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Thanks for celebrating 3 years of streaming with me 😊
🌊 some peace for your timeline
the ocean tonight was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Photos can’t even capture its beauty. 🐳
To celebrate my 3rd anniversary/book birthday, I’m working on a few things for my website that are about Dear Aurora and include some character sketches and a playlist of songs I listened to when I was writing the book. 💞
It’s been a weird journey. I’ve had 2 other books in the works since I finished Dear Aurora, and I’m happy to say that I AM back on the grind to finishing another book. Thanks for all the love over the years for this book 🤘🏻
The ocean is calling me.
Happy #Pride month! 🌈🎉💞
😛 Today’s rainy day lunch
We reached our goal of $1,000 tonight!!!!!! I’m in disbelief. It took 2 days. I have a small community, but don’t let them fool you. They always come together and pull through to make it happen. Thank you guys so so much. To anyone who lurked, hosted me, promoted my link, donated, etc, you guys made this happen. 😭 I’ll be back on Friday for my first cosplay as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts (my favorite game) 🤗
Today is a BEAUTIFUL day to be playing games and raising money for kids 🤗 live all day
I don’t know what I was staring at but it definitely wasn’t the camera 😂 Back in NJ today. So bittersweet but glad I was able to spend the morning and the airplane ride with some friendly faces 🤗

Have a lot of things to catch up on today (possibly a trip to urgent care for the hives I’ve had for a week lul) but doing my PLAY LIVE planning as well 🤘🏻
Hotel bathroom lighting too strong.