first aid training are important to keep our staff as safe as possible. #stayinalive
@usgs scientist repairing the Sperry Weather Station in #Glacier National Park. Data from this station assists @glaciernps fire managers to forecast fire weather and future fire behavior during the 2017 #fire season. #montanafires #fireseason
#USGS Successful #bear and #wolf viewing in the Greater #Yellowstone Ecosystem #fieldphotofriday
#USGS #eclipse2017 from Swan Valley, Montana!!
Last winter's above average snowpack means many rivers are still too high to wade. Here, we're using a bridge crane to hang our equipment over the bridge and measure streamflow in Rock Creek at the Red Lodge streamgage.
Sampling the Yellowstone River near Sidney, MT. This is the longest cableway in Montana. It is very fun to ride downhill to the mid point, but it is A LOT of work to get back up to the shed!
Using boat and DGPS to map out area inundated by flooding on the Flathead River. #highwater #satellitesworkingforus
Had to pull out the rarely used 8 ft wading rod to measure Flint Cr Maxville. Record setting measurement of 1,120cfs. (Previous highest 730cfs). About 20% of total flow was through willows along far bank.
Too muddy to use the truck to get to the Willow Creek near Boyd, MT streamgage where we measured about 4 times as much flow as average for today's date. All the rain has sure made the landscape pop to green. #atv
Water's high in the Yellowstone River. Out measuring streamflow today in Livingston where flow was 18,300 cubic feet per second (cfs). Average for today's date is 5,390 cfs. For reference a cubic foot=volume of 1 basketball. That's a lot of basketballs moving by every second!
50 years of glacier data tells us that warming is causing considerable change to glaciers and mountain landscapes in Montana. #usgs  #climatechange #glaciers #mountains