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Digital Marketer by day, letterer by night.
Leader of #thejustmarriedjacket pack. πŸ–€

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Average height of mirrors clients bring to me? 5'5" 😏 Perfect for an OOTD selfie right?
Every time I post a story showing my process for making these seating charts, I get hundreds of messages asking me how. I love chatting with you all on my dms but it was getting overwhelming. So I put together a blog post answering everything you asked! It took a lot of time to put together but I think everything is in there now β€” from my tools, to the process to the different formats for names. Find the link in my bio to learn how to make a mirror seating chart yourself! And if I missed anything, leave a comment on the blog! xo
When I was first starting to letter, I researched intensely to figure out what pens to buy. When I got the dual brush pens, I was shocked to find that beautiful calligraphy didn't just flow from the tip. I was frustrated that my writing looked so sloppy and couldn't figure out how to change that. Sometimes it's easy to forget that tools are just tools; it's how you use them that makes a master. So for my workshops I give every student a Tombow Dual Brush Pen and a Tombow Fudenosuke, but walking through how to actually use them? That's the most essential part of the workshop! (Plus I answer every question, no matter how personal πŸ˜‚) Excited to teach a jam packed class tonight at @bombaystfoodto with @embiria βœ¨β˜•οΈ #learningviacalligraphy x #embirialife
#TheJustMarriedJacket has had an adventurous lifetime. In about a year it's wedding crashed over 25 times already. And then got featured in The Huffington Post πŸ–€ Fun fact: every Toronto bride gets to borrow this jacket for a full week (Wednesday to Tuesday) and can wear it as much as they want! So this weekend, it was off to a wedding and then went along for a mini-moon in wine county so the new Mrs. could show off her new status for a few more days 🍾
Photo of @hollyknitlightly by @saramonikaphoto πŸ’–
Happy wedding weekend to SO many of my bride and groom clients! It's a popular date and I ended up taking on a LOT more work than I maybe should have. I mean... I work a full time day job too πŸ˜‚ I knew I could wrap it all up but I'm a perfectionist and there were many late nights and a couple of stress break downs. Totally worth it! Giving those goodbye hugs and sendoffs to excited clients is the best! I'll be home this weekend creepily checking all their wedding hashtags. God bless that wedding trend πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸΎ CONGRATS!
Photo by @olivephototo from @junebloomevents styled shoot 🌿
July and August have been such a whirlwind! Mirror signs have been getting all the love but I've done my fair share of chalkboards too. Here's my fave from the season πŸŽ€
PS, Just wanted to thank you all for your support & kind messages recently! I've tried to respond to every single one because you're all the best and I'm the luckiest that so many of you have got my back πŸ–€
This long weekend: went to my cousin's beaaaaautiful wedding and made more wedding signs than I thought was humanly possible. So today's Instagram stories are a huge mix of projects I'm wrapping up (like making more cards like this one as thank yous to my clients)! πŸ’–
Find someone who looks at you like maybe you are a pizza menu πŸ•
Off to my cousin's wedding today! It's my only one this year, which is a far departure from a few years back when it would be normal to have more than five each year! How many weddings do you have this year? Keep up with my day (and my ootd) in my stories! xo
August: my favourite month! I can't believe how much I already have planned for the next few weeks; my monthly usually doesn't start out this full! I'm still using the same layout because I still haven't thought of a new section for scheduling client work. But I did add a quote as some of you suggested to me beforeβ€” just needed a reminder to stop setting myself up for burnout πŸ–€ What does your month look like so far? Happy weekend everybody! #viabulletjournal
With my recent press features of #thejustmarriedjacket, I've been overwhelmed with requests to rent it. I've tried implementing a calendar to help me out but it's been so hard sending out constant rejections because of the high demand.
I always offer my services to paint a custom jacket and way less than ten percent of people take me up on it. But that small percentage? They're truly my people. I'm so grateful for the badass brides, like Mrs. Dixon here, who trust me to make their wedding outfits a little more bold πŸ–€ photo by @3photographytoronto
I'm so excited to announce my next workshop! Come out for calligraphy, coffee and chai in my partnership with @embiria - they curate experiences here in Toronto so you can disconnect and discover something new ✨
Even more exciting is the gorgeous new venue we'll be in: @bombaystfoodto. During my last visit to India, the most memorable thing was having a pani puri walla come over for a party (obviously my favourite part of every trip is the food πŸ˜‚). So I can't wait to relive some memories of India with you!
My workshops are designed for beginners and over two hours, we get into all the basics to get you started plus you'll get some one on one coaching. Tools and worksheets are included! My past few workshops sold out in less than a day, so click the link in the bio to reserve your spot now! #learningviacalligraphy x #embirialife UPDATE: SOLD OUT! ✨
When your proud BFF comes out to take pics of you with your hand lettered sign (and have pretty cocktails) 🍹 Thanks @jeannieism!
There's a lot of new followers here so I thought I'd do some #fridayintroductions πŸ‘‹πŸΌ
I'm Sylvia and my friends call me Syl.  I named my company "Via Calligraphy" because it's the dropped part of my name.  I'm a digital marketer from 9-5 and a calligrapher and workshop instructor the rest of the time. I've been tagged to share 20 things about me, but I'll give you 5:
1. I was always creative and artsy and then I went to university for chemical engineering. How's a 17 year old supposed to decide on a career?! Anyone else do something unrelated to their degree?
2. I have an irrational fear of butterflies. I know it's irrational! Usually people will know me for years before discovering this but I accidentally exposed my weakness to my new coworkers yesterday during an outdoor work social. πŸ˜‚
3. My favourite foods are salmon roses, charcuterie boards and burritos.
4. I'm a Leo 🦁
5. I believe in doing things my own way. For some reason people forget this when wedding planning but traditions for traditions sake doesn't make sense for me. So my husband and I took the subway to get married at city hall in front of 8 people and I started my own tradition with a certain leather jacket project ;)
WHO CAN RELATE? Tell me something about you! Happy Friday friends πŸ–€
Here's the next round of big calligraphers coming your way! This lovely group is joining me tonight for a #learningviacalligraphy workshop @hendersonbrewing
This workshop always sells out SO fast because we get together for some after-work craft beers 🍻 and while I teach the basics of calligraphy, I'm also an open book! We talk about all my processes and strategies for building a brand and pricing your work. Fun stuff!  Can't wait to meet my group tonight and find out why they want to learn lettering! For everyone else, I promise I'll put up more workshop dates for August soon! xo