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Sophomore Molly Houser signs yearbooks after her English final. “I am so thankful to be done with my first final,” Houser said. “I'm ready for [school] to be over.” Yearbook signing in between tests has become very popular as the school year comes to a close. Photo by Sarah Hensler
Sophomore Emma Watson tries out Color Guard during the interest meeting. “Next year is going to be great!” Watson said. “Getting involved is the best thing anyone can do!” Color Guard is having another interest tryout meeting on Tuesday, May 22. Photo by Mindy Herrod
Junior Cody King was just deemed head of MV Unit for his senior year. “We’re really excited to show everyone some of the cheers we’ve been working on and we’re going to really try to get all of the underclassmen more involved,” King said. King plans to make his senior year the best by taking advantage of every opportunity and making every game an experience. 
Photo by Hannah McClain
Congratulations class of 2017-2018!!!! you did it!!
Sophomore Emma Watson signs a yearbook at the theater picnic. “Saying goodbye to our seniors was sad,” Watson said. “But that’s why everyone want to write something memorable in their yearbook.” Stage Flight Theater hold a traditional picnic at the end of the year; There were games and yearbook signing. Photo by Mindy Herrod
Teachers line up along the traditional rope before a second attempt at the Homecoming Tug of War competition. “I think the teachers needed a little pride taken off their shoulders,” sophomore Ryan Price said. For the first time in school history, the seniors beat their educators, claiming that previously they were tired out from having to compete against the sophomores and juniors before the final match up. Photo by Sarah Hensler
Senior Kylee Love and her teammates celebrate after beating Arapahoe, 4-3, in penalty kicks. “It felt so amazing,” Love said. “I said prayers after prayers after prayers in this game. I was just so grateful for my team having my back always.” Vista will move on to the quarter finals in the CHSAA 5A Girls State Championship. 
Photo by Michael Place
Juniors Brady Kopec and Mackenzie Johnson helped clean up the extra food from the senior sunset. “It was awesome to see all of the seniors come together one last time before their senior year was over,” Johnson said. The senior sunset was 7pm yesterday at Shea Stadium. 
Photo by Julia Kirsch
Seniors from the Class of 2018 take their group photo in the main gym this morning. “Sit tall, smile, and be proud of yourself for all of your accomplishments this year,” principal Mr. Weaver said prior to taking photo. The Class of 2018 is the 15th class to graduate from Mountain Vista. 
Photo by Madison Paul
As a member of Mountain Vista Media, junior Victoria Coffman helps pass out the Aerie Rewind yearbook. “I love seeing how happy people are when we show them all the hard work we put into the yearbook,” Coffman said. MV Media members are very excited for the student body to receive and enjoy the book. 
Photo by Carly Ems
Juniors Ryan Fairbanks and Taber Van Ravensburg enjoy Taste of Vista alongside the pleasant weather. "It's always convenient when the vendors come to us, as it is usually the other way around," Fairbanks said. Thursday's vendor lineup included Anthony's Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, and several more. 
Photo by Brendan O’Keeffe
Juniors Teagan Haberkorn, Emily Huff & Nick Englhard work the DECA booth at Taste of Vista. “We’ve worked really hard to put Taste of Vista together and it turned out really well. It’s a great way to welcome 8th graders to Vista,” said Englhard. DECA runs Taste of Vista every year. 
Photo by Hannah McClain