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Born, raised, and living in Stockholm (Sweden), I'm now 19 years of age. Writing, Photographing, and much more. Contact:

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Frosted morning.
"Every human is a universe..." Ponton Number 3, 2017, out a couple of days ago. The last page. 
Ponton is a quarterly swedish literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, and art from ages 14 to 21. If you write in Swedish, or translate into Swedish, or think Sweden needs to be exposed to more languages, submit your creations, let them be earthly or heavenly! #writing
This is Ms. ... She needs a name, anyone?
After much work writing, editing, and sketching; here it finally is: The Sculptors of our Lives; an essay about graduation from high school and life; and then beyond, searching its way to the stars where we all might one day reside one way or another. Link in bio, then scroll down to latest and there you will find it.
One of the illustrations for a post hopefully to be published today, if I just manage to finish one last illuatration. #art Website in bio.
8th of July, 2017. I'm back up close to the National Park where I, @rymdnisse, and @daniel.jutterstrom journeyed away from civilisation a few weeks ago. Now in a slightly more modern house with both water, electricity, and roads. Though, I miss the silence and the temporary loneliness of the isolated cabin. On the road to the cabin where I am now, reindeers wandered over the road at times. Meanwhile, on another note, I'm questioning myself whether or not I should edit my photographs and if so in what way. Photo manipulation for trickery I will never do; only for art and detailing when it is done with that. But white-balance, contrast, brightness, and tonal range (I think it is called) are edits that I sometimes do. Yet I want to stay true to what I saw. Disclaimer: This photo has slight edits in white-balance, contrast, brightness, and tonal range. #reindeer #sweden #road #animal #nature
Fulufjテ、llet (7): Our final destination for the first day was Mテカrkret. A small village, barely that, just outside the national park Fulufjテ、llet. Once we had arrived to the hostel we walked outside and I felt the fresh air rush down my lungs. The wetness hung in the air slightly. We walked without our cameras, merely having a look around at the forlorn place we had travelled to. Only a couple of houses stood around a lake with a boat and some electricity-lines. Beyond that merely a road ran through and the echoes of mountains far away. We first walked in one direction without cameras, but soon turned when paths toward the mountain laid before like paths laid out in forests for the lone wanderer to take. So we journeyed back to the hostel. But on our way, just behind us, as I turned the corner of a abandoned house with curtains ripped and torn and locks on the doors, a fox sat and looked at me. I waved at the others who were behind as the fox trotted away slightly but then stopped again and sat studying us. We fumbled with our hands as if with hope that a camera would appear. But we were left naked. And the fox trotted further into the forest were it once more sat studying us through the light dew on the grasses. After standing in the forest for a few minutes, eyeing around between the trees and the branches and the grasses after the fox, we wandered back to the hostel and got our cameras and went out again. We walked up a path which gave us some altitude. It looked to have been driven on by large trucks or construction-machines. We walked up slightly and looked out over the landscape in front of us. With nothing but forest and a few houses. And the silence laid around us like the light dew on the grasses. With a faint ringing in the ears as though a remembrance of the loud noises of the city. #adventure #canon #forest #fulufjallet #landscape #narrative #story #sweden #travelling #wilderness
Fulufjテ、llet (6): For our first night away from home, we stayed in Mテカrkret. Translated from Swedish to English: Darkness. (More in next post.) #adventure #afternoon #blackandwhite #canon #climb #clouds #dalarna #darkness #evening #forrest #fulufjテ、llet #hiking #horizon #landscape #mountains #nature #photography #sky #sweden #travelling #trees #view #village #wilderness
Fulufjテ、llet (5): Once we had arrived to Mora in middle-west Sweden, a bus ride followed. I sat down at the bus terminal and with the cloth holding my hair up and the knowledge that my big pack was behind me where I sat on the floor, gave me a feeling of being a true traveller. Someone who stood out in the crowd; in contrast to those who took the bus to perhaps get home or get to work. We sat and stood there like three odd ones out. And I wonder what thoughts and ideas went through those around. We put our backpacks in the storage compartment beneath the bus and got on it and sat down in the far back. And the an hour and a half long bus ride down a fairly lonely road begun. At some point Daniel (@daniel.jutterstrom) moved his head down like a ranch-owner and let the shadow from it cover his eyes as he rested. And I took this photograph. One of my favourites from the journey. #photography #art #visualstorytelling #story #adventure #bright #bus #canon #canoneos #color #cowboy #dalarna #friend #fulufjテ、llet #hat #human #light #man #portrait #resting #shadow #sleep #sweden #travelling #vertical #vintage #window
Nine hours. Walking to the cabin we窶囘 live in; isolated. Now, tired, thirsty. With our legs and backs aching from the weight of our packs. We saw the cabin beyond the hill. We felt our tired hearts lift. Our final steps echoed in the silence of the mountains. @CanonNordic #LiveForTheStory
Fulufjテ、llet (4): The train was about to leave. Soon, any second now, we thought as we sat talking while more people stepped on the train. The second man, Daniel (@daniel.jutterstrom) sat looking out the window looking very thoughtful. #blackandwhite #underexposed #exposure #canon #dark #fulufjテ、llet #gloomy #human #looking #man #observing #portrait #resting #sj #stockholm #stockholmcentral #sweden #thinking #thoughtful #train #trainstation #window #photography
Fulufjテ、llet (3): Once at the train station we unpacked our heavy bags out of the car trunk. And just before we put them on our backs and walked to the train with people eyeing us curiosuly, Nils Sテカdernman (@rymdnisse), the first traveller, took Daniel's (@daniel.jutterstrom) cowboy-like hat, coal black in the sunlight, with only the edges flaring as the sun shone down. He put it on his head and smiled a held-back smile as I raised my camera.

#blackandwhite #blur #canon #city #eye #face #people #fulufjテ、llet #hat #life #man #outdoors #portrait #stockholm #stockholmcentral #sweden #urban #photography #photograph