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So @ukpostofficemoney have revealed their cheapest ski holiday destinations in Europe and North America. I didn't go skiing this year so it's definitely on the priority list for 2018! Where's number one? Clue is in the photo (I'd be well impressed if you got this right). Or you can just get the actual answer on my blog... 🎿 #skiforless #ad #skiing
I've spent the last two days in Bristol, as part of @laterooms' 'impromptu nights away' campaign. Makes total sense to me. You don't have to go far to have an adventure. There are so many great places to experience in the UK, although I kind of feel like I've only just realised that recently. Really loved Bristol. Had a great time exploring and eating, and it was a beautiful day. I'll definitely be back. If you fancy a little holiday to round off 2017, have a look at their site and pick a UK city you've never been to before, and just go! #laterooms #bristol #clifton #cliftonsuspensionbridge #cliftonobservatory #lovebristol
Only 19 days until @hamburgontour comes to London! I'll be helping the great city of Hamburg with their pop up festival at the Boiler House on Brick Lane. Come along to find out more about how good Hamburg is, why you should visit, and all about the music and festivals that make the city so great. Google 'Hamburg on Tour to find out more. This is me breezing off the night before with a trip out on the Alster Lake - perfect remedy after a festival. Join us on the 21st / 22nd! #hamburgontour #hamburg #visitgermany #alsterlake
Snorkelled over to a desert island yesterday and then went off exploring the tropical wilderness. Felt like a proper explorer, even though all I found were trees, but you NEVER know. Could've been a new civilisation / world. I've loved it here at @walindiresort 😍 #papuanewguinea
Went scuba diving yesterday at @walindiresort and LOVED it. So many fish, sharks (check out my Facebook page to see the vid), beautiful coral and cool things to see. Going underwater is a whole other world - if you've never scuba dived before I'd definitely recommend it, especially in Papua New Guinea πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ. #png #visitpng @pngtourism #walindiresort #scubadiving #scubadive
Check out my view at Rondon Ridge Lodge. Never closed those blinds but woke up with the sun, over the valley. Loved watching the birds OF PARADISE fly by from the comfort of my bed 😁. #png #rondonridge #papuanewguinea @pngtourism
The Huli Wigmen were fascinating. An amazing tradition they're trying to keep alive. You see their hair? That's actually a wig they spend anything from 18 months to infinite growing. They grow it themselves, then chop it off and it's made into a wig to use for tribal ceremonies, either for them or to sell to others. The wig is decorated with the feathers from the many birds of paradise around. That's a hornbill decorating their spine, and the face paint is inspired by the birds too. Their specific dance was created to emulate the birds' movements. Absolutely fascinating to watch. Might've sat there totally gormless with my mouth open as they performed... #png #huliwigmen #visitpng #papuanewguinea
I've been AWOL sans wifi with the Huli Wigmen up in Tari, Papua New Guinea. I visited their village, watched them get ready, and enjoyed their Sing Sing - the traditional dance here. This guy was just chillin before the show. #420 #huliwigmen #visitPNG @visitPNG #tari #papuanewguinea #PNG
Went to meet the Mud Men today. So scary. Back in the day they used these clay masks to scare the opposition tribes and make them believe they were the spirits coming out from the forests - their worst nightmares come to life. With the music and dancing it all looked so freaky, definitely would've worked on me. I tried a mask on at the end - so heavy! Check out my Insta stories to see how much of an idiot I looked πŸ˜‚. #visitPNG #papuanewguinea #png #mudmen
I still find it amazing, and fascinating and brilliant, that you can be in Saas Fee town enjoying a coffee in the sun, in September, and then two cable cars later be up in the snowy wilderness of the ski slopes. Unfortunately it was super hazy and we couldn't see anything this morning (check out the Insta), but by afternoon according to the blummin webcam we saw in the tourist information shop it was absolutely glorious sunshine with snow all around. I've been in #saasfee these past few days courtesy of @inghamsholidays, for the Culinary Mile Food Festival. Ill be writing about it some time soon on the blog 😁. #mountains #switzerland #loveswitzerland #swissalps #alpineliving
Always good to take a bit of time out of your day to chill and admire the view, wherever you are... #saasfee #switzerland #mountains #swissmountains // πŸ“Έ@FionaForman
Been on a three-hour hike this morning up in the mountains around Saas-Fee. The views were just incredible. It's sad though because the glaciers here are melting. If you see this one compared to just a few tens of years ago it's totally different. Only yesterday one of the next towns had to be evacuated because they were worried about a glacier avalanche. This is global warming. #saasfee #mountains #switzerland #inghamsholidays @inghamsholidays