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Senior Bryce Williams takes down and knocks the ball loose out of a Prairie View High School running back during Eagle Madness. “We are just out here playing as hard as we can trying to prove that this is a new team and new year and [showing] the competition what we got,” Williams said. Vista plays next Friday at Ralston Valley to begin the 2018-19 season. 
Photo by Michael Place
Seniors Sam Avrin and Andrea Coe play a game of cornhole during the annual Senior Sunrise. “We wanted to play all the games and see everyone,” Coe said. “It’s a tradition that [Vista] does every year, so we wanted to participate.” Students were greeted with donuts, burritos, and coffee when they arrived.
Photo by Ryan Karsten
Senior Ryan Fairbanks goofs around with his buddies during senior sunrise. "I thought I was going to be late, but traffic on the way to school was great; there were only a handful of cars on the road this morning", he said. The sun rose at 6:15 A.M., much to the excitement of the many seniors in attendance. 
Photo by Brendan O'Keeffe
Junior Madison Paul coaches the new MV Media staffers how to take photos and work the cameras. “The group on the MV Media staff this year is such a great group of people,” Paul said. “It’s getting me really excited for the rest of the school year.” The new MV Media students have been proactive in getting exposure to all of the new things happening at Vista. 
Photo by Hannah McClain
To engage his students, Spanish teacher, Ben Westlund, takes his guitar and classes outside to teach them a song. “There was certainly some target vocab and grammar, but the big teaching point was about stepping outside of one's comfort zone,” Westlund said. The students performed a speaking activity in a “speed dating” format in order to help them adjust to their new peers and the language. 
Photo by Carly Ems
English teacher Elena Paich welcomes her new students into her class. “What excites me most for this year is starting fresh and feeling the excitement of a new year with new kids,” Paich said. Paich looks forward to a great year of creating relationships with all of her new students. 
Photo by Hannah McClain
Social Studies teacher Cory Hawk helps his students in his sixth period World History class set up Google Classroom. “I hope my students recognize that I am more than just the teaching of a subject,” Hawk said. “[I want] to learn as much about Mountain Vista and the students and be involved as much as I can.” Hawk taught at Chaparral High School prior to coming to Vista. 
Photo by Michael Place
Painting a pair of eagle wings in the lower hallway, sophomore, Riley Schwarzkopf, bases the design off of a local coffee shop. “We want it to be like Spur Coffee’s butterfly wings and ‘What Lifts You’ motto, so kids can stand between the wings to take pictures,” Schwarzkopf said. A ‘Greetings from Vista’ painting is also new in the lower hallway that includes representation of past Wish Week kids. 
Photo by Carly Ems
Haley Foster presents her last final as a junior. “Our relationships final was to interview eight people about healthy versus unhealthy relationships and create a presentation more creative than just a poster,” Foster said. “I made a Pinterest board because there are lots of quotes and easier to visualize.” Foster’s last class is watching the movie, “The Dark Night.” Photo by Georgia Lane
Freshman Evan Magill and Griffin Huitt and sophomores Ben Cole and Aiden Smith wear the same shirts to school on accident. “We didn’t plan this I promise” Cole said. The four will be competing in the Final Four of the baseball tournament tomorrow morning.
The masterminds behind the ultimate surprise for English teacher, Jason Fisher, were his freshman honor students: Berit Brookfield, Navya Duggirala and Emma Foster. They raised money to buy Fisher a pair of his dream shoes after they overheard him talk about it in class. "We thought it would be a great idea to give our teacher his dream shoes. He always puts in the effort to make his honors English class a fun time, so giving him this was a super fun surprise,” Foster said. Fisher was surprised to receive a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low Bred’s from his students. 
Photo by Sarah Hammond
Sophomore Molly Houser signs yearbooks after her English final. “I am so thankful to be done with my first final,” Houser said. “I'm ready for [school] to be over.” Yearbook signing in between tests has become very popular as the school year comes to a close. Photo by Sarah Hensler