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Vega Schools, located in Gurgaon, is one of the most innovative K-12 CBSE schools in India. We follow the PBL way and focus on 21st century skills.

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Vega's Project Exhibitions give Vega learners a public platform to showcase their life and career skills as well as in-depth content knowledge that they gain in their learning spaces every day. A Project Exhibition is also an opportunity for children to deal with their fears early in life and get practice in creating breakthrough learning moments out of these experiences.

To create effective and mindful solutions for problems on-the-go is the greatest evidence of character and skill, and that is what we build in learners through Problem Based Learning (PBL). To know more about Problem Based Learning and its positive impact on children especially in early childhood, get in touch with us. Visit 
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On 17th July 2018, Vega opened doors to its Makerspace for learners.

Makerspace, or Makershala, is built on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based curriculum. In a problem-based learning approach, which Vega follows, Makershala becomes an invaluable space to tinker, explore and create. The Makerspace is an amalgamation of Design and Technology where ICT, Basics of Programming, Internet of Things (IOT), Robotics, 3D Printing/CAD Modelling, Basic Electronics, Aero Modelling, App Development, Game Design, PVC Modelling, and Photography are all introduced to the Learner. This enables Learners to effectively design solutions to challenges and problems given to them using different and interesting tools and kits.

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The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts' - C. S Lewis

Let's bring on the learning revolution. Let's create a better world, together.

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Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.

At Vega, we learn and educate for a different world. Join us!

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Our Community Outreach Team here at Vega School is good at a lot of things like education advocacy,  creating awesome videos,  planning and carrying out larger than life events, forming creative ideas, innovation, and working together. But boomerang is not one of them.
"Those who do the work, do the learning". This is the idea that your greatest learning takes place only when you are taking action, when you are fully immersed in the process. This is the idea that we hold valuable at Vega. #vegaschools
Knockout Fight Club has come to Vega schools, teaching our students how to stay out of physical confrontation and how to defend themselves if they get into one.
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Oh woman
You are a nurturer, a fighter, a lover, a mentor, a friend and a guide
You have a spirit that's limitless and a heart that's ocean-wide
We thrive in the love and care you provide
We live by the examples of your everyday victories astride.
Oh woman
You are every generation's pride
Truly a goddess of limitless power best exemplified! #vegaschools #women'sday
This is a model of the playground that grade one wants to build. It will be a legitimate playground here at Vega. The other picture is a demonstration of the simple machines that can be implemented in their design and how they work. Amazing job Grade 1! #vegaschools #reallifelearning
"Learn at Vega, to get knowledge that is mega!" Poem by: Aahana Mittal, grade 3
Today was the beginning of our skating classes for the season! Here are some action shots of day one. #vegaschools