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Vega Schools, located in Gurgaon, is one of the most innovative K-12 CBSE schools in India. We follow the PBL way and focus on 21st century skills.

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What a delightful start to Wednesday! 
The 3rd Gurgaon Children's Literature Festival was covered in this morning's edition of @hindustantimes and @the_hindu in Delhi-NCR.

GCLF aims at building a culture of reading and expression among the children of today in order to open up a world of infinite possibilities for them. The 3rd edition, which is happening on the 19th & 20th Jan '19 at Vega Schools, Sec 48 (Gurgaon), is hosting a number of unique, out-of-the-box hand-picked children's authors, storytellers, theatre practitioners and artistes from all over India.

For schedule, info & tickets, visit:
As winter break ends and school reopens today, let's rewind to our first edition of the annual Vega Community Day - VGather, where the entire Vega Family got together to enjoy music, arts, technology, Christmas traditions, tree planting, our journey so far and also the journey that awaits us.

Initiatives to bring the community closer are held in high regard at Vega. They are effective and very important in bringing various stakeholders contributing to an organization closer to each other. Vega Parents got a chance to connect with Team Vega, other parents and children, and also have a meaningful and fun day out with their own kids. The event was held at the site of our 5+ acre senior K-12 campus, currently a work in progress on Gurgaon-Faridabad road.

We thank @technoplanetlab  for their amazing D-I-Y Tech workshop, Djembefola United and @transcendental_bliss for the invigorating and inspiring drum circle and storytelling performance, @kabuliwaalah for the storytelling session, and all parents, children and team members for their participation in the event.
It's the last day to avail the early bird discount on GCLF 2019 tickets!

Get a ticket worth Rs 300 only for Rs 200!
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Sale ends at 12 PM tonight.
An apple falling from a tree led Isaac Newton to give us the law of gravity and transform Physics as we know it. Who knows which experience may inspire the inner genius of your child?

Give them a world of stories, art, writing, performance and possibilities at GCLF - Gurgaon's biggest literature festival for children
Get tickets and more info at: and bookmyshow.

19th-20th Jan | Saturday and Sunday
11:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Vega Schools, Sec 48, Gurgaon.
Let's welcome this new year with a spirit of service, generosity, and compassion, combined with small good deeds and actions everyday. Slowly, the world will transform into a better place.

Vega Family wishes you and all your loved ones a very happy new year 2019.
Vega remembers and salutes Padma Shri Murlidhar Devidas Amte (Baba Amte) on his birth anniversary.

Baba Amte was a successful lawyer, a social worker, an activist, and also a pioneer in the freedom struggle of India. He left his practice to work at the grassroot level uplifting the poor, the ignored and the downtrodden. He set up Anandwnan, a self sufficient village and rehabilitation center for patients of leprosy, who were victims of abject apathy and ignorance at that time.

His wife, Sadhanatai Amte, also dedicated her life to social work. From a life of privilege, he moved on to uplift thousands of people and in this process, inspired millions. He led various marches for unity of India and for the rights and acceptance of marginalized sections of the society.

Vega bows down to his spirit and takes inspiration from his life's work. Let us all too light a lamp of change and upliftment wherever we are, every chance we get.
Vega Schools wish you a merry Christmas.
We hope you remember to stay warm and safe and spread love and joy,.
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Just our KG sections Stella and Danica gearing up for some ol' school Christmas fun!

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As a part of their current project about the Earth and the Environment, Vega's Grade 1 recently visited the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, which is managed by @i_am_gurgaon (I Am Gurgaon). Through this visit, their learning leaders intended for the learners to understand the different types of vegetation as well as landscape that exists within their own city of Gurgaon.

Learners were acquainted with some interesting facts, such as - the biodiversity park is a man-made forest/vegetation cover which was started by the people in order to save the land from mining, and that even Gurgaon has foothills and plant/animal species that they weren't even aware of. @bubophile (Abhishek Gulshan), the founder of @ninoxedu (Ninox Nature Education), guided children on a walk through the park and sensitized them about various native species of plants and animals that are exclusive to the Aravali Hills.

When the young learners reflected upon their visit and learnings - they made intelligent deductions such as the minimal amount of plastic waste present at the park, presence of undisturbed animal species, and the difference in the air quality inside the park. Some of the learners were also deeply moved by the works of I am Gurgaon and Ninox and discovered a new passion inside them.

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Tuesdays are for #SuperstarParents !

Children are born with irrepressible curiosity. They touch and drool over anything they find - as a way to know more about it. However, in today's times, continuous senseless entertainment and gadgets fill their time. Reflective thought, new experiences, and exploring the world around them has taken a back seat.

#CURIOSITY is important today but is going to be a necessary skill 10-15 years later, when your child has completed school, to succeed in the career. A child whose #curiosity has not been nurtured is not going to be an adult who innovates. 
Parents these days focus on hard skills such as writing, reading etc but forget that these hard skills are of little use in the world today without soft skills such as creativity, curiosity, innovation, reflection, prediction etc. To nurture curiosity in your child - encourage them to make their own choices, support their exploration and discovery, introduce challenges and something new into their normal routines, help them know and explore the world and people around them, etc.

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#ProjectBasedLearning #RealWorldEducation #Vega

We are proud to share with you, our followers, these images of Vega's Grade 4 learners who visited 'Tikli', a nearby village, to build their learning on their current project 'Be the Change', through which they are exploring social as well as self reforms as a means to create a global positive change.

During this visit, the learners interacted with local farmers and villagers about availability of efficient farming resources, high yielding varieties of seeds, government's support, labor or financial issues, irrigation facilities, and much more. Building on their inquiry into #AirPollutionOnTheRise, the learners also spoke to the farmers about the ill-effects of stubble burning and suggested them alternatives to stubble burning that are less harmful for the environment.

Through this visit, they not only got to internalize and understand the struggles and joys of other human beings, but also met with the people who provide them with the food they eat. Their learning leader, Neerja, said, "The most touching moment of the trip was how the children jumped in to help the farmers create embankments in the paddy field. I am proud to see how open-minded, collaborative, empathetic and goal-oriented these children are at such a young age!" #PBL #problemBasedLearning #InquiryBasedLearning #21stCenturySkills #21stCenturyEducation #21stCenturySchools #ProgressiveEducation #ProgressiveSchools #ProgressiveSchoolsofGurgaon #ProgressiveSchoolsInIndia #LifeandCareerSkills #LifeSkills #CareerSkills #HigherOrderThinkingSkills #NewAgeClassrooms
We now live in times with quickly evolving workplaces and competition among graduates. It is of paramount importance that our children get enough practice in using their skill of learning and evolving rapidly. 
Traditional education is not aimed at training children to become independent learners but rely on a fixed source such as their teacher or course book as the only credible source. However, in real-life scenarios, most answers are to be found and are likely not given - which can be a frustrating and highly distressing scenario for adults who did not learn to be independent problem-solvers as children. That is why #VegaSchools aim at building the right Higher Order Thinking Skills in learners for their long-term life success.

If you're not a trained teacher, it can be hard for you to know when you are giving too much help to your child and when you are not giving enough. At times children become fussy and refuse to do things they can do without your help. At such times, it can be hard for parents to say 'no', but communicating to them that you have confidence in their ability to solve this problem and will not provide help till the child really needs it will help them evolve into confident people.

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