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Veterinary society for sumatran wildlife conservation - Non Governmental Organization focus on Sumatran Elephant Conservation and welfare

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Will future only know the elephant from the book? This is the horrific situation that will happen if we not conserve and take care of them. Save Elephant for our future! 
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#elephantconservation #saveelephants #weworkforelephants #vesswic #tfcasumatera #wildlifeconservation
Happy World Elephant Day!!! Thanks to @thedanielledasilva for this gorgeous picture! #worldelephantday#tfcasumatera #elephantconservation #saveelephants
Elephant's pregnancy period is around 2 years, and once their baby is born, it takes around 10 years for the baby elephant to be independence (male elephant will go individuals while the female will follow the herd) this is one of the reasons why the elephant categorize as critical endangered animal beside the poaching and poisoning cases. #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #elephantconservation #savetheelephants #savewildlife
VESSWIC fun fact! did you know? trimming on elephant ivory serves to reduce the aggressiveness of elephants, as well as facilitate the mahout in interacting in the training process of the elephant #tfcasumatera #elephants #saveelephants #conservation #elephantconservation #savewildlife
VESSWIC fun fact! did you know that measuring of elephant height function is to know the elephant profile, body weight and elephant BCI scale which is to know the amount of medicine dosage like anthelmintic , vitamin and vaccination giving. #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #elephantsanctuary #saveelephants #conservation #elephantconservation #wildlifeconservation
Just like another kids, baby elephant loves to playing too! #sumatranelephant #sumatranelephantconservation #savelephants #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #wildlifeconservation
Captive elephants can be used to assist the community in sick elephant rescue as well as for elephant rescue which is separate from its herds. #sumatranelephant #saveelephants #elephantrescue #conservation #wildlifeconservation
EEHV (elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus) can cause severe haemorrhagic disease in elephants, and is associated with a high fatality rate in young Asian elephant (1-8 years of age) this condition is one of the reason why Asian elephant, especially Sumatran elephant is categorize as critical endanger animal and therefore, conservation is a must to keep them from extinction and make them still exist as a precious wildlife treasure! #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #elephantworld #elephantconservation #saveelephants #conservation
regular visit is a must for checking out the health of elephant. measuring weight and height, blood sampling, and anthelmintic giving is part of VESSWIC regular visit in each ETC and CRU every 6 month. This activity is not only to checking up the elephant, but also to monitoring this critical endanger creature’s  health and maintaining their body condition. #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #saveelephants #saveelephantfoundation #conservation #elephantconservation
the inauguration of Aek Nauli Elephant Conservation Camp (ANECC) by the KSDAE general director of Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) is the ultimate achievement of conservation action strategies and plans of Sumatran elephant  since 2007-2017 which recommends the distribution of elephant population from Elephant Training Center (ETC) to elephant breeding group utilization unit and conservation type. The cooperation of 3 parties among VESSWIC,BBKSDASU, and BP2LHK Aek Nauli has been accomplished in realizing this concept with a focus on enriching scientific research and tourism activities. 
Peresmian kamp konservasi gajah Aek Nauli (ANECC) oleh Dirjen KSDAE Kementrian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK) adalah sebuah pencapaian akhir dari SRAK (Strategi dan Rencana Aksi Konservasi) gajah Sumatra sejak 2007-2017 yang merekomendasikan pendistribusian populasi gajah dari Pusat Latihan Gajah (PLG)  ke unit populasi pemanfaatan gajah berbasis breeding group dan konservasi jenis. kerjasama 3 pihak antara VESSWIC, BBKSDASU dan BP2LHK Aek Nauli berhasil mewujudkan konsep ini dengan fokus terhadap pengayaan kegiatan riset dan wisata ilmiah #tfcasumatera #elephantfamily #wildanimals #saveelephants #conservation #gajahsumatra
EXPO AKSIS 2017! TFCA! come join us and be a conservation-conscious society! #elephants #tfcasumatera #expoaksistfcasumatera #conservation #wildlives #wildanimals
to helping other creature besides human  being is  part of life. we as human should help each other, no matter what they are. the picture above is about Vesswic Team journey to save Dita, the wild elephant that lives in Balairaja Wildlife Reserve who got injured on its left front leg (sinister) about few years ago, but sadly the wound won't healing, so our team (VESSWIC) step in two help it which also the part of TFCA Sumatra Program. it's not an easy journey because Dita was guard by two other wild elephant.  This endangers creature live nearby the local people field and got its leg broken by the trap. save the Sumatran Elephant! their life is depend on us!