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Canadian textile artist 🇨🇦
I make handspun yarn 🐑 and weave ➿➿ every chance I get. SHOP in my Etsy store. 💵


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Sometimes I have a really good hair day and then I forget to show anybody. #latergram
Roughly 8x8“ of weaving with two ply lace weight handspun. This small textile represents countless hours of making. Between the time to pick out sticks and poop from a raw fleece, to washing, carding and spinning to plying and finally weaving, this small piece of fabric easily represents 100 hours of work and love. I have a few inches left to weave and when it's off the loom, I intend to slash it and then repair the cut sections. An exercise in holding on dearly and confidently letting go.
My spot for the next while.
House concert time!! We seriously have the BEST life.
Honestly, I can't wait to shoot these mini sessions with my colleague, @erik.pinkerton. This will be a chilly, fun time. Book soon!!
I know some exceptional women. Sometimes, they let mw photograph them.
When you work a night shift and your love makes you a hella yummy breakfast bowl to make up for lack of sleep. #thismustbelove #loveinfoodform #foodporn #yum #eatme
The tension is imperfect but George's dance leggings are woven, trimmed with beaver fur and have hundreds of copper cones and 18 mother of pearl buttons between them. I am so excited to see him dance them for the first time. Every stitch was made with love and I know he'll remember that when he wears them.
A new tapestry is underway!
My therapist knows the good shit!
This is how we halloween.
When you put on the movie that one of your soul sisters is in because you miss her.