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Picking Amla Fruit With A Little Help From My Friends
One Amla fruit (Indian Gooseberry) contains 10-30x more (depending on the research) vitamin C than an orange 🍊
#Amalaki #EmbilicaOfficinalis #Rasayana #AntiOxidant #SuperFruit 
Article and recipes for Amalaki coming soon👉Newsletter sign up via link in bio.
📿Rudraksha - More Than a Charming Necklace📿 
The dried seed from the fruit of a forest tree is most popularly used as prayer beads or to form a necklace (mala).
But it's much more than a charming string of jewellery. Keeping rudraksha beads around your chest while you're on the computer or exposed to EMFs (electro magnetic fields) will protect your heart and other vital organs from the health degrading waves that are permeating most modern environments. One of today's epidemics.
Another tool to protect your home is hang a string of rudrakshas down the spine/edge of the four corners of your house. 
Be careful with buying rudrakshas, as there are a lot of fakes on the market now. 
To obtain maximum benefit of wearing rudraksha, allow it to fully touch your body, rather then it dangling as bling over your clothes.
To receive an article with more benefits and uses of rudraksha, sign up to my newsletter (link in bio). #ShivasEye #ElaecarpusGanitrus #HeartHealth #Vaastu
🌿6 Reasons I Could Live In A Neem Tree🌿
1. Prana packed - Ayurvedic texts recommend not to reside in trees at night because most trees emit oxygen only in the day while at night they solely emit C02. There are however only a handful of trees that emit oxygen 24/7. Neem is one of them. 
2. Natural pesticide - neem repels mosquitoes, other pests and bad bacteria. This is why keeping a bunch of neem leaves in front of the house is a tradition in India - to keep out pests, provide an anti-bacterial buffer and allow prana in with the breeze.💨 Or you could just plant a tree outside your house. Or live in one. 
3. The best fresh toothbrushes daily😁 - Neem twigs are still used as toothbrush of choice in India - chew the end of a twig to make a brush, then you have a bitter and astringent, high chlorophyll medicinal toothbrush. 
4. Food source🍃 - neem leaves can be made into many food dishes. Although tasting extremely bitter, my teacher knows someone who lived on neem leaves for 1.5 years. You can cook with the neem wood. 
5. Furniture supply - Neem wood is a beautiful wood that provides medicinal action upon one touching it. This is why it's used to make Ayurvedic treatment tables (Dronis).
6. Village pharmacy - Neem is an essential to have in the first aid kit due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial composition. It is known as "The Queen of the Skin" because of it's calming, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Neem also is an effective blood and liver purifier, it helps reduce fever, diabetes and poisoning. So no need to worry about snakes if you have neem trees around. 🐍 🌿
For more on neem, aka The Village Pharmacy, see "Learn" section in my website. 
#HerbalPreperation #Harvest #TreeHouse #Forage #azadirachtaindica 📷 @r.and.r.creative
Parijata - The Flower of God☀️
Each morning at the first rays of light, the gentle skinny Parijata tree generously drops its highly perfumed, sweet scented orange-stemmed white flowers.
They fall ever so easily.
One small shake of the tree and the flowers shower in abundance to be caught by leaves, hands and floor below.
Generally, when flowers fall on the ground they cannot be offered to Gods. However, Parijata is so auspicious that it is the only flower that can be picked up from the ground, washed, then offered.
Sanskrit: Parijata, Harsinger
English: Night Jasmine
Botanical name: Nyctanthes arbortristis
Nyctanthes = “night flowering.”
Arbor-tristis = “sad-tree” because the flowers loose their brightness during daytime.
THE MYTHOLOGY OF PARIJATA: The Birth of a Celestial Tree ✨
There was a Princess named Parijat who fell in love with Surya (the Sun as a divine Being).
Surya however had a condition before marrying her that she would never turn away from him. Parijat agreed as she could never imagine going away from her beloved.
They married in autumn and timeless love caused winter and spring to fly by.
But then, the first summer for them as a married couple arrived… 🌞
Surya’s power became so immense, it became difficult for her as even nearing him would burn her.
One day at noon, suddenly Surya appeared at her door and Parijat flinched for a second. Becoming angry, Surya’s power knew no bounds and Parijat harmfully wilted.
On coming to his senses, Surya realised his mistake and turned to the Gods (supreme aspects of Being in consciousness) for help. Gods knew how much Parijat loved Surya and they granted her another life as a Tree.
Surya (Sun) and Parijat are not able to meet each other in day light as she still cannot bear his glow and sheds her flowers.
But at night, Surya visits her and so Parijata becomes fragrant again being kissed by Sun.
For MEDICINAL BENEFITS and AYURVEDIC PROPERTIES of my new favourite flower, see article in the Learn section of my website.
#HolyFlower #FlowerMedicine #MyNewDiscovery
🌿Neem: The Tree Packed with Prana🌿
This may be new news to you, but most trees emit oxygen only in the day while at night they solely emit C02.  This is why the Ayurvedic texts recommend not to reside in trees at night. No sleeping in tree houses ?
There are only a handful of trees that emit oxygen 24/7. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is one of them. 🌬 
For much more on neem, aka The Village Pharmacy, see the Learn section of my website.
#HerbalPreperation #harvest 📷 @r.and.r.creative of course
Cool Down with Thin Lassi (Buttermilk)
Whether you drink it in the hot weather or use it as food as medicine. Lassi is one of the best remedies to reduce excess heat and pitta.🔥 Drinking lassi regularly is essential! for an inflamed gut (colitis, crohns), piles/haemorrhoids and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
Lassi is one of the best alkalisers and pro-biotics that effectively hydrates the body. ❄️
Thin lassi is a great way to introduce dairy back into those who have digestively dwindled into a lactose intolerant, (introduce with a pinch of salt after you have corrected agni/digestion).
Lassi is SIMPLE to make.
1 spoon of plain fresh yoghurt in one cup of water. Whisk well and drink (yoghurt: water ratio can be adjusted, but should be thin).
For more on lassi + 3 types of lassi recipes, see link in bio.
*Lassi made from coconut yoghurt does not provide this medicinal qualities. 
#StayCool #SummerDrink #FoodAsMedicine #Takra #LiquidMedicine #Alkalise 📷 @r.and.r.creative
Guggulu (Commiphora mukul)
aka “Pura” = that which is the best amongst all medicines.
An oily latex/gum/resin exuded from a small tree.
Guggulu is prepared with other herbs to form some of the most popular and powerful preparations in Ayurveda.
In this photo I am performing the first step of a guggulu preparation called “Triphaladi Guggulu.” I prepare as per authentic instructions, manually (no machines), with (many) mantras (primordial sounds). This traditional method noticeably enhances the purification and potency of the herbs as the microbes are sensitive, receptive and welcoming to a human with pure intentions and methods. Step one is very laborious: "Laksha Kutanam" - banging 100,000 times, as much in the sun as possible. I’m on day 4 and about half way. Machines don’t even bang this much.
Guggulu’s Main Uses:
Guggulu literally means “that which protects from disease.”
Healthy Weight Management - It is particularly effective in removing excess fat tissue (“Palamkasa”) and obesity as is chelates toxins out of the fat cells. Guggulu supports the utilisation of fat as the body's fuel source.
🏃🏼 Thyroid Health - Guggulu chelates toxins out of the thyroid, which regulates metabolism.
Joint Support - Guggulu is perhaps the most important herbs for removing ama (sticky, toxic substance) from the joints in cases like rheumatoid arthritis, while simultaneously strengthening weak joint tissue (osteo-arthritis).
Dhupa (Smoke therapy) - Fumigation topically on viruses like shingles and fever with some indirect inhalation is important due to the anti-septic and anti-viral qualities. For the same reason it is also used to “smudge” during holy ceremonies to purify the atmosphere. It is also known as “Gandha Raja” = “The king of aromatic herbs.”
+ More. 
I could part with some raw guggulu resin in Sydney (rare) for those in Aus who would like some.
If you want guggulu preparations I also have the finest farmalogical compositions. 💛
#Diksha #AyruvedicInitiation #TraditionalMedicine #JesusChristMedicine #HolyMedicine #Dravya #Aushadhi 📷 @r.and.r.creative
Rock Salt: The Best Among Salts 💪🏻 Amongst the 5 types of salt (rock, sea, black, sea-foam, earthen), rock salt (Saindhava) is the best.
It promotes agni (digestion), is aphrodisiac, conducive for eye sight, good for the heart and alleviates all 3 doshas (bio-energies).
All varieties of salt are heating (usna virya), but rock salt is unique as it's not so hot and doesn't cause burning sensation. Additionally, this type of salt carries a slightly sweet taste.
Like all salts, it produces more moisture inside the body, improves taste, helps digestion, can enter through minute pores (suksma), penetrate deep and promote elimination of wastes. Salt is helpful for vata.
🇮🇳 🇵🇰
HOWEVER, if you live outside of Asia, I recommend you only use rock salt in small amounts.
Sure this trendy condiment looks good in pink on your kitchen table, but eating Himalayan salt far from the Himalayas just doesn't make environmental sense, especially when there's locally produced mineral salts you can consume in its place.
Himalayan rock salt is a finite resource that is mined. This means once salt reserves are depleted, they will be gone. For good. Himalayan Rock Salt also has huge! food miles. ⚠️
In Australia, we have a wonderful range of mineral salts like the Murray River (you can get your flakes in pink to). Europe and USA you have lovely local sea salt available (although sea salt is hard to digest and increases kapha. Should be had in little).
Overall, consuming all 5 types of salt (pancha lavana) is the best to ensure optimum mineral levels and maintain good health.
What is your favourite type of salt?
Don’t spend much of your energy towards removing darkness from your life (addictions, toxic relationships, foods, activities, habits, mistaken perceptions and intellect etc.).
Rather increase the light. Integrate, own and enjoy pure aspects of living and Being (sattva) and naturally the darkness will fade away.
#InnerLight #Sattva #Rajas #Tamas #HappyDiwali
📷 @lor_aaa
🌿DHANVANTRI: The (Perfect) Health Aspect of Consciousness🌿
People mistakenly say Ayurveda is approximately 5000 years old. This is far from accurate.
Ayurveda is as old as nature. ✨
Just as a mother begins to create breast milk while the baby is in the womb, similarly nature provided Ayurveda prior to man kind (or any living being) was born.
Dhanvantri Jayanti: The Lord of Ayurveda Anniversary. 
TOMORROW (Tuesday) is an auspicious day for making efforts for fulfilling our desires and wishes.
Generate your “Sankalpa.” Sankalpa is the deeper manifestation of a sacred vow, intention and desire. Our sankalpa should benefit us and individuals as well as connect us to the universal dharma of peaceful sacredness and abundance for all.
Puranic "Mythology” (a sequential legend/story to trigger an abstract experience of unity in us) narrates the ocean of milk being churned by the Gods and the Demons in search of Amrita: the nectar of immortality. The Gods declared a truce with their foes (demons/rakshas’s), so that their combined strengthens can help them get the elixir. They used “Vasuki,” a giant serpent as the churning rope, and the mountain Mandara as the churning staff.
While churning, an abundance of elixirs, gems, beings, sacred animals, herbs and wealth unfolded. Then out of the ocean came a dangerous poison that could wipe out all creation. Lord Shiva, out of compassion of the terrified Gods and Demons, swallowed the poison (“Vish”), but he squeezed his throat to prevent the poison descending into his body.
But then a divine being came to the rescue…
Shri Dhanvantri emerges during the churning of the oceans (“Samudra manthan”) carrying the Amrit Kalash (pot of nectar that gives immortality) and basically saved the world from the suffering that was going on.
Dhanvantri, the physician to the Divine Beings (Devatas), is the preserver of life allowing us to experience our spirit evolving through our well-being.
The amrita (nectar) rejuvenates and gives life, nurtures the higher self and enriches the soul.
People invoke “Lord Dhanvantri consciousness” to receive nature's support and enliven perfect health.
#DhanvantriDay #Dhanvantri #Diwali
I don't know where to sit, down in the office or up in the mountain-full of bliss. 
Am I rich? Am I rich?
My bank account is empty but always on is my happiness switch. 
Smiling at the witch, acknowledging the bitch, but not for too long, I don't want to get caught up in that sitch. -
So back to my sattvic family, sharing knowledge, giving love actually. 
My senses bathe fantastically, in the beauty that radiates from every-thing around me. 
The leaves dancing on the trees, while waving at me, rattling are your keys as you walk with a steeze. Good knees taking weight with ease. And there's goes a good detox sneeze. 
I suppose, you've been putting that Nasika oil up your nose. 
What about that oil I told you to rub onto your toes? 
You'll sleep like baby, wake up with the crows. No foes, everyone is sis and bro. 
Heart continues to grow, love increasingly flows, 24/7 in the zone.
I only want organic - no clones. 💞
And no phones, just some good conversation. Affection and relations. Transferring euphoric sensations. But what's more subtle is the vibrations that's changing our cellular structure. 
What do you think is supporting our lustre? It ain't no external cream or paste, it's divinity's grace expressing through your face, on this planet earth place. 🌏 #whatyougetuptoduringPK
📷holding on tightly to my crazy love @dannakfain as she dangles of the edge of a 180m high waterfall  taken by @mayac0hen
🌕The Full Moon That Purifies Water & Drips Nectar💧
Once a year, on full moon, a saint-like star reveals its presence in the sky.
This star is called “Agastya” (sanskrit) or “Conopus” (western astrology).
This is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina, and the 2nd brightest in the night-time sky, after Sirius.
Not even the best instrument (water filters) can purify water because it is completely soluble. Even boiling water properly, a more powerful water purification technique, may not fully remove the toxins as they are completely dissolved into the water.
In fact, the main source of diseases in this day of age (Kali Yuga) is from (creatures/micro-organisms in) water.
It is known Reverse Osmosis removes essential minerals, but what more is that it removes Prana (life-force)🌬 and Ojas (vital-essence) from the water. Another reason why boiling water is so important is because it brings back Prana to some extent.
So on this full moon, (“Sharad Purnima”) ALL WATER exposed to sunlight☀️ that day, and then to moonlight🌕 that night, becomes NECTAR. This full moon is the ✨Ultimate Water Purifier.✨
*(Very dirty and contaminated water will have to be further purified).
Every year nature organises this full moon to arrive in India at the middle of monsoon, to purify all the acid and toxins built up from the beginning of monsoon,☔️ and pave the way for a fresh and clean winter.
Lakes, rivers, water stations, dams, catchment areas all exposed to the moon🌕 become so pure.✨
Swim in them, drink the fresh nectar, see, acknowledge and unify with the Divine in water. Because water is the embodiment of Mother (Maha Devi) - the giver of life, nourishing, nurturing, protecting, has infinite adaptability is abundant and transcendent.
🐄Ritual: Drink sweet boiled milk with spices that night, and during cooking and drinking it, expose it to the moonlight to invigorate and fortify the milk. Then it is Prasad (holy food).