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Sophomore Carson Hayes prepares meals for the homeless at Urban Peak. 窶廬 find that it is important to volunteer because it offers a different perspective and it窶冱 also important to give back to your community,窶 Hayes said. The meal was prepared at home and brought to the shelter. 
Photo by Harper Boggs
Junior Evan Goodell handles a ball python during Zoology class. "Call me 窶牢nake Man窶,窶 Goodell said. Goodell's favorite snake species is the black mamba. 
Photo by Brendan O'Keeffe
Freshman Annabelle Kiely writes down her ideas during a Mock Trial meeting. 窶廬窶况e improved my public speaking [in Mock Trial] for sure,窶 Kiely said. 窶廨etting up and speaking to adults who know what they窶决e doing as far as law goes helps my public speaking skills.窶 This was the last official Mock Trial meeting. 
Photo by Paige Gerling
Junior Drew Stahl helps take down the banners throughout the main hallway. 窶廬 think it窶冱 fun to look back on all the memories during Wish Week and be able to take apart the decorations that made that week so incredible,窶 Stahl said. Stahl loved being apart of Wish Week and can't wait until next year.
Photo by Jackson Braun
Sophomores Ayden Miller and Wesley Weaver prepare for their DECA state competition. 窶弩e are preparing for our franchise business plan presentation,窶 Miller said. 窶弩e are really excited to go stay at the Broadmoor and compete against other schools,窶 Weaver said. Vista will be competing from Feb. 24-27. 
Photo by Max Hutto
Sophomores Julia Buntin and Christian Tyner talk about the speech Jack Adler gave about the Holocaust. 窶廴y first reaction is that it was really inspirational. It made me think about what窶冱 going on in the world and that people窶冱 viewpoints don窶冲 change that much over time,窶 Buntin said. The English II honors classes have a tradition of listening to the presentation during their unit about the Holocaust. 
Photo by Lizzie Brenneman
Senior Amber Lippincott misses her first period due to poor road conditions. "I was in my neighborhood for 25 minutes and I still got here 15 minutes late," Lippincott said. "Plus, I heard the heater is broken inside and I窶囘 rather sit in my car." All DCSD schools are running a regular schedule.
Photo by Tiara Tambunan
Seniors Janey Galligan, Gino Fornaro and Jack Von Hoene moved their Personal Finance class in to the main hallway. 窶廬t窶冱 really cold in this school, I want to go home,窶 Fornaro said. The teachers were notified that the heaters were broken at 7:08 a.m. this morning. #brrszn 
Photo by Lauren Irwin
Seniors Stephanie Cleverdon and Katie Wright dress up for the 窶廣merican out窶 theme basketball game. "It窶冱 sad that this is the last game, but it been a fun season," Wright said.  Wright hopes the eagles win tonight for the last game of the season.
Photo by Molly Phelan
Junior Gabby Brown wears her blue Wish Week shirt to the finale assembly concluding last weeks festivities. 窶廬 love how the community comes together and how we all work together to grant wishes for the lil窶 guys,窶 said Brown. Brown is excited to see what Vista has in store for the Wish Weeks in the years to come. 
Photo by Hannah McClain
Gabby poses in front of the student body after the total for the money raised during Wish Week was announced. 窶廬t was incredible,窶 Gabby said. The school raised $158,024 for Gabby and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting 21 other wishes and breaking another national record.
Photo by Gabe Barnard
While planning out the meeting for National Art Honor Society, juniors Blake D窶僊scoli and Natalie Horn go over the agenda. 窶弩e are planning out more ways for our art to help around in the community,窶 D窶僊scoli said. NAHS wants to keep spreading the message of how inspiring art can be. 
Photo by Carly Ems