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Wrote a book one time called Dear Aurora. Twitch Affiliate @

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been feeling really motivated and inspired lately. ✌🏻(gonna shamelessly do a #bts and #btsarmy tag tho)
better days are coming 🌸
💇🏼‍♀️didn’t want to use the emoji, but I think going to get your hair cut for the first time justifies it ✂️
☠️ off days are never long enough. I spent my time daydreaming about bigger things ☁️
miss my little 🐶
I’ve never really been a cat person, but this little dude has been in my life for probably 15 years now. 🐱
airport hangs 💃🏼
happy first week of Winter semester featuring my hand covered in paint!!!Did chronological gray swatches for one of my design courses! I’ve been trying to pack all night and stuff most of my art supplies in it so I can do my homework in Texas for the week 😅
Still out here begging Jon to let me redo the bedroom walls. 🤔 Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!! 😊💞
It’s sweater season 🤗