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Oo it's been a chilly and patience-testing weekend. I travelled up to Oxford to the Manor Country House Hotel on what was probably the worst day of the year to do it. Cue, a LOT of waiting around in minus temperatures for trains and taxis while they got through the snow. The House was beautiful though. We spent the evening playing cards by the fire, eating a turkey dinner, and drinking Malbec with Christmas songs in the background. Kinda perfect when we finally got there! If you like olde hotels, complete with creaky floorboards and an incredible history - stay! #oxford #themanorcountryhousehotel #weekendbreaks #omgb #ukbreaks
I miss the Malawi elephants 🐘😒. The cats on the rooftops I can see from my office just aren't cutting it for me today. I've just put up a blog post about the final morning of the trip. After spending a week tracking down the elephants, they turned up on my door step. Literally. 🐘🐘🐘. I'm currently planning my second Malawi visit, along with @helenwonderlust and her Rock My Adventure Tours. Can't get enough of the place. #malawi #elephants #africanelephant #elephantsinafrica #exploreafrica #travelafrica #loveelephants
That's it. Malawi is over (for now anyway) and I'm back in England safe and sound. Flew back with @flysaa_uk and slept for 7 hours of the 11 - so proud of myself. I've absolutely loved this last week in Malawi - really made me want to see more of the country and to learn more about wildlife and the conservation issues of today. Conservation isn't something I've thought about much before, to be honest, but having seen some of the effects first hand, and heard the stories, it's definitely something that I want to look at more. 🐘🐊🦁 For now though, here's the sunset from the reserve at Mvuu Lodge. We did a three-hour game drive followed by gin and tonic sundowners by the truck. Amazing. #magicalmalawi #sunset #africasunset #sunsetinafrica #pinkskies #mvuulodge #malawi
Gutted. I'm not in Malawi anymore. On my way home with @flysaa_uk. Just wanted to show you my shower at the Mvuu Lodge though - outside! This morning I was just about to go in when a herd of 7 elephants came round the corner right past mu balcony. Honestly, it was incredible. Possibly my favourite moment of the trip. I got most of it on camera although I was all excited so the footage is kinda shaky. I'll show you one day. I have LOVED Malawi and plans are already in place to return next year! β€οΈπŸ‘Œ #malawiheat #malawi #visitafrica #travelafrica #exploreafrica #shower #showertime @malawitourism @malawitourism
Aaannd another photo of a beautiful location in Malawi. This time, the Mvuu Lodge. I have seen sooooo many animals here, and my room is amazing, and the food is great, and the pool is cool, and I'm well into the Malawi gin and the staff here are lovely. Love it here! #magicalmalawi #malawi #mvuulodge #girlsvsglobe #sheisnotlost #loveafrica #thisisafrica
THEY WERE SO CLOSE! Look at the little babies 🐘🐘🐘😁. Saw so many elephants today in Liwonde National Park thanks to Mvuu Lodge. As well as hippos, impalas, mongooses, zebras, eagles, crocodiles and my new favourite, warthogs. Malawi really is an amazing place y'know. #magicalmalawi @malawitourism #liwonde #mvuulodge #mvuu #elephants #wildelephants #babyelephant
Promise I was more impressed by drinking my morning coffee on a dhow boat on Lake Malawi than I look. We walked down from the Pumulani Lodge to a full spread on the boat - frittata, coffee, yogurt, muesli, muffins, bread and cheese. We sailed round the coast watching the fishermen go about their day from their canoes. That's the way I like to breakfast these days πŸ˜‹β€οΈ#lakemalawi #magicalmalawi #dhowboat #coffee #morningcoffee #coffeegoals #breakfastgoals
Just arrived at the Makolola Retreat and it is LUSSHHH. I've got a little chalet villa (check out my Stories if they ever upload), we've had some local fish for lunch and we're just getting ready to go snorkelling. Tonight we have a traditional Malawi buffet to look forward to. Reeeally like Malawi so far! #magicalmalawi #malawi #makalolaretreat
Lake Malawi, me, and the pool at Pumulani Lodge πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ#magicalmalawi #beautifuldestinations #outdoorwomen #wearetravelgirls #loveafrica #girlsvsglobe
I'm at the Tongole Wilderness Lodge - a community project developed after the death of one of the owner's sons. He decided to set up the Tongole Foundation in his memory. It's a charity helping the local community and currently supporting three local schools. It's also absolutely stunning and has incredible thatched chalet style rooms overlooking the river and forest. Food is delicious, staff here are lovely and there's loads to do around. We've been croc watching this morning, about to go for a walk and we're visiting a local community and going on a game drive this afternoon. #magicalmalawi #tongolewildernesslodge #tongole #malawi #girlsvsglobe #wearetravelgirls
Wanted to show you the bath in the Tongole Wilderness Lodge but didn't want to waste the water to actually get in it. Thanks to this delightful Malawi print gown number in my room, didn't have to. This place is awesome. Incredible views, beautiful rooms and I'm about to sit down to a four-course dinner. Totally worth the journey πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ. #magicalmalawi #malawi #tongolelodge #tongolewildernesslodge #bathtime #visitafrica
Made it to South Africa! Quick pit stop at Johannesburg Airport for a coffee and we'll get the connection to Lilongwe. Excited! In other news: watched Bad Moms on the plane - πŸ’―% better than I thought it was going to be πŸ˜‚. And then woke up to this beautiful view courtesy of @flysaa_uk #magicalmalawi #planeviews #windowseat #blueskies #southafrica