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My energy is spent on dressing up, munching good food, traveling, and zumba classes!

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One of the cutest cafe I’ve ever been! Too bad we’re not allowed to take photos of some spots inside :( #verenleeinJapan #omotesando #harajuku #tokyocafe #honeymihoney
This shot was taken within 1 minute & no re-take. Thanks for capturing such a perfect picture (and also lending me ur sandals as I was dying in my heels 🤣🤣), @stellalee92 😘. Contact her for a photo session if you’re traveling to 🇯🇵❤️ #verenleeinJapan #summer2018 #shibuya109
Wishing my most caring friend the best of luck on your next journey. Thanks for being such a patient listener to my rants & randomness. Those hugs will never be enough 😭
If you go to #KanazawaCastle , don’t forget to go inside the rest house. It’s so quiet that you can hear the sound of your steps on the wooden floor. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery , either during bright sunlight 🌤 or starry sky 🌌 through the glass ❤️☺️ #verenleeinJapan #Kanazawa
I’m not a regular coffee drinker, in fact I can only drink capp / latte. But I love the art & science behind a cup of coffee, I love seeing how they brew and pour the coffee into cups, and I loooooveee taking photos of coffee cups 😁❤️ #woodpeckercoffee #coffeeshots
The cafe behind me, #Dennys is recommended if you’ve ran out of eating spots in Tokyo and feeling sick of beef bowl / ramen joints. They have sooo many menu options, from Japanese food like curry rice, western food like pasta and salads, desserts, and they serve breakfast To acai bowls 😱 as well. Taste wise it’s not the best but still ok. Price is very affordable & drinks are unlimited ! (coffee, soda, tea, etc). It’s the PERFECT solution for traveling family / groups who have different taste buds & cravings 😂🤪 .  #verenleeinJapan #tokyo #tokyofoodie #tokyocafe #dennysjapan #hungryintokyo
Bulan lalu kulit aku beruntusan banget setelah pulang dr Jepang. Penyebabnya mungkin karena perubahan cuaca dr dingin, panas, dan kering, kurang minum air, dan jg skincare yg asal-asalan (kurang moisturizer). Kulit ak kering banget!!
Nah, Setelah balik Indo aku lgsg cobain masker “My Fav Recipe” dari @cektokosupplier . Aku pake 2. Ada SNAIL MOIST MASK (Yg bisa dipake sampai pagi tidak perlu dibilas) buat mengembalikan kelembaban kulit & HONEY OAT untuk kulit kasar & kering (gila sih ini pas banget buat masalah kulit ak.)
Hasilnya bs kalian liat sndiri yah. (SLIDE LEFT FOR MY BARE FACE PHOTO!) l. Stelah 1 bulan beruntusannya udah berkurang.
So buat kalian yg beruntusan & kulitnya kasar, I do recommend you these masks that u can get from @cektokosupplier 👌🏻 #skincaretips #dryskin #kulitkering #skincarereview #reviewskincare
One sunny day 🌤 #verenleeinjapan
When was the last time I wear red ?
I love when my room smells good ~. Thank you @swoon.scents ❤️
Another day off ? Relax & light up an aromatic candle by @swoon.scents 😋👌🏻
I’ve tried numerous times to accept my imperfections. But I feel like those efforts go to waste immediately the moment someone points it out. My heart & confidence drop to the lowest level. I hope some people will learn on how to be careful with their words.