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A question that I get asked sooo often: What do you use to paint on leather? I feel like such a jerk when I have to answer with the obvious: leather paint.
The question that comes after that is: What do you use to paint on fabric? It's fabric paint guys. 😅 I don’t have any super secret tools or materials.
Poonam wore her custom pink satin jacket (a girl after my own heart!) for her civil ceremony with Tarak. She also had me create her mirror seating chart, some place cards and table numbers for her big reception celebration. Then last month she took a calligraphy workshop with me. Making like, the most comprehensive use of my services ever?! My clients are the most supportive! 💖 #pkbtkslove #jacketsviacalligraphy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📸: @jessilynnwongphotography
Is my messaging clear here? 😏
Dr PH Martins white ink with a nikko g nib on vellum
Corynn asked me to make some pieces for a styled shoot she’d be having at a pear orchard so my husband helped me come up with this themed menu. 🍐 You can check out all her photos (so much better than my attempt lol) now up on her blog. Go to @corynnfowlerphotography and see the link in her bio!
Happy Friday! I’m switching it up and doing a #followfriday. A lot of you have asked how I got started with workshops and I’ve been really lucky to have business babes that have helped me get here. Babes that share their knowledge and resources so generously and really believe we rise by lifting others. I’ve got these gals to thank for helping me go from just lettering at my coffee table to teaching over 25 workshops.
@thestaceinvader invited me to teach at an art gallery and was the first to get my butt in gear in getting stocked up and making my curriculum.
@pomhealth offered up her beautiful studio and encouraged me to teach beyond lettering.
@jessilynnwongphotography told me to value myself, my time and my talents and get my pricing in check.
@handmadejungle invited me to collaborate on workshops and gave me access to new locations.
@embiria facilitates my workshops and continues to push me towards my long term growth goals.
Give these ladies a follow and tag some babes who have boosted you!
📸: @desiree_thomas
I’m loving the extra daylight now and I’m so ready for spring! 🌷
I think I’m finally ready to teach a bullet journal workshop next month! Let me know in the comments if you would totally be up for it and wanna get more productive! Workshop attendees will get a leuchtturm dotted A5 and we’ll work on setting up your essential spreads 🙌🏼 More details coming soon! #viabulletjournal
Nothing says summer like that sunset view of the Toronto skyline from the island! These lovebirds hopped on the ferry and eloped last year in style. Congrats to the Flockharts! #jacketsviacalligraphy
Shoutout to awesome photographers who share their photos so generously with other vendors. Sometimes my work is just a small detail in the big picture of a wedding day, so I always appreciate being included! Thanks Jessilynn!
📸: @jessilynnwongphotography
Keepin' it real again: I was so super excited that a shoot that I had contributed to would be in print! Turns out that my work doesn't show up in the magazine at all 😂  Still really grateful to have my name published though! Congrats team! Now in print and online @deargraymagazine Issue No. 4.
Photos: @brittanymwilliams
Styling: @vivianlyttle
Floral Design:
Decor: @simplybeautifuldecor
Invitation Suite: @littlenorthcompany
Menus: @viacalligraphy
Make-up: @lovememakeup
Hair: @sarahbaksh
Crown: @frilly_bits
Gown: @bycatalfo 
Jewelry: @kimdrosdick
Cake: @sweetavenuecakery 
Model: Zoe from @elitetoronto
I’ve got news that calls for a toast! 🥂
Say hello to #thejustmarriedjacketMTL! I’m so excited to introduce you to Jodi who is bringing the project to la belle province de Québec! Montréal is where Matt asked me to marry him and always holds a romantic place in my heart. So cheers to the start of another beautiful relationship! Montréal brides: send all your vin🍷 to @somedayartco to borrow this beauty for your wedding day 🖤
📸: @tsikimamy_photographie
In the digital age, there’s nothing more meaningful than a handwritten note. There’s just so much more value in a paper note, and I’m not just talking about the cost. The time investment and emotional labour sends way more of a lasting impression than a text message or email. I wrote these lovely notes for @davidyurman who sent their clients flowers for Women’s Day. 💐
And let’s be real for a sec. While I do this for clients, I’m personally not a very responsible adult and I never write handwritten notes to anyone. When I do, it’s definitely in sloppy cursive and not calligraphy 😂
It’s #FridayIntroductions time again! You guys are the best and somehow I've reached 20k followers recently so there’s probably a lot of new people around here. Hello! 👋🏼 I’m Sylvia and I’m a full time digital marketer and part time calligrapher, so I work a LOT, but I love both of my jobs. Here’s some random things about me:

1. Everyone calls me Syl so I named my company Via Calligraphy after the dropped part of my name and as clever wordplay (makes for good hashtags y'know?). Now people message me calling me Via 😂
2. I REALLY wanted to win the art award at my grade 8 graduation. When I didn't I started crying and then immediately won the following award for overall school achievement. It was super embarrassing... I then won the art award at my high school graduation.
3. I could eat salmon sashimi forever 🍣
4. My ear (and septum) piercings are stretched. So if I’m wearing “normal” earrings, they’ve gotta have a really big cap on the front to cover my gaping earlobes 👂🏻
5. I'm currently watching Jessica Jones and Ugly Delicious 🍑 So into them, tell me if you are too!
The struggle towards equality will always exist when people don't recognize their own privilege. As we celebrate women today, I'm reminded that we have a long way to go in remembering our marginalized sisters and keeping our feminism intersectional. Recognizing that we all face intersectional issues, there are parts of me that are racialized and sexualized while I can see that I have a lot of privileges as well.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As the term "inclusion rider" is spreading since Frances McDormand mentioned it in her Oscar's speech, I've been thinking about how it can be more widely applicable. The pervasiveness of womens' issues are so much bigger than me, but I know there are little ways we can make a difference. Hiring and supporting WOC owned businesses is a start. How will we smash the barriers to advancement of women? Let's talk about it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Happy International Women's Day! Today we celebrate, but everyday, we've gotta take action. #iwd2018 #pressforprogress
I've always known that being a creator is hard. To put your heart on your sleeve and share your work is scary, and then when it's out there, there's the risk of a) no one caring or b) getting lots of attention and having your ideas stolen. There's this fine line between imitation and inspiration. I don't take credit or ownership for painting on jackets for weddings, not at all, but when I see others copying my entire project I feel hurt. Only two years in, I'm protective of this “legacy” and those that have participated in it. So sometimes I fear that the more that people know me for it, the more it could become a source of stress instead of joy.
I'm so lucky that as my jacket project grew that people as open hearted as @designsbyellen_ and @londoncalligraphy reached out to convince me to branch out to other cities. It took some convincing but because of my conversations with them around my motivations and ambitions, I've got a growth mindset. Instead of stressing about competition, we're making a community and a network of support. And after so much chatting over instagram, when I finally had a video call with Ellen, it felt like talking with an old friend. I know this journey will be better together and that we can all lift each other up. I can’t wait to introduce you to all the magical women who are joining me in cities around the world soon.
Photo: @designsbyellen_ #thejustmarriedjacketnyc