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Huge into food, specifically the making and eating of it 🌿


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So excited to share my All Animals Have The Same Parts campaign I shot with @peta and @peta2. Whether it’s a human, a dog, a pig, or cow, we all have the same parts and all deserve compassion and respect. ——————————————————
I often get asked about veganism and living a plant-based lifestyle, and what I tell people is to not be so hard on yourself. People put a lot of restrictions on themselves and each other when it comes to labels. Making the conscious decision to choose a meal without meat or to buy a vegan cheese at the grocery store is more important and beneficial for yourself, animals, and our planet than trying veganism for a month and giving up completely.
Cloudy with a chance of #KoraTheKleeKai
From last night’s premiere of @truthordaremovie 💙 Love everyone in these photos and many more who aren’t pictured. Go check them out in theatres now! Ticket link in bio 😉 👗 @marthamedeiroslabel @marthamedeirosreal 💁🏻‍♀️ @hairbyashleyh 💄 @jadynngo 💍 @annesisteron
TRUTH OR DARE COMES OUT IN THREE DAYS 💀 Make sure to pre-order your tickets or you will die. Link is in my bio so no excuse, okay love ya 😛
Flyin high bitches :P #KoraTheKleeKai
The most appropriate running attire, for your on-the-go lifestyle. 👟 @pulsespikes feature out now
We survive this only if we trust each other. Truth or Dare coming out in theatres in two weeks, April 13th!! @truthordaremovie #TruthorDareMovie
Something’s not right with Lily on tonight’s episode of @theresidentonfox 🚑 I’ll be answering questions over on their Twitter later today so send in some Q’s! #AskViolett
Assault weapons have no place in schools. Our leaders need to be listening to the American people, especially the young ones. We are the future and we are telling you exactly what we want! Get out, speak up, let’s make that change 👊

Mama brought the snow ❄️
It’s cold as butts here oh hell nah