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💁🏻‍♀️Going into the night like... Saturday is for the girls.
Obsession. How can I be this obsessed with someone I just met 2 months ago?! Grateful for this little babe. One day I’ll stop staring at you while you’re sleeping. Maybe. #auntielife 👶🏼❤️
(sick, no makeup, catching up from the trade show, and weave problems) #letsshowtherealstuff
TLP in LBC 🖤
We out ✌🏼 @thelashprofessional
Cruisin’ the streets of Scottsdale.... Are you sick of seeing photos of my dog yet?! Sorry, I can’t stop. 😬
That face thou.
My girl 🖤🐶👧🏻
TLP Tour 🖤
See you soon California!
Lash So Hard.
Does anyone else fold their pinky in while applying lashes? WORST HABIT EVER.
Special thank you to @thru_kals_lens for capturing some moments during our AZ training. Girls got talent...🖤
Day 1 of TLP’s AZ Classic Class ✔️
Does everyone get this serious when they talk lashes? This is my life?! I get to spend all day with these ladies talking about eyelashes, yes please. #lashfam
WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!! Violet will be making her debut very, very soon! When your soul sister has a baby, you have a baby! Thank you for going through all this pain to give us this baby girl!!! I owe you. Mac N Chz? 👶🏼❤️
#badquailtyphoto #goodquailtyfriends
Woot, Woot! Just in time for the holidays.
Pic 2: @donamaribostick is passionately explaining why D Curl lashes are the best.
I prefer a B Curl.
You know, oldie, but goodie (like me)!
Preference is Preference 🤷‍♀️
Missing you @donamaribostick
Get better pleeeeease. Coffee breaks without you are BORING. 
#lashgang #comingsoon #thelashprofessional