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God 1st #wearerofmanyhats
“Not one drop of my self-worth is dependent on your acceptance of me.” Quincy J.
Isaiah 40:31


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Living in the grace of today, and responding to what’s in front of me... 念頭 心臟 Domo Arigato @bbcicecream_jp 💜
Had the great pleasure of dining with @wpy2009 author of “The Shack” last night. His book has such a life changing perspective on Gods grace I highly recommend it. The book initially was written for his children as Christmas presents because he literally had nothing else to give them. Only 15 copies at first, which soon snowballed into millions and then into a Hollywood film. @theshackmovie Encouraged, inspired, and blessed by you Paul. Thank you for speaking life to me last night. God bless you #theshack #blessingsonblessings
Gracias @hypebeast 🖖☮️✞
Watching you pull off @hypefest over the weekend was inspiring brotha! Massive congrats to you and the whole team! Mad proud of you @kevinma Thanks again for everything, & hope everyone enjoyed @bakecultureusa God bless 🤙 
#kingofhype #hypebeast #hypefest #blessingsonblessings
Familia🔥 #teamREADYMADE
There comes a time in every persons childhood that defines them, creates them, and or simply shifts their way of thinking into a pathway of reverence... #AKIRA was that for my childhood. Today to be able to meet the creator of such a film that defined a generation was humbling. Domo arigato Katsuhiro Otomo 🖖✝️ #blessingsonblessings #katsuhirootomo
In the presence of greatness himself... Mr. Forest Whitaker 🙌 Watching His performance on set was truly mesmerizing. Absolutely cannot wait for his new series to come out! #GodfatherofHarlem #bumpyjohnson #blessingsonblessings #Godisgood 📸:@nybongiovi
Met this Wonder Woman when I was a teenager, and watching her journey blossom has truly been an inspiration to say the least. Her pursuit of significance over saturation, quality over quantity in the films she’s produced is seriously making an impact and difference in society today. And also making me rethink some life choices... in a brilliant way. Blessed by you @nybongiovi 💜 safe travels back, and can’t wait to hang again soon ✨─=≡💥Σ((( 👊•̀~•́)つ✞
Thank you to the fam @domperignonofficial for the invite. @lennykravitz Assemblage exhibition was electric with such a melodic energy it was infectious. I haven’t danced like that in ages... had to have an ode to @prince since we were in the presence of Rock Royalty. Lastly thank you Mr. Kravitz for taking a brief moment and sharing the new album’s inspiration, it definitely speaks to my spirit! May God continue to bless you abundantly~🖖☮️✞ #RaiseVibration #gospel #DomPérignon #DomPérignonXLennyKravitz