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@MariaCRC From Virginia Elite to William and Mary to Law School (2nd year) and still getting buckets now that’s something to write about. #vaelite
@plrowley_22 @oneal_jones @samrberlin @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @23thegamechanger @_collinparker7_ @23thegamechanger @jamespeterbutler @actwofive @williamandmary_basketball Absolutely fantastic having Paul Rowley back in the building, we stay together from beginning to infinity #vaelite #virginiaelitefamily
@plrowley_22 @23thegamechanger @grantgolden2 @brycegolden22 Virginia Elite Family we stay connected #vaelite
@23thegamechanger @grantgolden2 @plrowley_22 @ron_alston21 @bigshotsnation @__aboogiee @wgregorits @samrberlin @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @cameron33jackson Proud of Jamison Glover on his graduation from the College of William and Mary #vaelite #vaelitefamily
On this day 2009 I received the worst news possible that my mother had passed, she always told me she would do something that I couldn’t forget. She provided wisdom, knowledge, taught me about loyalty, the understanding of faith, etc. She is my forever Mothers Day I will always love her and miss hearing her voice. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms
@bigshotsnation @grantgolden2 @oneal_jones @legitstats @actwofive @newbalance @jamespeterbutler @__aboogiee @ron_alston21 Virginia Elite 10U VIT Champions #vaelite #virginiaelitebasketball #newbalancebasketball
The process continues #vaelite #virginiaelitebasketball #newbalancebasketball
@ron_alston21 @grantgolden2 @jamespeterbutler @__aboogiee @actwofive @bigshotsnation Very happy to see Virgjnia Elite Alum Grant Golden (Richmond) and Ron Alston (Fairmont State) #vaelite #virginiaelitefamily
@patrick.strite14 @calebfurr @aka_sace8 @grantgolden2 @actwofive @oneal_jones @plrowley_22 @jamespeterbutler @camborghinimercy @camborghinimercy @samrberlin @23thegamechanger @newbalance @newbalancesquad Virginia Elite New Era 2019 #vaelite #vaelitebasketball #newbalancebasketball
@legitstats @prephoopsva New beginning with New Balance Basketball #virginiaelite #vaelite #newbalancebasketball
@grantgolden2 @ron_alston21 @plrowley_22 @23thegamechanger @lestermunson @cameron33jackson @wgregorits @samrberlin Zach Harrell, 2018 Roanoke College Graduate National Society of Leadership and Success, Deans List, Alpha Lambda Honors Society, Bachelors in political science and communications - Congrats to Virginia Elite Alumni we are proud of your accomplishments #vaelite
@oneal_jones @shad_gadson @samrberlin @wgregorits @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @plrowley_22 @ron_alston21 @grantgolden2 NEW ERA Virginia Elite and New Balance Basketball #virginiaelitebasketball #vaelite