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And another podium for the weekend. @tomgolden2000 takes 2nd step and the TN state crit at 3 River Rumble!! Or is that third? Or maybe 1st? Either way, great job dude! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Congratulations to Tim Goodin on his FIRST place finish in the 55+ masters field today in Clarksville Georgia. Nice job man!! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Mucho Congratulato to @tomgolden2000 for his 3rd place podium spotto, against a stacked field of massive Russians!! USA Masters Regional Championship 2017 in 'Bama. @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Congrats to @tomgolden2000  5th place finish at Georgia Tech Cycling & USAC weekend today. Smart and powerful move to get into the 2nd lap break to stay away with a group of 10 until the end!  @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Huge congrats to Tim Goodin for his 2nd place finish at a fast and long Union City RR 55+ in Georgia! How many podiums is this for you so far?!?
@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Pssshhhh, what snow? The guys were drilling the climbs on a cold and wet training camp day!! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Rewarding the effort with approx 32 servings of spaghetti. Huge thanks to team members who cooked, served and cleaned! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Beautiful winter riding conditions for the team today in Pigeon Forge TN. Strong group of men showed for the snow and climbing. Many thanks to our sponsors! @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @stagescycling @tacomamachatt @communitypie @clydesonmain @mandhgelato @urbanstack #echeloncyclingandperformance #eastridgebicycles #sterchiconstruction @gossinsurance
Another race, a couple more podiums. Auburn University Road Race. Congrats to Tom Golden for his 2nd place finish in the Masters 40+ category, Tim Goodin with a 3rd place in the 50+ and Scotteh Thomaseh for 5th in the 50+!!! Great job gentlemen, way to keep the podium balls a rollin'!!@villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @mandhgelato @communitypie @clydesonmain @gossinsurance @tacomamachatt @urbanstack  #eastridgebicycles #echeloncyclingandperformance #sterchiconstruction
Looking great in our new @hincapiesports kits and looking strong at ABL hotlaps on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. @villagevolkswagen @audichattanooga  @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @mandhgelato @communitypie @clydesonmain @swiftwicksocks @tacomamachatt @urbanstack  #eastridgebicycles #echeloncyclingandperformance
Great big ol' congrats to Tim Goodin for his 2nd place podium this weekend at The Bill Bone Swamp Classic down in sunny Florida. Hella goodin job riding strong down there with no teammates on hand!! @villagevolkswagen @hincapiesports @rockymounts @stagescycling @sword @mandhgelato @communitypie @clydesonmain @swiftwicksocks @tacomamachatt @urbanstack  #eastridgebicycles #echeloncyclingandperformance
#newkitday here in Chattanooga!! Now that's how you start a Monday. Step 1, take it out the box...
Many thanks to @hincapiesports @villagevolkswagen @tacomamachatt @urbanstack @clydesonmain @communitypie @mandhgelato @sword @stagescycling @rockymounts @swiftwicksocks #eastridgebicycles #echeloncyclingandperformance