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Just a friendly reminder wherever you are: No one is coming to save you. Not the government. Not your momma. So start now and do your best with whatever you got 😊

Who's working tonight? We out here!

Made a decision to put my head down and grind in whole new way, when I hit 30 a couple of months ago. 
The intensity of what you do must increase to see significant growth in life. What does that mean? Consistency with your nutrition, and turning things up with your workouts. More UNDIVIDED and quality time with your significant other / loved ones. More focused periods of working on your business, or studying. If you notice though, doing any of these things is hard af.
For me personally, I've been working 4-5 shifts a week, and having more focused work sessions at my home office on my off days and a little bit in between shifts. It's tiresome, it's uncomfortable.
But 3 things happen for sure when you turn things up in life. 1. The way you relate to things, and people, changes and you develop a better sense of what's really important to you. 2. You start to actually get used to functioning on a higher level. 3. The results you seek, come for you.

Imagine yourself 6 months from now. Don't stop, it'll be well worth it.
Founders' Day was a few days ago... but I just couldn't help but think of so many moments, events, meetings, programs, I've created and been a part of being in my fraternity. In college, I ran 3 organizations, competed in stepshows on the regular, had a PT job, all while going through my nursing program 😅

Alpha Phi Alpha was THE support I had as the only black young man in my school's nursing program. The truth is I felt zero support while in the program, and my frat was all I had and leaned on. Funny that it's one of the main reasons our fraternity was created in 1906 at Cornell, during a time being a Black man in a university was still taboo. And through all the different things I've done in life since then, my brothers have always shown up and continue to make me feel supported.
I appreciate everything I've learned and how much I grew being thrown into constant leadership as an Alpha. Through creating and executing programs, to building strategic partnerships and relationships, to mentoring those who come after you, I look back and trace the fruits of a lot of my skills back to my days in college with my frat.

And till this day, I'll keep upholding its values and mission, as they have become as well, my own. 
I pray this touches one of you like this touched me today. Don't you do it!

repost from @diddy I know the feeling BUT Don’t you do it!!!!! Let’s go!!! #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP ❤️ HAVE A BLESSED DAY! Love y’all. @bishopjakes
Often times we get stuck in our current problens, but forget that we actually made some moves that were the RIGHT ONES. 💡 Name something you did in 2018 that you're proud of. 
If you're feeling generous today, leave the previous commenter a kind word after you post yours.

I'LL START: I moved into my own one bedroom apt and am living solo for the first time in 3 years 🙌🏾 YOUR TURN 👇🏾 #SpreadLove
Caught somewhere in between "Success Loves Speed" and "Slow and Steady Wins The Race" right now. You ever have times when you have a certain goal in your head that you start working towards, and then out of nowhere problems start to pop up all around you?

Let's be honest, managing multiple facets of your life, dealing with unexpected issues and problems, and still actually making progress with your main goals is TOUGH. I find that it takes a a lot of mental strength. A lot of discipline. 
Here are a few things I've been doing recently to (somewhat) manage it all:
⚡ I fell off my workouts bc I had so much resistance with the process of going to the gym. So, I decided to bring the gym to me. I bought a double set of HEAVY adjustable kettlebells and I'm getting a rower machine this week for my apt.
⚡Every Sunday, I look at the week ahead and the following week, and I fit things (business, work, outings, etc) in ADVANCE. Being proactive saves SO much time and energy.
⚡Im choosing ONE small step in my business each day that I'll take to move it forward, with a goal of at least 3 steps in the week. Having a small action goal and getting it done builds momentum, makes me feel productive and excited to keep going, rather than trying to get it all done in a short amount of time and failing.

What do you do to manage it all? 
Drop it in the comments and let's all have a productive week 🔥🔥🔥 #Mondays
Today, November 25, is my Dad's birthday. ...
Friends and Fam, please help me wish him a Happy Birthday, as he steps into another year that God has gracefully granted him. 
I love that everywhere I've gone, I run into someone who either knows you or has interacted with you. And every one of them is left with a memory of you that always makes them smile. You are incredibly charming, witty, and have a magnanimous spirit. How could they not love you?
Happy Birthday to my Dad

Chief Dominic Ewudo
Ozo Ugodilinwa I of Eziowelle
Nna anyị, anyị na-ekene gị
Udo dịrị gị oooo 👑
They said that my people will be there. Oya ka anyi gawa. 
Grinning from ear to ear this morning because my twin is on his way to becoming Dr Izunna Vincent Ewudo.
.. In my family we made a promise to one another that we will always Boss Up and never stop climbing. Please put him in your prayers as he embarks on his new journey. Congrats to my twin, my Ace @izunna on his acceptance to the DNP-PMHNP program at USF 😁😁 - Love, 
Twin #2 😎

During ER Nurses week ironically, a young black kid came in with his stressed out mom with a chief complaint of status asthmaticus. We did what we normally do in this situation, you know, breathing treatment, corticosteroid, etc. This situation touched me, as usual, because like him, I was that young black kid getting rushed to the hospital with a stressed out mom all the time after my inhaler and nebulizer at home wasn't effective for my asthma attacks. But you wanna know what touched me the most that night?
When he was feeling much better, this kid showed me how inquisitive he is, pointing to my shears and asking about it. Then he pointed to my saline flush and asked, then my stethoscope. I pulled out my stethoscope and handed it to him, put it in his ears, hunched over on his bed and asked him to place the other end of it on my back. "What do you hear?" He looked up at me with that sparkle in his eyes, grinned and yelled "I can hear your heart beating!" I looked over to mom and could see that she loved this moment ALMOST as much as I did... which brings me to this point...
.. REPRESENTATION MATTERS. That kid might forget the moment we shared in that ER, but one thing I'm damn sure of is he now knows it's possible for him to do what I do, and to be what I've become.
.. And THIS is why the Think Alpha Project was birthed. A huge THANKS to @nurse_org for this recognition. Link in bio if you'd like to read the interview. We got much more work to do y'all ✊🏾
Baby Sis not so baby anymore. Sheesh 😫❤️ #EwudoClan ..
repost from @ohqueenie: No one compliments me better than my brother😍 Ya'll see me cheesing right😂 📸: @izunna