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I’ve never really been a cat person, but this little dude has been in my life for probably 15 years now. 🐱
airport hangs 💃🏼
happy first week of Winter semester featuring my hand covered in paint!!!Did chronological gray swatches for one of my design courses! I’ve been trying to pack all night and stuff most of my art supplies in it so I can do my homework in Texas for the week 😅
Still out here begging Jon to let me redo the bedroom walls. 🤔 Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!! 😊💞
It’s sweater season 🤗
haven’t pulled out my guitar in some time. I don’t feel as weird/bad sharing my voice like I used to (being the MOST critical and harsh on myself) since it’s just for fun now 🤗 I’ve been listening to this album on repeat this week and felt the urge to play it. 💞The Maine - I Must Be Dreaming
Posting this from my story because 💃🏼 Also, I found out I passed my fall semester!! I was doing pretty bad during the beginning and thought passing one of my courses was hopeless, but pushed on anyway and ended with a 75 🎉
Haven't always been a fan of pastels, but came across some really nice images online that changed my mind 😁 Love combining aesthetics that I like into collages 🎨
Finally got to live out my dream of being a cactus 🌵🌸 worked a super long, double shift today but it was the best 🤗
Already starting to miss the Texas warmth up here in New Jersey ☀️🌻