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17 July 2018. Journeying on the roads outside of Tromsø.
13th of July, 2018. View over fields shortly after liftoff from Arlanda Airport some distance from Stockholm in Sweden. The lands are very dry. It hasn't rained much in many weeks, and forest fires aren't too uncommon, some days one wakes up to a faint smell of burning afar. Some trees are already turning orange and yellow as though autumn has come.
14th of July, 2018, Telegrafbukta, Tromsø, Norway. An old, traditional fishing boat rests on a sand and stone beach on the southern most point of Tromsø called Sydspissen. A bird momentarily sails past and a sailing boat roams solemnly and quietly on the water in the soft, calm wind. The city of Tromsø, with a population of just over 75,000 people, lies surrounded by mountains far in the far north of Norway and Scandinavia. The sea encircles the island with its salty clear water. The mountains appear as a backdrop in the city as an almost magical and unreal layer of sight. So magnificent it at times appears unreal. 
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19th of February, 2018 in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. 
The frigid snow is everywhere; making a two meter high barrier in places between the train station and the view out over the city. The little sign saying the name of the station rests with its legs in the snow, and its letters peeking forward in the downward tilting snow. The train is soon about to leave. As I wait, I compose Örnsköldsviks kyrka (church) against the sky and with the snow before it. This is one of the resulting photographs. 
This year there came incredible amounts of snow in parts of the country, among those, Örnsköldsvik. The city is located along the High Coast of Sweden, on its eastern coast along the Baltic Sea. With rigorous mountains reaching toward the sky it is a dramatic scenery to behold.
18th of June, Stockholm, Sweden. On a road next to Humlegården, a park in Stockholm were among other things Kungliga Biblioteket (The Royal Library) is located, a woman with a red handbag glaring brightly in the evening sunlight walks past. 
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18th of June, 2018. On Drottninggatan in Stockholm people walk along the street, some hurriedly, some more slowly, in the evening light shining in between the buildings. At times people stand with signs pointing potential customers in the right direction to their services, stores or restaurants, meanwhile shops and commercials line the street. Drottninggatan is easily recognizable with its white tiles running along it.

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18th of June, 2018. Three taxi cabs wait outside Sture Gallerian in Stockholm, Sweden, as the day slowly turns to night; with this part of the world, of northern Europe, rotating into the brief darkness of the night. The time of sunset in Sweden varies between north and south with four hours. In Stockholm the sun does disappear during the summer, but only barely. Once beyond the horizon, it returns less than a handful of ours later during the night. The light turns golden and serene in mid-june in Stockholm at around five pm and disappears at around 10 or 11 pm. On this monday, the city of Stockholm and the people in it bathed in this serene light and serene warmth.

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12th of March, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden. @michaelgojpiano #michaelgojpiano
16 march, 2018. A woman walks up a staircase opposite of T-Centralen in Stockholm as the clear, blue sky shines overhead. Yet the chill of the winter lingers on into march.

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30th of March, 2018. Stockholm, Sweden. 
A view out over part of Stockholm as the remnants of snow and ice still lingers on the ground and on the water.

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30th of July, 2017: The High Coast, Sweden.

#CaptureDedication This photograph is truly special to me because of the light that was this evening. We were going back to the place we were staying at along the High Coast of Sweden just by where my grandmother spends a lot of her summers and where she grew up. And as we came out of the meadow seperating the farms from the village, I saw the light glow this golden. First I saw it dance in a tree with a hundred or so craws. I "jumped" out of the car, and made pictures in the sinking sun. The crows flew away soon in a ravage, but the quiet field, with haybales spread out, remained in the stillness. A farmer was, however, during the day carrying them away with a tractor to dry in the barn. And this dryer in the barn, during all our stay,  hummed during the day. But now, if I recall correctly, in the sunset, it was quiet and the field and landscape laid bathed in the serenity. And the haybales laid safe under yet another warm, bright night; not bright of stars mostly, but of the sun that just barely sets during summer the farther north you get.