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'Discover the star within.' Vega is a premium Nur-12 CBSE school in Gurgaon. Admissions are open for the 2018 session for pre-nursery to grade five.

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Knockout Fight Club has come to Vega schools, teaching our students how to stay out of physical confrontation and how to defend themselves if they get into one.
#vegaschools #knockoutfightclub
Oh woman
You are a nurturer, a fighter, a lover, a mentor, a friend and a guide
You have a spirit that's limitless and a heart that's ocean-wide
We thrive in the love and care you provide
We live by the examples of your everyday victories astride.
Oh woman
You are every generation's pride
Truly a goddess of limitless power best exemplified! #vegaschools #women'sday
This is a model of the playground that grade one wants to build. It will be a legitimate playground here at Vega. The other picture is a demonstration of the simple machines that can be implemented in their design and how they work. Amazing job Grade 1! #vegaschools #reallifelearning
"Learn at Vega, to get knowledge that is mega!" Poem by: Aahana Mittal, grade 3
Today was the beginning of our skating classes for the season! Here are some action shots of day one. #vegaschools
Do you yoga? Our kg students are showing off their down dog an warrior poses in yoga class today. #vegaschools
Name- Utkalika
IQ- 5,000
Occupation- Class 2 teacher
Ms. Utkalika is a highly valued member of the Vega team. Some fun facts about Ms. Utkalika are that her favorite month is August, she loves to watch the printer print things and at night she can't see the sun.
Following grade 2's project on healthy lifestyle, learners partnered with Divya, Art Learning Leader, to pursue a healthy organic art project. First, they took different organic foods like coffee, turmeric, tea and onions. The learners learned how they can extract the natural color from organic ingredients and possibly use them in an art project. This activity also touches on the subject of why there's a need to extract the natural colors from these items. It also introduces to them the fact that a lot of processed foods and other materials can be colored with these ingredients. 
The experiment goes as follows: 
The art learning leader along with the learners took a bit of water and boiled it for two minutes. After the water has come to a boil, they put one ingredient in the water and let it sit for about a minute and a half. After that, they turned off the heat and transferred the substance to a container through a strainer. What came out was the natural color of the substance. Last, they poured salt in the color to keep it preserved.
Gurgaon's Children's Literature Festival is just around the corner! Don't miss this amazing event.  Tickets are still available on BookMyShow, as well as the GCLF website. Buy yours today! Links are shared below.
Name- Anjali Yadav
Occupation- Class 3 Learning Leader
Favorite food- Pizza

Ms Yadav shares an unmatched bond with her learners. Teaching is her greatest passion, followed closely by shopping, photography, and her dream to be an astronaut.
Vega's grade one project "Playground for all" involves a study of topics around health and fitness. To further investigate their topics, class one students participated in a session with our SPEED coordinator  Mr Kyle Edwards. In this session, students split up into groups and each group was given a different sport implement like a jump rope or a basketball. After exploring the muscle groups used for each implement, the students then shared their findings. Afterwards, they talked about how you can exercise those muscle groups and why it is important to do so. #vegaschools