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Over the last 22 years, Vidyashilp Academy has been recognised worldwide for its unique curriculum and its teaching practices.

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#ModelParliament - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy recently hosted 2018 Model Parliament, an inter-school, two-day conference aimed at empowering every child's right to participate in their world's largest democratic system. The conference goal was to empower every child's right to participate in decisions that impact their country & demonstrate how citizens (including children) could impact solutions at the local & global levels, thus enabling them to be positive change makers.

#ChildrensDay - 2018

Vidyashilp Academy held a grand celebration this Children's Day. The educators presented a special assembly with special performances and conducted various fun class activities throughout the day. 
We thank every #shilpite for creating soulful experiences for each of us at Vidyashilp Academy.
Vidyashilp Academy 8th graders join hands with @youthforparivarthan in transforming the Government Higher Primary School, Bytrayanpura walls. The spot beautification drive took a team of 51 volunteers, 7 hours of steady work and some great ideas to finish this task. Shilpites have been collaborating with the Government school on various projects over the year. 
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Vidyashilp Academy is happy to celebrate the success of Divya Kishore earning "India Topper Award" recognition through CAIE for Art and Design.

Congratulations, Divya.

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Vidyashilp Academy is happy to celebrate the success of Susannah Alexander earning High Achievement recognition through CAIE for Environment

Congratulations, Susannah.

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Vidyashilp Academy hosted a cybersecurity program for higher grade students and educators conducted by @kpmgin. The workshop offered an interactive session focussing on cybersecurity and safety. The session aimed at educating about the importance of cybersecurity, phishing and cyberbullying. The topics included social media responsibility, online identity protection, cyberbullying, online gaming and cyber threats which can affect teenagers. The workshop taught students valuable lessons on how to stay safe online and how they can champion the protection of their own personal data and online security.

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At Vidyasagar Preschool, your child receives an equal opportunity to nurture and hone a diverse range of skills, with a carefully crafted combination of age-appropriate interactive experiences.

Registrations Open for 2019-2020

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Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore has been ranked as one of India’s top 10 Co-ed Day schools in the country. The annual Education World 2018-19 survey of India's schools of excellence has ranked the school, 8th in the country and 3rd in the state & city-wide ranking column. The ranking process grades over 1000 schools of India on 14 parameters - academic reputation, faculty competence, leadership quality, sports education, etc. The survey result is a recognition for those schools who have done exceedingly well in the fields of education.

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A five-member team from the Ivory Coast recently visited Vidyashilp Academy for a cultural interaction, as part of extended learning to a research project in Africa. It was conceptualized after a parent Mr. B.L.Naveen Raju -  Hon. Consul of Republic of Ivory Coast (Bangalore) expressed his keen desire to facilitate a cultural interaction between the students and Ivory Coast. The interaction gave an opportunity to broaden the knowledge base and learning in a multicultural environment and to give a rich understanding of Ivory Coast culture and heritage and also an understanding of adjoining areas in Africa such as Egypt, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, and others. 
Frequent cultural exchange programs at Vidyashilp Academy facilitate new ways of learning, ability to adapt and to be a part of a whole new world experience, with various cultural contexts and opportunities for social services. The students experienced new language and culture understanding of global issues and insights.
Vidyashilp Academy celebrated Ganesha festival in an eco-friendly manner in collaboration with a Government Higher Primary School, Amruthahalli, Bangalore. Grade 6 & 7 students visited Government school and were taught to make eco-friendly Ganesha with the help of clay and other recycled products. Making a difference in a meaningful way, the workshop was conducted where the students created their own idols by adding seeds of medicinal plants in clay molds. The message of the workshop was to help drive home green practices. The whole effort was to return to the traditional way of celebrating the festival in a pollution free environment.

#EcofriendlyGaneshaFestival #Shilpites #VSA
Celebrations, Cheers and Chortles engulfed the school auditorium as Teachers' Day celebration received its due attention.

Educators completing a decade, a decade and a half, two decades positioned proudly on the dais holding their trophies dearly. Indeed a proud moment and inspiration for the educators awaiting their turn.

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We invited one of the farmer families from Gujarat, who made the school uniform, to talk about the hard work that goes into bringing food & clothes to the market.


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