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@legitstats @bigshotsnation Great 1st Tryout session today ABSOLUTELY great talent always thankful for the ones who believe in the PROGRAM!!! The Process of Elimination #vaelite 
Session 2 Next week
@wusa9sports @wusa9 @LegitSportStats @SpiderMBB @SaintJamesHoops @BigShotsNation @LegitSportStats Can’t say how proud the entire Virginia Elite family is of Grant Golden and the Richmond Spider Hoop Squad “The next Chapter” #vaelite
A10 Tournament Excitement
@bigshotsnation @hoopgroup @jamespeterbutler @legitstats @ron_alston21 @legitstats @oneal_jones  #vaelite
@23thegamechanger @plrowley_22 @novahoopcast @oneal_jones @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @wgregorits @jamespeterbutler @ron_alston21 @legitstats @bigshotsnation When the past provide a vision for the future that the meaning of a PROGRAM. Can’t say enough of how proud I am of this moment. Truly a Program #vaelite
@legitstats @novahoopcast @__aboogiee @ron_alston21 @jamespeterbutler @mikejanowski @cameron33jackson @camborghinimercy @wgregorits @oneal_jones @actwofive @plrowley_22 @23thegamechanger Congrats to Grant on his A10 selections continued success #vaelite
@cameron33jackson @wgregorits @actwofive @__aboogiee @_collinparker7_ @camborghinimercy @patrick.strite14 @plrowley_22 @23thegamechanger @samrberlin @grantgolden2 @jamespeterbutler @mikejanowski @cpittman_16 @savage_trell1 @jonas.munson @oneal_jones @legitstats @novahoopcast Quality of quantity Congrats Cameron you have set the bar for success and achievement for Virginia Elite, keep up the good work “Wolf or the Sheep” #vaelite
@LegitSportStats @NOVAHoopcast @PrepHoopsVA @drillsandskillsbball @bigshotsnation Virginia Elite Cancel Open Gym. The closure is due to the large number of power outages at schools and downed trees on school grounds, as well as power outages in many neighborhoods.  See you next Sunday for TRYOUTS #vaelite
@jamespeterbutler @ron_alston21 @grantgolden2 @23thegamechanger @legitstats @samrberlin @dianes.talking @oneal_jones @shad_gadson @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @_collinparker7_ @__aboogiee @drillsandskillsbball @bigshotsnation @actwofive @wgregorits @washingtonpost @williamandmary_basketball Congrats to Paul Rowley CAA Scholar Athlete of the Year #vaelite
@jamespeterbutler @ron_alston21 @grantgolden2 @23thegamechanger @legitstats @samrberlin @oneal_jones @shad_gadson @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @_collinparker7_ @__aboogiee @drillsandskillsbball @bigshotsnation @actwofive @wgregorits @washingtonpost @williamandmary_basketball Congrats to Paul Rowley CAA Scholar Athlete of the Year #vaelite
@cameron33jackson @camborghinimercy @samrberlin @shad_gadson @oneal_jones @plrowley_22 @samrberlin @legitstats @23thegamechanger @grantgolden2 @ron_alston21 @jamespeterbutler Congrats to@Cameron Jackson, Wofford, Second Team SOCON #vaelite
@legitstats @camborghinimercy @cameron33jackson @wgregorits @plrowley_22 @samrberlin @oneal_jones @23thegamechanger Congrats to another Alum Will Gregorits, University of Science Philedelphia 
2016-17 All-CACC Second Team
2017-18 All-CACC Third Team
2016-17 CACC All-Academic Team
Philadelphia Area Small College Coaches Association's Sam Cozen Player of the Week (1/8/17)
4x Dean's List Honors. #vaelite