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February Monthly Volunteer Spotlight: Jerry, a seven year volunteer at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Honor Guard USO Lounge, volunteering once a week: "I retired from the Marine Core after twenty-four years of service. When I was stationed in Denmark, I specifically remember the USO assisting my group when we traveled to Rome - arranging tours and helping us get around the city. I've had many great experiences like that with the USO, they've always been welcoming and accommodating - I never felt uncomfortable. I enjoy providing that service now.

As a volunteer, I enjoy the interaction - getting to know lounge regulars. It's a pleasure working in this environment for an organization that has assisted me in the past. I'm glad to know I serve that purpose."
February Monthly Volunteer Spotlight: 
Jim, a seven year volunteer with Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall USO Honor Guard Lounge and Reagan Airport USO Lounge: "I began volunteering in 2011 because my friends, who were regular volunteers with USO of Illinois, told me how rewarding it had been for them. I also remembered all that the USO had done for me when I had served 63 years ago. I liked the idea of giving back this way.

I've had some remarkable experiences in my time volunteering here; from attending a memorial service with my fellow USO volunteers for a young man who's remains were found in the Pearl Harbor wreckage, to every Yellow Ribbon Family I greet and escort through the airport. I enjoy it all - these are good, deserving people."
Service Members, Dependents, & Everyone Involved in USO Operation: Please fill out this 5 minute needs assessment survey to help us better shape our programs and services around the needs of our local military families! You'll be entered in a drawing to win some BIG prizes!
What a game, and what an incredible Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration at USO Warrior and Family Center - Fort Belvoir last night.

Thanks so much to all of our attendees, all of our military chefs, and all of our sponsors that have made all of our programs and events like last night possible!  We are so excited for many more years of working for the American people to give back to our nation's our nation's military! #ForceBehindTheForce.
ATTENTION all service members, have your voice heard today! 
Complete our #OperationsCalibration2018 survey designed to help us continue improving our needs-based programs and activities for you and your family members!

By completing this survey, you will be entered in a drawing where you can win a prize! Link to the survey is in our bio!
As January comes to a wrap, we have arrived at our first monthly center recap of 2018! Wow, did that fly by, but what an eventful 31 days it was!

From center visits from Miss America Cara Mund and star actresses from NBC's "The Brave," to the continued success of core programs in Bakery Bonanza and Coffee Connections! It was an exciting month full of new guests, incredible volunteers, and great community partners! We can't wait for what the rest of 2018 holds!
Keeping our service members connected to family, home, and country is a key part of our mission. Yesterday, we watched this little patriot meet her daddy for the first time. It's such an honor to be a part of special moments like these with our service members and their families! 汞コ汞ク
January Monthly Volunteer Spotlight:

Ruth, a four year volunteer with USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda: "I'd say my favorite moment volunteering is when I know someone is having surgery, and then they come in and they are doing better.. You form relationships with the people that come in here,  they quickly become familiar faces. You tend to learn a lot about them, meet their families, and become invested in how they are doing. It really brings me joy when I see improvement."
What an absolute pleasure it was to host @missamerica this week!

From spending time with little heroes at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, to meeting military families and USO volunteers at the USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda and USO Fort Meade! We're so incredibly thankful for your time spent with us these past few days!
January Monthly Volunteer Spotlight:

Martha, a six year volunteer with USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda volunteering 3-4 times a week: "I'm a morning person, so I love opening up the center and meeting the people that actually wait outside for us to open our doors. Believe it or not, they are very happy to see us, even at 6 am.... It's undoubtedly my favorite part of each day I spend's rewarding and it makes me feel good about my role here at Bethesda. It's that moment when you realize how much they truly appreciate it."
As we reflect on 2017, we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of our service members and military families. And to our volunteers, donors, sponsors and supporters, thank you for making our mission possible in 2017. We look forward to continuing to work with patriots who serve and patriots who support in 2018 汞コ汞ク #2017bestnine #usometrodc
A special thank you to all of our donors & volunteers who made holiday programs such as #projectusoelf & #treesforourheroes possible this year! You can make a donation now to support these great programs by clicking the link in our profile. Let窶冱 wish all of our service members & military families a very #MerryChristmas! 
#supportourtroops #forcebehindtheforces