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'Discover the star within.' Vega is a premium Nur-12 CBSE school in Gurgaon. Admissions are open for the 2018 session for pre-nursery to grade five.

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Happy Diwali! Our learners conducted a beautiful assembly today with lots of singing and dancing for all parents. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and remember, please stay cracker free!
Our young Vega learners are beginning the fundamentals of football.
Everyone is having a great time exploring the awesome technology of the 3D printer!
There is definitely some world class dance talent here.
Language is a powerful tool. It is essential for communication, sharing thoughts and ideas, and running countries. At Vega, we know the importance of language, which is why Vega is a trilingual school, teaching Hindi, English and Spanish.
For the past several months, our learners have been working tirelessly on their different projects. From learning about community,  to helping others,  to smart cities and more,  our learners have truly expanded their mindset of the world for the better. Today our learners showcased their final projects in our student exhibitions. Aside from the knowledge they spread, they also shared immense passion and dedication. We couldn't be prouder of them.
And the Grammy goes to... Vega's 1st grade class! Vega's 1st graders have made their own instruments as part of their project on studying sound and how sound works. Today, they participated in a musical jam session playing the instruments they made, and we may have several future stars here.
Vega learning leaders are working very hard to prepare for our student exhibitions on Saturday. We are very proud of this team.
Welcome to Spica City, where the sights are beautiful, the cuisine is delicious, and the children of Vega's KG classes govern it with equality and care. Here, everyone is considered an equal member of the community, and we recognize that whether you're a successful businessman, a parent, teacher, or a janitor, your role is just as important as any other when building a community.
At Vega, safety is our top concern.  A successful fire drill was conducted today and all emergency equipment was fully operational. 10/10!
There is no better way to build what you want than with Legos. And most children love being on computers. Legos+computers= A great way to learn about shapes, dimensions and building houses.
In life,  art is all around you. Why can't it be like that in school? Encouraging kids to think outside the box, take risks, draw on the walls, and trying something new is what we do here everyday at Vega.