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☀️ Suns Out Buns Out // with the skies clearing + the weather warming, spring is just on the horizon! 🌺 what’s your way of preparing for the new season? we’ll be 1.) treating winter dryness with our Babydoll Face Mask, Happy Skin Facial Oil and @hurrawbalm Hurraw! Lip Balm, 🧖🏻‍♀️ 2.) clearing our closets of chunky sweaters + jackets and 3.) setting some time aside to recalibrate and create a game plan / to do list for the upcoming months! 📝
Crazy obsessed with this beautiful shot by @glow_in_vogue featuring our Babydoll Face Mask along with  some of our favorites, @mahalo.care @leahlaniskincare @maylindstromskin ♥️🌹✨
When focusing on a priority, other responsibilities seem to be forgotten and be put on the back burner.🔥 Remember to take a bit of time today to bring your self-care back on as a priority. Don’t only feed your skin but your personal development too! Are you learning and growing towards the person you want to be? Self love is not only physical! Remember that ☝🏼⚡️
Consistency in all areas of life is necessary if you want good results! ✨ Our consistent routine includes daily use of a gentle cleansing oil, healing facial oil and weekly face masking + exfoliation session. No need to go extreme and complicated. Get a simple method down + your skin will thank you 🧖🏽‍♀️💚 | captured by @chelsiereimer

We've teamed up with our favorite photographer Karli Moceri for a special Babydoll Face Mask Giveaway! 
To enter, follow both @vanabody and @karlibobarley, tag 3 friends in the comments + wait for the winner to be announced via our story on Nov 15th 10 PM 💕

Good Luck! 😘
With life getting busier & busier with more responsibilities piling up, we can find our days flying by stressfully. Regardless, it's important to remember to carve out a bit of time to focus on self care. Take 20 minutes out to apply your favorite face mask + read a good book, so you can continue your day feeling pampered, relaxed and ready to take the world on 🌎✨👊🏼| photo: @karlibobarley
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Over the moon grateful to be featured in this month's @organicbunny box alongside @schmidtsnaturals, @vitaliberata, @zuiiorganic, @inklingscents + @ever.eco 💛
'Of The Sea Face Mask' has us feeling mermaidy today 🦑🌊🌧✨
"(HAPPY ABOUT HAPPY SKIN) do you ever have those days where you just need some you time -- after such a wierd/long start to this week I took some time to myself tonight & intentionally rested (my means of rest included @vanabody 's happy skin, N.T. Wright, & A LOT of journalling) Take care of yourself, make time for yourself, & TREAT YO' SELF" - @karlibobarley | photo: @karlibobarley
Happy Labor Day, everyone! ❤️💙 F L A S H  S A L E starts now! enjoy 15% OFF all orders, no minimum 🎉✨ use code "laborday" at checkout, sale ends tonight 11:59 PM PST | photo: @karlibobarley
With the perfect ratio of skin-nourishing macadamia, sweet almond, tomato, pomegranate, tamanu and frankincense oils, My Bare Skin Facial Oil leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, supple and fresh. ✨ Head to the link in our bio, grab a sample + try it for yourself 😉 | photo: @karlibobarley
Good morning! // Have a beautiful Sunday everybody! 😘 photo by @karlibobarley