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Telling you right now. A LOT of the time you will NOT feel "motivated", to follow through with what you've committed to yourself. I've figured that out QUICK about myself. But that's exactly why DISCIPLINE exists. -
Discipline is when you put together your workout outfit and prepack your gym bag before you go to sleep, so that when you wake up, there is no resistance to hitting the workout you promised. It's when you pack your meal bag and shakes in advance so that you are ready to go. It's when you schedule with a friend on Friday night at 6pm to get on Skype together and complete an important task for your business that you probably would've skipped on doing if you were alone. -

I can tell I'm being Disciplined when there's this inner discomfort and resistance that I find myself fighting. It really is an internal battle. I guess that's exactly why they say Success lies just outside your comfort zone.

Shout out to those who have built discipline in areas of their life. It will ALWAYS pay off. And for those of us who are still working on building that discipline muscle, let's take it one day, and one TASK, at a time 🙏🏾
As this week continues, remember that no one likes feeling judged. -
Back off and let people live their life. I've come to learn that -

#1 People will always do what makes sense to them in the moment (even if it doesn't to you). #2 People will almost always act in their own best interest (and that might mean against yours). -

Love them, even if it feels like they've really really disappointed you. Just know we're all on some type of journey, evolving and growing. We're all fighting a battle even our own best friend may not know about ♥️ #Love
"He who walks with his father is never lost." Words I will never forget from my own Dad. I
And I'm blessed to walk with him. Albeit a bit late, wishing the old OKONGWU a Happy Father's Day. 
Nna m oooooo 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Spent 24 hours dealing with hurricane weather, landed and slept in a completely different city, and caught an unplanned additional flight just to make it here for this special moment. -
I've known y'all for years now, but this pretty much tops everything I've witnessed you two achieve. -
Congrats to one of the strongest, craziest, and most down to earth couples I know. Blessed to call you both friends, and to be a part of this beautiful experience. Wishing you both an amazing life as one. Love y'all ♥️ #GleiberFever

Shaken, not stirred 😎👌🏾

S/o @benola_crystale for the Afro pieces 🇳🇬 📸: @miss_marshayy
You wanna know something? The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your relationships.
Imagine if you were sick in a hospital bed and you had NO ONE who came to see you. I see it all the time, and I couldn't even imagine it.
Im not perfect about this, but I cherish my closest relationships, and what's dope is that it's not about how frequent we talk. It's about the spirit underneath it all. Hold on to your family first and foremost, and then those friends that don't judge you, for the moves you make, or who you grow into over time. -
Those relationships where you literally feel you can share anything, get called out on your BS AND support the hell out of you. Now that's real Love to me. -
Tag someone that comes to mind ♥️
- 📸: @don.davon -
I'm telling yall, a committed heart is ALWAYS rewarded! Back home from my shift (still shaking off a bad cold from earlier this week but I'm good 😎) and I'm so proud of everyone from the last challenge we did. Swipe for some of the results from the last 3 weeks!

We're now starting a brand new challenge, for those of you who missed it last month, and to all my new followers. This time we're taking what we did from the last one and improving upon it. -

If you're like me, and you don't have time to be in the gym for hours, and you work long or weird hours and are still trying to figure out how to get lean and fit, tone up and keep that muscle, -

Click the LINK in my bio or go to and fill out my short form ✊🏾
-  Deadline is the end of the day today. And I'm tagging some of the crew who's riding with me s/o to @_ucheeee
I made a mistake and posted this in my story and there's way too many responses for me to tell y'all one by one 😂
If you haven't seen this, or even if you have. Let see if you can guess it right.
Shoot your shot lol...ready, GO
Made it my duty to become successful. 
Pay the price. 
Make the sacrifice. - 
Happy Wednesday ✊🏾 #letswork
The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you are comfortable dealing with.
Great day today with my team at the Herbalife Success Training Seminar ✊🏾
Don't be scared or ashamed to struggle. In trying to look "put together" and "cool", I would pretend I was fine and had my shit together and damn near missed out of the blessing of the lessons and experiences I actually needed to grow.
Are you frontin'? Admit that you're not happy. Admit that you're not where you want to be, and that it doesn't feel good. And that you're willing to switch it up to see some progress. See, once you admit you're at where you're at, only then do you allow the blessing to come to help you elevate. You'll attract different thoughts, experiences and people to support what you actually want. But I'll warn you, you'll need some MAJOR courage to do this.
This is the year we let go of trying to maintain somebody else's opinion of what we should do or how we should show up. -
Drop a comment if you feel me ✊🏾 #alpha