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Villa Kitty cares for the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. Join us so we can continue to help Bali’s feline community.


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The drama didn't end last night with the rescue of Galib! I am not sure if I mentioned I thought I'd heard a faint meow while I was driving into town to feed cats last night. It's not the first time a kitten has climbed up under my car and as I'm driving I hear a meow. I turned the radio off and then nothing. 
On the way home I heard it again so I drove steadily home thinking if I stopped the kitten could run. The meows had stopped but as I pulled in I saw a cardboard box and knew someone had dumped a kitten or kittens. 
That's when I saw the black and white kitten blot up on our wall. It took us close to three hours to rescue him. 
NOW! Early this morning I think I'm hearing things again. It's not meows from our Nursery. They're all still asleep. I call to our night shift staff and with their help we pull out from inside the underneath of my car this tiny kitten. 
He is just 8 weeks old and so unbelievably traumatised. He NEEDS a loving home. A foster home, at least! (And a G-name too)
Please good people of Bali we need your support. This tiny baby will need a lot of care. Could you imagine staying under a car for four hours, taking a bumpy trip into and out of Ubud? 
Who takes these babies from their mothers and tosses them out! The sign says bring them in! We will receive them and again you may get a tongue lashing from me but you will still be alive! The action of the person who dumped these kittens in my parking area almost caused their death. 
The writing is on the wall. We need a box for kittens to be placed in instead of dumping them in cardboard boxes and leaving it to fate if we find them before the fall in the river or lose their life under my car. God forbid that I could have caused their death. 
#villakittybali #stopthecruelty #cats #allsentientbeingsmatter #compassion #love #communitysupport #ubud #bali #dosomethingwonderful #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK https://villakitty.com
We found him! Almost three hours later! I heard a faint meow and alert our night shift guys. He was hidden above our heads, we were looking down into the hole and he was on top of the ledge, so close to the river! He was completely covered in vine. I was able to grab him by the back of his neck while the guys pulled at the vines. He is in shock but we hope he’ll recover. Last day of G-week. Got any ideas for a name for this brave little man? Can’t be Gerry or Geronimo, though that would have been perfect. Nor Gabor or Gethin.  Thank you to everyone who sponsors @villa_kitty_bali because without your support we wouldn’t be able to have these great staff to help me the minute I say ‘I heard a meow’!!! Thank you to all our afternoon shift who spent time after finishing to keep up the search and to our night shift guys whi jump to when we needed them. Long live Bali cats #villakittybali #cats #kittens #love #rescued #communitysupport. #ubud #bali #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
The sign says PLEASE DONT TOSS KITTENS OUT! PLEASE BRING THEM IN! What is so difficult to understand about this. We will accept them. You may get a tongue lashing from me but that won’t kill you! What will get killed or die because you toss them out in my carpark are these tiny kittens! As I arrived home tonight to a tiny kitten that ran from our staff and we think down a Aloo hole! A monitor lizards home!!! Because we live near a river! YOU CAUSED THIS! it doesn’t have to be this way. You could have brought the kitten in. Our staff would have accepted it without a word! It’s now 2 hours and there is no sign of the kitten. It was a baby! When will the cruelty stop! #villakittybali #kittensarebabies #kittens #allsentientbeingsmatter #stopthecruelty #ubud #bali #compassion #communitysupport #stop #compassionforallbeings #felinebalinese #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
Four little kittens left on the side of the road! By their miserable mother? Oh nooo! By some miserable human. Thank goodness for humans who will not leave them to fend for themselves. And how could they? They need bottle feeding. Please do not listen to anyone who will tell you their mother is coming back. If they are in a public area she has not placed hem there. Please do not wait a night longer because the longer you leave them out in this weather the less chance of survival they have even when we feed them the best Wombarooo cat milk replacer and keep them warm and cleaned. VILLA KITY NEEDS FOSTER FAMILIES! Please come in and see how you can help. #villakittybali #cats #kittens #compassion #forallbeings #socialiseimmunisesterilise #ubud #bali #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK https://villakitty.com
Hedy Lamar has two boyfriends. Cartier and Quincy Jones. She snuggles with them often BUT never at the same time. However as I lay sick on my bed yesterday I noticed the sway in the canopy of my mosquito net was larger than normal. Well, they know about each another, so why hide it, she said. What do they call this?!! These three have been friends for four to five years now. Cats are a beautiful distraction to the woes of the world. Come and adopt a @villa_kitty_bali kitten or cat today and leave the woes of the world behind even if for a moment. #villakittybali #cats #love #compassion #allsentientbeingsmatter #ubud #bali #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
I’m just so damn good looking. (Umm not my words! She who writes these posts says this to me all the time) However, handsome is as handsome does and I’m as sweet as any feline Balinese you could ever meet. I was relinquished because my family left and didn’t find me a home before they left. It hurt. I felt abandoned but I’ve worked through it with the staff at @villa_kitty_bali and they’ve helped me to feel self worth again.  So please if you come to adopt me please don’t leave me in a shelter again. I want to have a family I know will love me forever. And you do know my forever isn’t as long as yours #villakittybali #cats #honesty #integrity #foreverhome #love #compassion #communitysupport #ubud #bali #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
Big male and black. What’s not to love about this beautiful boy. He’s fully vaccinated and sterilised. Ask for him by name. It’s Helong. In any language it means love. Because he will love you if you give him a home of his own with a family who will never relinquish him again. #villakittybali #cats #love #compassion #family #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #balicats #ubud #bali #communitysupport #drivewithcare Please Support Our Work https://villakitty.com
What did you do on Valentine’s Day 2018? I think Eva & Sophie will remember this one for sometime to come. They turned up at Villa Kitty and said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re here to give some kitties cuddles!’ AND that’s just what they did for two to three hours. They cuddlesd and played their way through from our retirement village to the quarantine building, going room to room, changing their gowns and washing their hands between each room! Following protocols to a T! And having a fine time. Thank you, Eva and Sophie, our staff said you were the best! Even better than Roses and Chocolates! #villakittybali #cats #love #kittens #communitysupport #adoptdontshop #socialiseimmunisesterilise #compassion #kindness #fun #happy #calm #healing #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
Xoan is suffering. She was adopted and returned when her adopter was leaving Bali. For 12 months she’d lived like a princess in a lovely apartment. Sadly the adopter didn’t have her vaccinated or sterilised So for her first month with us Xoan had to be separated. We have tried to integrate her slowly but she’s very timid with all our other cats so we’ve moved her into one of our boarding rooms where we will try to introduce her to another kitten for company. She’s a sad little girl who is so confused at being left behind. We understand that there are many reasons that people cannot take their feline family with them but if this is the case when adopting try to socialize your cat so that moving into a shelter, IF a new family hasn’t been found, is not so traumatic. AND IF you are looking to adopt a sweet little girl who truly will respond to kindness Xoan is your kitten. She is now fully vaccinated and sterilised. Please support our work VACCINATE & STERILISE your cats! #villakittybali #cats #kittens #communitysupport #compassion #kindness #love #ubud #bali #socialiseimmunisesterilise #iaminbalinow #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
Hey! Where’re you going?!! Who’s going to cuddle us? No! We’re not needy, we just love cuddles. Don’t you? Oh and a game! Maybe a little chat! We love to chat! We Bali cats after all!  Come and visit! Oh and if you’d like to adopt us that would be the highlight of the day! Our lives! A family of our own! Sigh, a family of our ooownnnn! Sigh! #villakittybali #kittens #fun #cats #love #compassion #adoptdontshop #socialiseimmunisesterilise #ubud #bali #communitysupport #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
Quade says ‘sterilising the cat population on Bali will not eliminate cats from Bali, it will control the large number of homeless cats who die painful deaths from starvation and being hit by speeding vehicles’ Quade says ‘since I’ve been sterilised I don’t need to go out ‘Tom-catting’ and I still love to play and have fun’. Quade is a smart feline. He’d be happy to give you some more tips! #villakittybali #cats #socialiseimmunisesterilise #communitysupport #love #compassion #growabrain #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com
A mother and her six babies were brought to Villa Kitty from a hotel in Sidemen because the hotel staff said they’d ‘remove’ the kittens if the guests didn’t take them. How extremely cruel and stupid. With six more unsterilised cats to add to the population (that is, of course, if they lived because the mother would not receive food) would this be the answer? How many times must this act of cruelty be done before people realize that they achieve nothing but pain and suffering. And if they are worried about the environment would it not be smarter to feed them rather than have these cats killing Bali’s bird life? Well, those birds that are not in cages! When tourism means cruelty to the local residents, which ever sentient, then perhaps it’s not the peace love and happiness destination it’s presented as being? Living together in harmony isn’t just about humans! #stopthecruelty #villakittybali #growabrain #communitysupport #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #cats #kittens #mothersofallspecies #love #compassion #drivewithcare https://villakitty.com