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'Discover the star within.' Vega is a premium Nur-12 CBSE school in Gurgaon. Admissions are open for the 2018 session for pre-nursery to grade five.

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Today was the day of Vega's PTM's (parent teacher meetings.) We would just like to thank all of the parents who came to talk with their respective teachers. It's so important to keep parents involved in every aspect of their child's education.
Come and experience our open learning classrooms at Vega. The school is open Monday through Friday for a scheduled visit and an inside look at our classrooms. Saturdays are open for walk-ins.  #vegaschools
Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the business world? Being multilingual definitely provides an edge.  This is one of the reasons why we teach Spanish language at school from KG onwards.
Name- Sarika Singh
Favorite singer- Tupac
Occupation- Admin Head

Mrs Singh is a highly respected member of the Vega family. Despite the fact she owns 12 cats and she drives her Volkswagen Jetta 100 km to and from work, she is loved by all the students and staff.
Our learners put on an amazing show for our MADS fiesta today.  We are so proud of all of them. We would also like to thank our wonderful learning leaders and staff who put forth incredible efforts to produce this event. Way to go Vega team! #vegaschools
Here's a quick recap of our MADS week, and our practices. We can't wait for our parents to see the great work that our learners have been doing.  #vegaschools  #annualevent
We don't want to spoil anything, so here are some small pictures of our 1st graders practicing for our MADS fiesta next weekend. #vegaschools #annualevent
Name - Kyle Edwards 
Horoscope - Libra
Occupation - Speed coordinator/PBL Coach

Mr Edwards has been with Vega since the beginning. He has an extensive background in alligator wrestling, antique lamps, and owns a large collection of cutlery. We are grateful and fortunate to have him on the team.
Our MADS festival is coming up and our KG students are hard at work to display their skills. First it was a dance routine and then onto the obstacle course.
We are opening our Pre-Nursery next year! Enrollment for the 2018-19 session is now open. #vegaschools #vegaprenursery
Today was another fun day of 3D printing! Students learned about the distinction between 3D and 2D, how a 3D printer works and in the end got to print some really cool 3D objects.
Name - Madhu Chauhan
Occupation - Grade 5 learning leader
Eye color - black
Mrs Chauhan is our class five learning leader. She enjoys lectures on quantum physics, banana pancakes, and sweater vests. Her caring nature makes learning fun for her 5th graders.