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Saw this in a Dallas Walmart. Made me want to buy physical movies again, just for those covers.
When you’re on a plane for 16 hours you have to find something to do.

Originally I had scanned @camilladerrico colouring book into the Pigment app, but in the end @procreate was the better app for what I wanted to do.
Also, it creates a time lapse of my progress.

I need to work on colouring skin.
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Commissioned a drawing of my @coterie_of_melb character. Thanks @yojamboo for the super cute drawing!
So close, yet so far... Working(?) at Caffè Macs
At the Muir Woods
Finally have a chance to post trip photos.

First up, Fort Worth Water Gardens.

I nearly ran my iPhone battery dry with all the slow-mo videos I was taking.
Silly photos at Andrew’s sister’s wedding - because that’s what we do ☺️
It’s arrived!
#wancherpen #wancherdreampen #urushi #tamenuri #akatamenuri
Books currently on my bedside table 📚
Afternoon tea ☕️
My new Sailor inks have arrived!
But damn, I still have all those other ink samples to go through first...
#fountainpen #fountainpeninks #sailorinkstudio