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It was a great weekend of racing for Village Volkswagen’s @tomgolden2000!
He got 1st place in the Cookeville Criterium Masters 50+ today in cold rainy conditions and also took 2nd place on Saturday in the Aaron Shafer Memorial Road Race Masters 50+!!!
All of this would not be possible without our great sponsors: @villagevolkswagen  @audichattanooga @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @hincapiesports  @sword  @tacomamachatt @ecpscoaching @communitypie @urbanstack  @mandhgelato @hificlydeschatt @stagescycling @rockymounts @towercommunitybank
Village Volkswagen’s Tom Golden wins the 50+ Masters Oak Ridge Velo Classic Omnium! 🥇
He also got a 2nd place finish in the Masters 50/60 crit in the rain on Sunday!
Great racing this weekend Tom!
Also a big thank you to all of our fantastic sponsors:
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @gossinsurance @tacomamachatt @americanairhvac @hincapiesports @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @mandhgelato @urbanstack @hificlydeschatt
Day 1 of the Oak Ridge Velo Classic and Village Volkswagen is on podiums!
@jdlofgren took 1st while @tomgolden2000 took 3rd in the Masters 50+ TT.
Tom also scored a 3rd place podium in the road race as well and leads all others in Omnium points!  He is racing a rainy Crit this morning and hopefully take the Omnium! 🤞 
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @hincapiesports @rockymounts @stagescycling @Americanairhvac @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword
A great day for our Village Volkswagen junior team at the Oak Ridge Velo Classic!
Charlie Stelly took 2nd and Brady Lawson took 3rd in the Road Race and the Time Trial Junior 9-14 field while Ann Smith took 1st in the women’s TT Junior 15-16 category and 2nd in the women’s road race 15-18 category! We can’t wait to see what these young boys and girls can do in the future!
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @hincapiesports @rockymounts @stagescycling @Americanairhvac @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword
Some action shots of the Masters 40+ Cat 4/5 & Masters 50+ Cat 1-5 Road Race in the foothills of Piedmont Alabama with Tom Golden, Monte Burtis, Scott Thomas, Al Harjes, and Norman Carpenter! 
Thanks to all of our sponsors for letting us have fun racing our bikes representing
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain  @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
A great Spring day at the Piedmont Road Race.  @villagevwcycling @tomgolden2000 finished with a hard earned 3rd place podium in the Masters 50+ Cat 1-5 after some very tough climbing of the foothills of Alabama!
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
A great weekend of multiple types of bike racing for @villagevwcycling! on Saturday, @zanedavis99 got 4th in the Pro/1/2/3 Georgia Tech Brooks Road Race! 
On Sunday, Nick Evenson got a 3rd place podium spot at the TYMBR Black Forest Classic Expert men’s mountain bike race! Shout out to our great sponsors this year! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
A great way to start last weekend’s Tour of the Southern Highlands Stage Race.  @villagevwcycling Parker Stelly won the Time Trial stage and took the yellow jersey in the men’s Cat 4/5 field. 
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
A great day for @villagevwcycling at the Auburn Cycling Classic Road Race! 
In the Masters 45+ men’s race, @tomgolden2000 wins the field sprint and takes the 2nd spot on the podium. 
In the Cat 1/2/3 men’s race Zane Davis took 1st place in the Cat 3 field. 
As always a big thanks goes out to our great sponsors this year! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
Another big day for @villagevwcycling at the Sumatanga Road Race Series #2! 
In the Cat 3/4 men’s race, Scott Schlapman takes the top spot on the podium with Help from @tomgolden2000 and Parker Stelly (who got 4th and 5th as well)!
In the Cat 4/5 men’s race Tim Goodin got 2nd place on the podium with a great leadout by @alharjes ! Great teamwork in both races!  Shout out to our great sponsors this year! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @tacomamachatt @gossinsurance @americanairhvac @towercommunitybank @ecpscoaching @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @urbanstack @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @hincapiesports
1st race of the 2018 season and @tomgolden2000 gets a podium spot at the Sumatanga Cat 3/4 Road Race!  We had a great showing and worked well as a team and brought back attacks, protected our sprinter and got results!
Pro1/2 race underway at our Village VW @rivergorgeomnium crit!!