Villa Kitty cares for the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. Join us so we can continue to help Bali’s feline hcommunity. Visitors welcome

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Kevin came along to adopt two kittens. He brought his dad, a wonderful cricketer, opening batsman, his beautiful mother from Costa Rica, and her friend and her son, Guy. This was a special day. Serious business adopting your first ever feline siblings but Kevin went at it like his dad facing the fastest bowler everrrr, he didn’t flinch, he watched the ball and played it as late as possible. Kevin chose Ozzy and Orsola... and the crowd when crazy! Yes, no, yes... a six! Oops but he hit an illegally parked car! Haha no Kevin didn’t but his dad sure did! These kittens have headed off to a wonderful life with Kevin and his beautiful mother and fabulous cricketer dad! Thank you Kevin! #villakitty #kittens #cats #love #bekind #giftsthatgive #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #dotherightthing #drivewithcare Please support our work
I don't think anything upsets me more than when people are at the end of their tether because the people who own/manage their accommodation say the kittens they have rescued cannot stay. They then pass their frustration on to us when we say we're full and cannot take in any more cats BUT we can help in other ways! 
It's not what they want to hear and say "well, I'll have to put them back on the street." The "them" are kittens they've rescued
This week has been one of the toughest for reasons I really cannot explain. Sometimes you just don't have the inner fortitude to battle against those who do not see animals as sentient beings. 
I am not a wallower but I do need to pick myself up and give me a slap because I now have a mother cat and her five kittens who desperately need a home as they are being threatened with 'eviction". Please if anyone can help, we would be very grateful. 
Villa Kitty is unable because we have 247 cats and kittens 
This past week we've had seven cases of Panleukopenia and we've lost two of our beautiful babies to this vicious horrible virus in the last five days. The stronger kittens can survive but our tiny ones have no hope. 
We cannot take this mother. Her immunity will be low since she has been feeding five babies. 
PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEARTS... Give her and her children a home, even a temporary one. Please support our work caring for Bali’s feline people #villakitty #cats #giftsthatgive #love #community #support #adoptdontshop #compassion #stopthecruelty #bekind #ubud #bali #drivewithcare
Of course we are always receiving messages for help with cats and kittens but this message came through from a group called  Bali Pet Guardians which is an amazing group of students from the BALI island school BIS in Sanur. 
The group was formed to help stray cats and is headed up by a wonderfully community minded student, Laura Salens.
One of their teachers is helping also and he wrote to us. 
As we are unable to help and as it’s just for a short time we asking your help please. 
Dear Villa Kitty staff, 
I am a teacher at Bali Island School and am working with a secondary student who has been helping rescue and re-home several cats. 
She has them vaccinated and sterilised and we can not find homes for these ones in the images. 
We were hopeful that Villa Kitty would be able to re-home them temporarily until they find their forever home. 
Thank you very much, talk to you soon. 
Sam Watson
PYP PE Teacher - - P: ‪+62 361 288770‬

Please if you live in the Sanur area or surrounding areas would you help with this project. These students deserve our support.
Villa Kitty Christmas gift ideas. Our new BYO wine and beer bags are made from recycled Royal Canin Dryfood bags and are sturdy enough for two bottles of wine or two tall beers or even a 1/2 dozen tins! Our sarongs, tshirts and kimonos can be gift wrapped up in these special baskets to make them an even more beautiful present. And of course this is a giving gift! You’re helping us care for the lives of Bali’s cats and kittens. Check our gifts at AKREA in Sanur or UBUD or visit us and our feline family at @villa_kitty_bali We’d love to meet you and our cats would love a cuddle. Think of it as Christmas therapy! lower your stress today CUDDLE A CAT or 249! Thank you to all our friends and best wishes for a very merry Christmas AND a happy Galungan & Kuningan holiday too! We will be busy. #villakitty #holidays #love #compassion #cats #kittens #giftsthatgive community #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare PLEASE help us care for the lives of Bali’s cats
It’s been a difficult week to say the least so here a photo or two our our darling ‘sight impaired’ possibly mildly brain damaged Hepzibah to bring smiles to your faces. 
Hepzibah keeps challenging her boundaries everyday. She no longer spends her days in the safety of her ‘accommodation’ built by our fabulous Pak Gading. She wanders around my home which as you may know is attached to Villa Kitty and houses a number of our cats and foster kittens and four of our dogs. She is not worried by any of them as she follows the voice of Ibu Ketut, our ‘house mother’ and my voice. I have been surprised by her presence at my feet as I walk from the kitchen to my haha ‘office’, skipping along. She is secure with us. We don’t know how she would react to an adoption as there are times when she gets a fright and bites and scratches but she is quickly calmed. Hepzibah loves visitors so please ask for her by name. #love #catswithdisabilities #villakitty #kindness #compassion #community #socialiseimmunisesterilise #support #adoptdontshop #kindnesscostsnothing #kittensofinstagram #drivewithcare Please support our work
Have you heard of “squamous cell carcinoma in cats”? I hadn’t until this morning. This horribly painful looking wound on Tierney’s ear is this cancer. We have discussed with Drh Wulan from @sunset_vet_ and we have agreed that unless they hear from other vets they are conferring with Tierney will have to have her ear removed to remove the cancer. Will someone still want to adopt this BALI kitten? Tierney with just one ear will still be beautiful. Tierney with just one ear will still be playful and sweet. Please consider adopting her and maybe her little friend Tilly who’s waiting for her to come home from hospital. Please support our work caring for the lives of kittens just like Tierney and ADOPT a cat today #villakitty #cats #kittens #kittensofinstagram #adoptdontshop #love #socialiseimmunisesterilise #kindnesscostsnothing #socialisewithkindness #community #support #ubud #bali #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare
Halle Berry and Ridley! Who says cats and dogs don’t get along! Well it’s true in one sense, most of our cats don’t like Halle because she’s a prize Hctib and most of our dogs don’t love  Ridley because she’s an annoying little pest! #villakitty #cats #dogs #love #patience #kindness #compassion #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #steriliseyourcats #drivewithcare  please support our work
We’re always thinking of ways to amuse our @villa_kitty_bali resident cats, those darling ones who aren’t top of the pops in adoptions. We save our Whiskas junior boxes and make hide and seek boxes for the little ones but when showing the staff today our fave FabJS popped in to show how even bigger cats just love boxes no matter what the size. FabJS you bring us so much happiness. Thank you Lisa and Maddy for rescuing him that fateful day in January! #FabJS #JOY #love #cats #kittens #JonSnow #who #villakitty #celebrity #adoptdontshop #community #support #villakitty #compassion #respect #socialiseimmunisesterilise #kindness #ubud #bali #kindnesscostsnothing #sterilkucing #steriliseyourcats #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #drivewithcare Please support our work
Dariya! You did it! You snuggled up to this lovely mother and daughter and they agreed you were to be their feline family! Thank you! Long live love and kindness to all sentient beings. #villakitty #kittens #love #adoptdontshop #justdoit #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #steriliseyourcats #savelives #ubud #bali #togetherwecan #standwithus #drivewithcare PLEASE support our work
What a fabulous group of students from HONG KONG who chose to visit @villa_kitty_bali on the recommendation of fab friend @act4balidogs Ebony! 9 delightful students and their teacher spent the day with us learning about our work and socialising with our cats and kittens. These young people also donated Rp3 million raised in just 3 days to help us with our work caring for the lives of Bali’s cats. Memories are made of these days and give us hope for the future. Thank you to each and everyone. It was a very happy day. #villakitty #hongkong #proudparents #love #kindness #fortheloveofcats #compassion #respectforallsentientbeings #community #support #ubud #bali #socialisewithkindness #steriliseyourcats #justdoit #dotherightthing #commitment #socialiseimmunisesterilise #drivewithcare Please support our work
And then at 8 o’clock last night... another FOUR kittens so skinny and sooo hungry found by all time nice kid, Ariya, his dad and cousin! Having no idea what to do they started asking around and were told about @villa_kitty_bali. But here’s why we think Ariya is a going to be a kind adult. He asked his dad if they could foster even though they will only be in Ubud for another 10 days. This will help us  greatly. They left with food, bedding, litter trays and one of those fabulous playpens people have donated. They’ll be back in two days for us to worm the kittens and our vets can check their progress. Thank you Ariya and family for caring about these little orphans. #villakitty #kittens #orphans #family #community #support #kindnesscostsnothing #earlychildhoodlearning #love #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #dotherightthing #compassion #steriliseyourcats #responsibility #adoptdontshop #justdoit #ubud #bali #drivewithcare Please support our work
Eight kittens arrived yesterday. It started as a clear swap. Our friend and pretty amazing foster mum would take three or four of our kittens already on our vaccination program and we’d take Sophia and Rio’s little beach rescues. Before they arrived our good friend, Yande, arrived with two wee ones found on the side of the road, then Rebecca and her ‘kitchen cupboard’ kitten, (that’s another story), then Ruth and her sickly baby who is now in our hospital nursery, and two more. The last two kittens were just born. They were beyond our help. We had to agree that euthanasia was the kindest thing we could do. And sadly two of our beautiful boys who were so joyously adopted a week ago had to be returned due to a family emergency. So my decision based on a friend fostering three of our sweetest kittens so we could take Sophia’s two went horribly westward! However THANK YOU to everyone who rescues kittens. Your actions have saved them a horrible slow death on the streets of BALI. Now we just need community support to adopt to families who know the  benefits of having cats in their homes. #love #cats #villakitty #kittens #compassion #socialiseimmunisesterilise #steriliseyourcats #adoptdontshop #justdoit #socialisewithkindness #thankyou #community #support #ubud #bali #changingbadhabits #kindness #drivewithcare PLEASE support our work