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Seriously, people who poach should be shot.
For those who don’t know what this is about: @TheEllenShow: I’m determined to do something about this. #BeKindToElephants
My new/first tattoo! Man was it painful! .
But it’s beautiful too!
#tattoo #jellyfish #jellyfishtattoo
Cat keeping me company as I struggle through #NaNoWriMo
Was at The Creators Lounge the other night with @michi_todd and Andrew and really enjoyed the hot dog and loaded fries. The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was nice and chill. Too bad they stop making milkshake after 5pm - Nutella milkshake, yum 😋
Waiting for #DearEvanHansen to start. So excited!
Been looking forward to this. Would be the cherry on top of this US trip.
Well here's the #AppleMerch from #1InfinityLoop. The #retro51 pen in black, the mug in black and the Darwin shirt. #applefangirl
Of course I can't be at San Jose without also going to Cupertino to visit 1 Infinite Loop - and buy Apple Merch (photos pending) .
#wwdc2017 #altconf2017
Today was my geeky day. I started out watching the WWDC keynote, followed by completely fan-girl-ing over watching #AccidentalTechPodcast Live. .
#atp #podcast #wwdc2017 #altconf2017
Further #geocaching shenanigans led us to the #PalaceOfFineArts, which looks fantastic in the moonlight
At the Wave Organ, we decided to try #geocaching again
San Francisco Bridge - we were on our way to see the Wave Organ
Then clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl. I didn't care too much for the bread, but luckily Andrew finished it for me.