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View from a cable car. The slushy Yellowstone River at Billings required bringing out the old school AA meter (with the spinning cups). The slush interferes with the sensors on the ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler). #oldschoolstillcool #streamgagesofinstagram
Getting set to measure streamflow in Rock Creek near Red Lodge. Just a bit of shore ice to chop away. #winterwork #streamgagesofinstagram
Bringing out the big guns to cut holes in the 2-feet thick ice on the Yellowstone River at Sidney.  We collect samples for water-quality analysis at this site all year round. #winterwork
@myodfw highlighting work led by @usgs_mt scientists.
Sorry kids, this sled is for working.  We're hauling equipment to the Tongue River near Decker streamgage today to measure streamflow. #winterwork #plasticsled
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We bring our own transportation to get to streamgages in #yellowstonenationalpark. #highvisjacket #sleds #winterwork
Last week, Sun River at Simms was about as icy as it gets before the stage and flow are affected by ice. And no amount of neoprene can keep your toes warm! Saluting our hardy streamgagers! #babyitscoldoutside #slushiewade #streamgagesofinstagram
New streamgage installation completed before the big snows in #glaciernationalpark. Site on Snyder Creek nr West Glacier, MT is now up and running. #streamgagesofinstagram
Happy Birthday Montana! Admitted to the union as 41st State. @usgs science has been here all along. #naturaltreasure #bigsky #hbd #1889wasagoodyear
Although every day is a #STEM day at the @usgs, we are excited to celebrate #nationalstemday! Pictured: #science #technology #engineering #math
We post many pictures of our streamgagers on active cableways, but here is a look at how they are built. Large concrete footers are poured in an excavated hole to ensure the A-frames set on top can handle all the forces they will be subjected to. New construction for site on Clark Fork above Missoula.