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Over the last 22 years, Vidyashilp Academy has been recognised worldwide for its unique curriculum and its teaching practices.

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Vidyashilp Academy, Phase I students celebrated Christmas on a cold winter morning. All were dressed in hues of red, green and white enjoying the array of Christmas special programme presented by the students of Phase I. Teachers and students sang and danced to feet tapping carols which brought memories of many Christmases celebrated by all present. 
The festivities began with the nativity scene, and a splendid rendition of the song 'Mary did you know', by Suzanne, an educator from the French Department accompanied by students. Mr. Anand, our very own dance teacher spoke about the real meaning of Christmas. The 5th graders concluded the event with the most awaited performance, the Jingle bell rock dance...the festivities left us all nostalgic about another year coming to an end…and longing already for another Christmas to come!
#VSASportsDay - 2018 'Shilp Tusker', the official mascot of Vidyashilp Academy makes an appearance to build the morale of the students. 
Shilp Tusker represents the school’s values of Respect, Integrity, Spirit, and Excellence.

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#VSASportsDay - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy hosted the 19th Annual Sports Day 2018. The school stresses on sports development in its curriculum and carries the belief that academics and sports are the building blocks for a child's development. 
The students displayed a wide array of talent during the sporting events, Yoga, march-past, track events, game depiction exercises, mass P.T., and Taekwondo.

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#ArtExhibition - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy recently concluded the annual Art Exhibition, the theme this year was the 3R's in conservation - Reduce-Recycle-Reuse - “We Share we Sustain”. This year the aspiration was to raise awareness on the health of nature and the means to prevent it from deteriorating further. Keeping up with the school’s tradition for the pursuit of excellence, the students carry an exceptional portfolio of their work and the alumni are now pursuing their higher degrees in top Art Schools across the world. The faculties come with a wealth of training and experience in the craft. The idea is to portray Art as a concept that encourages reflection, education and a means to portray the aspects of society that surrounds us.
Season - II Interschool Competition 2018-19

Vidyashilp Academy is extremely proud to be one among the top five schools out of 350 that have participated in the Behtar India Campaign across the country.

Yug Jain, a 5th grader from Vidyashilp is in the fourth position in the list of 8908 students from various schools in India.
#Changemakers “How many of you will fly with a blind pilot?” one of the many questions that Divyanshu Ganatra asked Students of grade 9 to 12 at Vidyashilp Academy. He lost his vision at the age of nineteen due to glaucoma and has overcome this setback with sheer persistence and grit. He is a clinical psychologist and corporate facilitator by profession, adventure sportsperson by passion, and a self-made social entrepreneur. He also happens to be India’s first blind solo paragliding pilot. 
He narrated his experiences in Adventure sports and urged the audience to never give up on their dreams. Divyanshu is also the founding member of Adventures beyond Barriers. He concluded the session by urging the students to see the world with a different perspective as they are the future that will shape the world.

Some student responses - 'Divyanshu Sir’s conquests and adventures have been self-driven. He did not do anything for the sake of others, and kept himself happy by doing activities that interest him.' , 'Mr. Divyanshu’s story struck a chord in all our minds and rang a bell, waking us up and showing us the reality of the way society functions. He sent the message of his life being like a game of chess, where his weakest pawn made the strongest move. He used his capability of hearing every whisper and the swaying of every leaf to his advantage and overcame his barriers.'
#IndianRoboParade - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy hosted the first INDIAN ROBO PARADE - 2018 for the students of Grade 3 to Grade 12 in collaboration with National Institute of Advanced Studies and ROBO-G.

As a part of the Atal Innovation Mission and Atal Tinkering Labs, Vidyashilp Academy believes in cultivating innovative ideas in the minds of the young generation, which is the future of India. The objective of the competition was to engage the students to come up with innovative working Robotic models, programming techniques and to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through such competitions.

The event was inaugurated by Professor Mr. Sudarshan R, Mentor Advanced Learning Centre, and Advisor, Atal Tinkering Labs and Ms. Kalai Selvi, Head of the School. 
Over 110 students from 22 schools participated in the event which showcased innovative India.
As a part of faculty training, the educators at Vidyashilp Academy were trained by Sue Hollingsworth who has been performing and teaching storytelling for over 20 years. She is Director of the Centre for Biographical Storytelling. ''Long long ago…Does that remind you of the time when someone told you a story and also the end “they lived happily ever after”? We were so lucky to hear stories from Sue Hollingsworth who has been performing and teaching storytelling for over 20 years. We learned how to build a story to teach. She made all of us sing and dance and I just felt I was in a trance.''
- Ms. @mohitmala, Lead Educator, Department of Maths at Vidyashilp Academy
#CommerceProjectExpo - 2018

The Department of Commerce and Economics conducted its annual project exhibition ‘Expound – a confluence of young minds’ 
on the 29th and 30th of November 2018.

The exhibition provides the budding entrepreneurs and economists an opportunity to carry out in-depth research into various concepts, which help in strengthening their understanding of the subjects and also hone their presentation skills in an exciting manner.
Vidyashilp Academy facilitates IIMA faculties for exclusively designed PDP courses for 45 educators. The sessions spread over 6 months on weekends intends to develop deeper insights and a greater purpose for teaching.

Prof. Niharika Vohra (IIM-A), member of the Board of Advisors at Vidyashilp Academy conducted a session over the weekend. “Understanding ourselves, introspection, self-awareness, are phrases we have all heard at some point or another. Prof. Vohra made this possible with so much depth through her session using the Myer Briggs Type Inventory.” - Ms. Ayesha, faculty at Dept of Empowerment center, Vidyashilp Academy
#ModelParliament - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy recently hosted 2018 Model Parliament, an inter-school, two-day conference aimed at empowering every child's right to participate in their world's largest democratic system. The conference goal was to empower every child's right to participate in decisions that impact their country & demonstrate how citizens (including children) could impact solutions at the local & global levels, thus enabling them to be positive change makers.

#ChildrensDay - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy held a grand celebration this Children's Day. The educators presented a special assembly with special performances and conducted various fun class activities throughout the day. 
We thank every #shilpite for creating soulful experiences for each of us at Vidyashilp Academy.