Villa Kitty cares for the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. Join us so we can continue to help Bali’s feline community. Visitors welcome

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Thank you to this very caring couple who rescued Lelawah from the middle of the road near the Hanging Gardens resort in Payangan and then paid a donation enough that we could put Lelawah on the Sunset Vet-Villa Kitty vaccination program. Our @sunset_vet_bali bill has risen again to Rp27 million. We pay it off little by little as we have funds but it is ever increasing when we have emergencies that are not able to be done @villa_kitty_bali With just three vets and 226 cats and kittens you can see our need for the support given to us by Sunset Vet and for your financial support. Thank you, Marilou, and to all those who support our Sunset Vet vaccination program. And thank you Sunset Vet for your support. Please share so others know to do this. #villakitty #sunsetvetbali #cats #kittens #community #support #givealittle #lovealot #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #drivewithcare please support our work
Another FIVE kittens arrived  @villa_kitty_bali last night and more calls for help with kittens needing refuge this morning. Villa Kitty’s capacity is 130-150 and last night with the 5 new arrivals our total cats and kittens rose to 226. Our resources just will not cope with this. What do I mean by resources? Yes, financially we are struggling BUT our staff numbers just are not enough to care adequately with this number of arrivals. It puts the lives of our kittens and cats at risk of viruses spreading with over crowding. We need community support. A few weeks ago I was asked to help get a cat from a long term rented villa. I explained that we just did not have the facility to do this but I gave the person asking for help a clear and simple outline of what they could do. Feed the cat outside their garden area. Up high so dogs can’t get the food. Do this two times a day and once trust has been built catch the cat and bring to sunset vet for sterilisation (others have followed these simple instructions, tourists in Guesthouses have had success doing this) BUT they would need to return to the villa as it was safe there. Just a simple solution and a kind one. At the end of my explanation the person asked me if there was another foundation that could come and take ‘their’ cat!?!! When do people in this community start taking responsibility? If you don’t want cats around support our sterilisation program or that of Bali Pet Cruaaders! I wondered as I left if the educator for the mosquito program was ever asked to ‘come and remove the mosquitos’ and after explaining all the simple measures such as never having stagnant water among other measures, was then asked ‘is there another organisation that can come and remove the mosquitos?’! It is everyone’s responsibility just as we must all ensure no stagnant water! EVERYONES! #villakitty #community #support #takingresponsibility #cats #steriliseyourcats #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #givealittle #lovealot #love #compassion #sterilise #kittens #compassionforallsentientbeings #drivewithcare please support our work
Two tiny 2 1/2 week old kittens arrived tonight. Rescued from the middle of the road in Canggu. Scroll through and see just how many we have in our nursery which is manned by just one vet assistant from 5pm until 7am tomorrow morning. We have no choice other than to receive these tiny ones when the rescuer is leaving the next day. In this instance they are going to Lombok to help over there. With no one to help them in Canggu they sent the kittens to us on a motorbike. This afternoon we received four tiny kittens from the rice terraces in Tegallalang. And in possibly one of the saddest incidents our staff who was feeding the cats we care for in the @museumpurilukisan gardens was meet with the bodies of three tiny kittens placed strategically where we feed. How callous can people get? Until we can all join forces against those who carry out these acts of cruelty nothing will ever change. It is every persons responsibility to stand against the cruelty. It truly doesn’t matter whether you want cats in your villas or not. They will always be there until each and every person starts taking responsibility to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings on this island. These babies and others in our care need fostering. The risk of viruses spreading when overcrowded is high. Please help us reduce the suffering of the feline Balinese. #villakitty #cats #kittens #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #community #support #ubud #bali #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #givealittle #lovealot #kindnesscostsnothing #steriliseyourcats #drivewithcare please support our work
We absolutely love photos of our kittens after adoption! Hamlet was such a darling boy AND now he is over the moon happy with his very own mum and older sister! Life is so much better with cats! #villakitty #adoptdontshop #cats #love #givealittle #lovealot #ubud #bali #steriliseyourcats #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #drivewithcare please support our work
This wonderful family with four gorgeous children adopted Iara-Felin and DanteAlighieri our little pirate boy. They are living in a villa where the owner wrote and told them that she believed the villa would be much better with a couple of cats and to hop over to  villa kitty to choose them!!! Isn’t this just the best news! We will be telling you the name of this villa when it is available for rent in a year or so time! In the meantime Iara-Felin and DanteAlighieri are just as happy as the proverbial piglets not going to the markets! Thank you! #villakitty #cats #happycats #adoptdontshop #love #givealittle #lovealot #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #ubud #bali #drivewithcare please support our work
Adoptions are the happiest time @villakitty! Thank you to this wonderful family and happy happy life ahead for Hailey and Hana-Candi. #villakitty #kittens #adoptdontshop #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #ubud #bali #family #familycompletewithcat #love #compassion #drivewithcare please support our work
Harry aka Mr Magoo is a special needs boy. He now lives in my home, by default but I wouldn’t change this! Last month I could have due to his ‘antics‘ but now? Never.  Harry has a eye ‘deformity’ for ease of explanation. Through lovely New Zealand friends we found out that the operation to correct Harry’s eyelids that cause him to look like Mr Magoo and to see about as much the same, he would either have to be sent to New Zealand or the specialist vet would have to come to Bali WITH his specialist operating equipment. None of this is financially feasible. What we now do is to clean and place an eye cream in his eyes twice a day.  However he does need to sleep in a big cage as harry loves to climb. The problem is he can’t get back down. I have caught him hanging like some rock climbing expert minus the expertise! I have been shocked out of my concentration over the computer by a plaintiff special Harry meowwwwww when he realises there a void below. Prior to his realising he is living amongst friends Harry would size up to every one of my cats irrespective of size or temperament. He coped quite a few wallops and gave back as many. Life in my household was turned upside down with Harry’s arrival. But as everything can be changed with thought, kindness and careful planning Harry has started to understand he is amongst friends. Every cat has a story. Every cat needs to be understood and treated with respect. No different to humans really. Change will happen with love and kindness and a firm Noooo Harry! when necessary! #villakitty #cats #catsofinstagram #socialiseimmunisesterilise #socialisewithkindness #ubud #bali #patience #patienceisavirtue #givealittle #lovealot #steriliseyourcats #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #drivewithcare please support our work
Kim is a young visitor to Bali who has spent much of her time @villa_kitty_bali giving our cats and kittens much needed cuddles and playtime. Yesterday she witness children throwing bottles and stones at this tiny baby! Just 5 weeks old tiny Linton has been hiding around a Warung near her homestay she was told by an old man who had been feeding him. The children thought is was funny watching him run away when they threw the bottles and stones! Where do they learn this behaviour? Who reprimands them for this callous cruel behaviour? No one apparently because this is a cat and has no value! What a sad community that fails to see value in all living beings. Please be part of the change and teach kindness to all sentient beings. This can only make for a better world for all of us. Linton needs a foster family today as Kim is leaving. Please if you can give him a safe home until he has his complete vaccinations we would be most grateful. #villakitty #teachkindness #love #community #support #kindnesscostsnothing #givealittle #lovealot #adoptdontshop #kittens #cats #steriliseyourcats #ubud #bali #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #drivewithcare please support our work
Another rescue! Thank you to Pascal and friend who travelled with this tiny one from Jimbaran. We will do our best and hopefully your tiny girl will one day be adopted into a loving family and lead the life she deserves. We can only hope that one day her mother will be rescued and brought to us for sterilisation and not left to have another litter of kittens stolen from her before they are old enough to be weaned. How tragic a life for the female cats of Bali who go through their pregnancies  only to have their babies stolen! Give a thought to these mothers please and help us to stop this cruelty! It’s pointless and achieves nothing but pain and suffering to these beautiful sentient beings!  Thank you, Pascal, for your generous donation and for bringing her to us. #villakitty #rescued #kittens #cats #mothers #love #compassion #steriliseyourcats #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmuniseserilise #adoptdontshop #community #support #kindnesscostsnothing #givealittle #lovealot #drivewithcare please support our work
This beautiful feline Balinese mother was tied in a rice bag with her five kittens. Rescued by a resident who already had cats and was not able to find anyone to take her in his only option was to bring her to @villa_kitty_bali With every room and cage full we have placed her in one of our boarding homes. This is safer for her and her little ones and she will be cared for by the family who have built these rooms for boarding the cats of people going on holiday, however, they have graciously offer their rooms to us for the overflow from Villa Kitty. We must pay, of course, so donations to villa kitty are used to pay for this. We thank everyone who donates to villa kitty. It is only with your generosity that we can do this. It is also the reason we don’t ask for specific donations for any one cat or operation. Every donation is pooled to pay for all the cats and kittens in our care, for their food, the vaccines, cleaning products, the work our staff do, in fact, everything you can think of that is needed to run a foundation like Villa Kitty. And then more!  We are often short and we send out requests to help us and you dig deeper so thank you again and again. We will do our very best to save the lives and to work towards a change in attitude towards Bali’s feline residents. Thank you #villakitty #cats #mothers #kindness #compassion #love #communitysupport #steriliseyourcats #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #givealittle #lovealot #adoptdontshop #ubud #bali #drivewithcare please support our work
Arrived by GO-JEK! Bringing our numbers to 229 cats and kittens. Please BALI community we need your support. @villa_kitty_bali now has 219 cats and kittens with 12 kittens and cats @sunset_vet_bali and more boarding outside of Villa Kitty and in foster care. We need community support. It is the only way we can continue our work. We truly do not have anymore space and our foster families are now at maximum safe numbers. We will immunise and sterilise the cats brought to us but we need you to keep them safe in your homes. We can only make a difference if we work together. Gotong Royong is the Indonesian expression for working together and we need everyone to step up and help us change the cruelty and pointless practice of tossing out BABIES! Please help us to make this happen. #villakitty #kittens #cats #workingtogether #gotongroyong #communitysupport #kindnesscostsnothing #bepartofthechange #steriliseyourcats #givealittle #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #love #compassion #ubud #bali #drivewithcare please support our work
Tiny Willa-Coconut was adopted recently. Her adopted mum and dad noticed she wasn’t well and brought her back to us immediately. We sent her on to @sunsetvetubud as our vets believed she had a hernia. They were correct. Drh Wulan operated and decided to sterilise her at the same time. They were shocked to find this tiny 6-7 month old kitten was pregnant. The tiny fetuses were dead possibly caused by the trauma that had caused the hernia. This decision saved her life. We cannot  stress enough the importance of keeping your kittens and cats in at night even when they are sterilised. The danger is out there no matter how safe or strong you believe your cats are. Bring them in at 6pm and do not allow them out before 6am. This is also important for the Bali native wildlife. Thank you to Willa-coconuts parents for donating towards her bill. Thank you to sunset vet’s team of compassionate vets and staff.  #villakittybali #steriliseyourcats #adoptdontshop #communitysupport #givealittle #thankyou #kittens #cats #kindnesscostsnothing #ubud #bali #socialisewithkindness #socialiseimmunisesterilise #compassion #compassionforallsentientbeings #staystrong #villakitty #sunsetvet please support our work