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My name is Mechelle Hyatt, I'm a Mom, wife and I LOVE all things vintage. I'm a curb shopper, thrift shop junkie, and I love to sew and create.

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The “morning after” the gathering. #holidaypartycleanup #aftertheparty #christmas
All ready for a evening with old dear friends.
It’s worth a try. #menopause this would be perfect if it said “take with wine”
Twelve days of Christmas glasses. Headed to the booth. I have to admit, it was hard to part with these. #ilovechristmas #vintagechristmas #twelvedaysofchristmas
This never gets old! #ilovechristmas
A huge basket of freshly washed vintage lace makes me very happy! #vintagelace #ilovetosew #sewing #antiquelace
One lonely ornament and a huge mess of cords! The outside is all done, the inside is very slowly getting done. I feel like I have ADHD when I’m pulling stuff out and running room to room to put it in its place! 😂 I start in the living room and next thing I know I’m hanging ornaments and towels in the bathroom! But it’s my favorite holiday. I honestly have enough stuff to decorate three houses or be on an episode of hoarders!
When you tell the dog “No, you can not get on sofa” (because I just washed the sofa covers and put them back on) and he turns around and jumps on the chair your in the middle of putting back together. Guess he showed me. #chocolatelab #lazydog #seniorlabs
Morning coffee and pumpkin pie.
Finally straightened and restocked pillows and smalls in the booth. A few more trips and it will be all done.
Rocky. My work pal today.
My son picked this up for our chickens. It looks like LaFonda. She’s our leader of the pack. This is going on the door into their coop. #backyardchickens