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We have been taught to use only pure ghee in #Divas, but why is that? The Diva is a symbol of worship, wisdom, peace, and knowledge. Using pure ghee while worshiping ensures that we attract only positive vibrations and our prayers reach heaven itself.

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Thinking of gifting something to your loved ones? Look no further than the Verka gift pack. Packed with four most famous Pio flavors of Verka, your gift will be everyone’s favorite!

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This Diwali, give the gift of delightful taste! The Verka Lassi gift pack is a great way to make your family and friends beam with joy during this festive season!

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Eight delicious Pio drinks packed in hygienic bottles to create an amazing Verka gift hamper! Young or old, everyone will love this festive gift.

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#Diwali is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about the perfect Diwali gifts! Verka’s gift packs are filled with your favorite Verka foods and make the ideal gift for your loved ones.

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Food is a necessity and also a luxury. Let us be thankful on World Food Day for all the healthy and tasty options we can eat and savor #Verka #Healthy food.

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So many #Verka #Pio flavours and so many options to choose from. For this riddle, can you guess the name of the flavor? 
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Burfi in a Jiffy!

Diwali is a time for gorging on sweets and more sweets! It's advisable to make 'mithais' at home for a personal touch, better taste and issues like hygiene. We seldom attempt to make them because 'mithai-making' sounds like a laborious task, but you are wrong! By using Verka Milk Powder, Verka Milk, and Verka Butter, you can prepare the most delicious burfi in a jiffy! Make a double-decker chocolate flavoured  barfi! It is guaranteed to delight the children!

Double-Decker Burfi

•	6 tbsp Verka Butter
•	2½ cups Verka Milk Powder
•	1½ cups powdered sugar
•	¾ cup Verka Whole Milk
•	½ tsp elaichi powder

•	5 tbsp cocoa powder
•	1 cup Verka Milk Powder
•	¾ cup powdered sugar
•	½ cup Verka Whole Milk
•	3½ tbsp Verka Butter


For Layer-1
•  Grease a shallow tray or 'thaali' and keep it aside.
•  Use a heavy pan and heat the Verka Butter with half the  Verka Milk.
•  Mix the other half of the milk with the Verka Milk Powder to make a smooth paste. Then add it to the pan.
•  Stir in the elaichi powder and sugar and continue to cook till the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the pan.
•  Pour the mixture into the waiting 'thaali' and level the top with a spatula or butter knife.

As before, heat up Verka Butter along with half of the Verka Milk.
•  Mix together the cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar, and make a paste with the remaining milk. Add this to the contents of the pan and keep cooking.
•  When thickened, pour over layer-1. Spread evenly.
•  Let it cool completely before cutting into squares or diamond shapes.

Note: While spreading the warm mixture on the tray, your work will become easier if you grease the spatula or the butter knife. You can garnish the burfi with chopped pistachios or almonds. Simply scatter them over the chocolate surface, then press -in to embed them into the burfi.

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International day of the Girl Child is an occasion to do something good for the society. Pledge to sponsor someone’s education or buy school supplies for them and make someone’s life a little better!

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Why should humans have all the fun? Let cheese be cheesy. It’s grate to see them have some fun!

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So rich, so creamy and so so good! #Verka #Shahi #Dahi is filled to the brim with all the good things that make your stomach dance with happiness.

For more information, visit or call us at our toll-free 1800-102-3211

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