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One has to be here to believe the beauty and ferociousness of this place! #Tawang
The first ever roti I made... glad it was for the army.
Elated to be getting an opportunity to spend a few days with our Indian Army posted at 14,000ft altitude at the Indo-China border of Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. @ndtv #JaiJawan
#contd... मैं समझता रहा, कि मैं तुझे देखता रहा, मुझे मेरी ही दुनिया दिखती रही, और मैं बहकता रहा। कभी चेहरे चढ़ाए, कभी आँसू बहाए, 
आइना... मैं समझता रहा, कि मैं तुझे देखता रहा।. तुझसे बातें कीं, कयी क़िस्से सुनाए, 
अपना हर किरदार तुझे दिखाता रहा।.
मैं टूटा, तू ना बदला, तेरे टूटते ही, तुझे बदलता रहा।.
आइना... मैं समझता रहा, की मैं तुझे देखता रहा।
Happy and honoured to share that our Film #UriTheSurgicalStrike will be re-released only for today, July 26th, to commemorate #KargilVijayDiwas. It will be screened for free in 500 theatres across Maharashtra. Extremely thankful to the Maharashtra State Government for their support and encouragement to this initiative by @rsvpmovies. Jai Hind 🇮🇳
पोस्ट पैक अप शॉट। 📷: @avigowariker
For days before we started filming Masaan, I’d sit here for hours at a stretch, quietly watching bodies getting burnt one after the other... dark, fair, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor, fat, thin... All of them turning into the same colour of ash. Leaving behind, just their deeds, teaching me the most important lesson of my life. My job was to put life into Deepak, what eventually happened was the other way around. 
Four years back, I got to ask you all a question... “अब तो हम friend हो गए, हैं ना?” ...Answer to which, I keep getting till date. Here’s to 4 years of our beautiful friendship. I cherish it everyday of my life. Thank You. #4yearsofMasaan 🤗🎈
Auto Pilot.
This Vikram has a Betaal and it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday @kaalimaayee! 🤗😘🎂
@vogueindia X @anaitashroffadajania X #TarunVishwa
Suits suit my mood just fine. By @amandeepkaur87