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According to Ayurveda, there is a special substance in the body that governs ageing, immunity, vigour, reproduction, mood, sleep, radiant skin, digestion, spirituality and physical strength.
This substance is called ojas (OH-jas).
Ojas is a bio-celestial liquid substance that predominantly dwells in the heart and also circulates everywhere throughout the body to maintain life activities .
It is the first essential element of the embryo, the most refined by-product of digestion, and the physiological expression of pure consciousness.
It is the chief fluid material of the body on which life depends.
If ojas is destroyed, the human being will also perish. If ojas is healthy the human is kept happy and healthy.
Learn all about Ojas in my latest article (link in bio), where we explore:
- What is Ojas
- The Two Types is Ojas
- Activities and Foods that Increase Ojas
- Activities that Reduce Ojas
- How the Body Actually Makes Ojas
👉Link in Bio. 
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What happens when you Remove Mercury Amalgam Fillings from Teeth?
When you take a drill that twists 400,000 rotations/minute and put it on an amalgam under blue light (containing the power to penetrate deep into the tissues), you vaporise the mercury - it becomes volatile.
You think eating fish is bad? 
This is like an atomic bomb exploding on your face.
Mercury vapour is shown to be more readily absorbed and cross the Blood Brain Barrier. Anything that is fat soluble can easily spread all over the body.
How to Address Your Morbid Mercury Mouth?
Okay, so your moving or already have moved in the right direction of removing the mercury. Hopefully your dentist did it right (unlikely). However, unfortunately most of you have gone and replaced those filling with plastic ones filled with BPA. Avoid plastic or get rid of it if you have. Go for gold.
After you get these toxic fillings taken out, you must enhance immunity with herbs, proper diet, adequate sunlight and good regimen. Oil Pulling, preferably with a herbalised oil like Vital Veda’s "Gandusha Oil” is essential daily for 15-20mins. (see article in the Learn section of my website for more on Oil Pulling).
Ensuring proper digestion hence proper detoxification is essential. Increase foods that chelates heavy metals like garlic (green sprout removed, then fried in ghee), fresh coriander, ghee and chlorella.
#MorbidMercuryMouth #BlueLightDanger #OilPulling #Kavala #Gandusha collage: @watermelonmemories
You will respond to the call to evolve exactly In accordance to the state of consciousness you are in right now. 👇
Are you a candidate for evolution? 
Of course you are. Billions of people are. 
But how evolutionary are your actions going to be?
The universe is calling. How will you respond?
Nature is calling. Move in the direction of greater satisfaction. Greater unity. 
How dominant is the absolute quality in your awareness? First Establish that. Then perform action. 
#VedicMeditation 👉 one of the best ways to establish Being.
📷 throwback w @satchitananda_
Do you love your wife, partner, husband, family member or friend? If you do, act on it – love them fully.
Love them with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Love them not only because they deserve it, but because it is your true nature to love.
Perhaps we have been conditioned to give only to those deserving. Is love a commodity that we trade, borrow, hoard or withhold?
“I love you, but it is no concern of yours.” Act from this unconditional state and your heart will radiate love and happiness amongst divine, subtle and gross dimensions to all those around you.
Ways to Boost Love this Valentines Day (and every other day):
1. Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) - Let me prime your loved ones with an Abhyanga that is shown to boost oxytocin (loving/bonding hormone) more than your regular deep pressure massage, as well as pacify the nervous greatly. After a massage with me, love will be enlivened within your loved so they can radiate it. Perhaps they forgot how to love due to imbalances in their physiology. Together let’s balance the unbalanced. ❤️
2. Vital Veda Abhyanga Oils - Coconut (summer/cooling) or sesame (winter/heating) oil is infused by me in accordance to astrology with precious herbal formulas made by my teachers to create a medicated oil for massage. Massage your partner or yourself. The sense of touch is a mechanism for healing and deep connection.
3. Siddha Alchemy Chakra Balancing Oil - Aromatherapy on another level. One of my favourite products. It is likely you will feel the herbs activate your chakras and marma points. All profits go to Mahananda SIddha (pictured), the architect of this oil.
Vital Veda gift vouchers available, or you may purchase gifts separately.
DM or email me for prices and more info. 💖
Treat your loved one to a blissful and nourishing treatment and/or gift to rejuvenate them and awaken this source of love within their body so they can love even more.
#VedicValentine #Oxytocin #Ojas #UnconditionalLove
Golden glorious ghee
Your body lubricates at ease 
Pancreas squeeze for enzyme release 
Taste buds begging, “more please!”
Geeez that ghee’s glorious
Dylan the Gheeru is notorious 
Effortlessly laborious in the kitchen
Bliss plus nutrition equals non fiction alchemy. 
Getting vitamin D on your balcony while your intestines gratefully cheer “get that Ama outta me!” 💛
Licking my lips as I get my lipids fixed, hormones fit while my mind dips in bliss.
Full moon 🌕 Ghee made by me with 💛 & mantras available for pick up in Bondi Beach or postage within 🇦🇺. 💛🐄 ☀️ For full article on Ghee benefits and how to use this nourishing cooking oil for medicine and delicious dish infusion, see Learn section of my website. 💛🐄🌕
#LiquidGold #FoodAsMedicine #FatForFuel #LipidLove
Today, only 0.01%* of the knowledge of Ayurveda is available.
Veda is the knowledge governing the unity of the laws of nature and human consciousness from which yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are derived.
Ayurveda, the intimate part of Artharva-Veda (one of the four branches of the Veda), was composed by Self-born Brahma (Creation phenomena in nature), even before creating the universe, into hundreds of thousands of stanzas arranged into thousands of chapters.
Then, looking to the shortness of life-span, intellect and memory capacity of human beings in the age of ignorance we are in now (kali yuga), Brahma had to condense Ayurveda into eight branches (astangha), which is still rich in detail and knowledge, and what is studied and practiced today.^
Anutpadyaiva prajah - Brahma after manifesting Ayurveda created the universe.
Just as a mother begins to create breast milk while the baby is in the womb, similarly nature provided Ayurveda prior to man kind (or any living being) was born.
People mistakenly say Ayurveda is approximately 5000 years old. This is far from accurate. Ayurveda is as old as nature. Ayurveda is eternal.
*Vaidya J.R. Raju. ^ Susruta
#AncientMedicine #Brahma #Veda #Susruta
Blue Quandong Bush Medicine🌿💙aka Rudraksha 📿
From Woodford To Wollumbin, right now the potent fruit and seed of the native Australian, Blue Quandong (Elaeocarpus angustifolius) is falling from 40 meter rainforest trees in abundance across northern NSW and SE Queensland.
This rainforest tree is a very close cousin of the well known holy medicinal Ayurvedic herb Rudraksha aka 'Shiva's Eye.' (Elaeocarpus sphaericus). Popularly used for prayer beads.
Traditionally, just wearing Rudraksha is good for the heart, nervous system and protects vital organs from EMF. The herb is also taken internally to help in many mental ailments like stress, anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders, migraine etc. and supports liver function. It also enhances, heightens and purifies consciousness and general power.
I couldn't stop collecting these holy seeds off the ground this morning, picking up the best ones. I've been eating the blue rind (love that dark antioxidant sour richness) then use the large seeds to make strings of rudrakshas to hang down the spine/edge of the four corners of my house and rooms. Protecting home from EMFs, today's epidemic.
🌙Om Namo Shivaya📿 
Amla and neem. 
Green and green. 
Liver and spleen.
Gives happiness to the mean. 
Sour and bitter.
Pacify the Pitta. 
Makes your skin glitter, reduces problems on the shitter.
For the Hair strength and hair pests. 
Lungs and chest. 
Your blessed with maximum rest.
Trees of Vishnu. 
Building your tissues. 
Promoting longevity and destroying bacterial issues. 
#Amalaki #IndianGooseberry #Rasayana
#EmbilicaOfficinalis #AzadirachtaIndica
Dhumapana (Smoke Inhalation Therapy)
Whether it is inhaling through a golden pipe, indirectly inhaling fumes or topically fumigating smoke onto an affected part of the body, herbal smoke treatments (Dhumapana) can be used to strengthen (brmhana), suppress (shamana) or purify (shodana) the body. However, dhumpana is hardly being practiced today. And aptly so. 💨
The most common type of dhumpana is directly smoking through a pipe made of gold, other metals, gems, conch shell, horns, tusks, animal bones or bamboo. This type of direct smoking is unsafe today as it may promote the habit of smoking harmful substances and/or excess herbal smoking.
Furthermore, most dhumapana recipes call for honey, which is a very complex procedure considering heated honey is poison.
If one wants to practice dhumapana, they can create smoke and indirectly inhale the smoke around them. Herbs like guggulu, sambrani, frankincense (all available in raw form at Vital Veda) can be sprinkled onto coal and inhale as well as topically fumigate onto the body. This is also good to burn in the room where new born babies rest to promote an anti-bacterial environment. Also smoke from holy and medicinal woods and substances being burned during Yagya ceremony has medicinal action (video).
Dhumapana is indicated for the treatment of diseases such as pains of the head, eyes and ears, hemicranial, rhinitis, cough, dyspnoea, bad taste in mouth, excess salivation, voice disorders, bad breath, hiccup, tooth problems, no appetite, worms, itching, anaemia, skin & hair disorders, sneezing disorders, stupor, excess sleep, asphyxia and diseases of vata and kapha origin affecting the parts of the body above the shoulders. It is also used to strengthen and purify the head, scalp, sense organs and the mind.(A.S.ch.30,2)
Though the smoke is derived from drugs which are sheeta virya (cold energy), yet with contact of fire, it becomes ushna virya (heating). So it is aggravating to pitta and rakta (blood).
For the full article on Dhumapana, see Learn section on website.

#HerbalChoof #MedicinalBlaze #Vayu
🌿 PUNARNAVA: The Herb Which Promotes Cellular Re-Incarnation🌱
“Punarha” = again.
“Navaha” = new.
The old cell transfers it’s energy (through chemistry) to the new cell. The old body is renewed. Re-incarnation occurs on the cellular level. Cellular memory (“smriti”) in revitalised and restored to perfect health. 🌿
Prabhava (special action): Enhances lymphatic drainage and rejuvenates the kidneys. Helps in nephritis or impaired urinary function. Excellent to reduce excess fluids, swelling, oedema and congestion from excess kapha. Thus also helps reduce scrotal and abdomen enlargement.
Other Benefits:
- Increase agni greatly (deepana)
- Helps in removing poisons
- Cures cough (kasaghna)
- Anti-Aging (vayasthapana)
Rasa (taste): Astringent, Bitter, Sweet. 
Virya (energy): Cooling
Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Pungent
Gunas (quality): Dry, light.
Doshas: VPK-, V+ in excess
It’s english name “Spreading Hogweed,” is a good description how this plant spreads as a selfish weed across the ground. This farmer usually chucks the plant out in the trash. We foraged it.
Formulation: Punarnavadi Mandoor.
One of my formulations of choice containing punarnava (Boerrharia diffusa) also contains mandoora (iron oxide) plus many more herbs which activate the liver and spleen (ranjaka pitta) to create more rakta (blood cells). This formula not only increases iron in the body but increases our ability to produce and metabolise iron. It also helps in kidney health and diabetes. This formula contains medicinal metals which are completely safe and which you should be educated and informed about before taking them. ❤️
“Punarha naveenam karoti” = Which makes all cells new.
Full article on Punarnava👉Learn section on website.
#CellularReincarnation #Forage #MedicinalWeed
What is real for you? What do you decide is real?
What is sacred for you? What do you decide is sacred? 
#Boo #Puspam
🐍❣️Visha Kanyas: Venomous 
Even a kiss can kill.😘
The Visha Kanyas were poisonous young women who served as executioners in ancient India. Any contact with these toxic ladies would mean death.
🇮🇳 👑 
These venomous assassins are not only instrumental for the destruction operator in nature, but they also exemplify a fundamental Ayurvedic concept on obtaining immunity, “Oka Satmya” or adapting to habits to create suitable compatibility. 💪🏻 Visha Kanya literally means “poison maiden.”
From the second day of birth, ancient Indian Kings would feed one tiny drop of snake venom to the baby girl. Gradual feeding of different types of poison continued throughout the girls early age to make them immune to the lethal effects. By the time they reached puberty, these girls were not only beginning to awaken arousal, but were thoroughly toxic and ready to be used as deadly human weapons.
The king could then use these seductive assassins against his most powerful enemies...
The "Poison Maiden" attracted attention in Medieval European Medical and Religious Lore after Aristotle warned his pupil Alexander the Great to be careful of lavish gifts from Indian kings.
Toxicology branches of ancient Ayurvedic Texts were the first documents warning about these alluring young ladies who radiated a superhuman-like aura.
"A girl who has been exposed to poison from birth, and who has thus been made poisonous herself. She kills a lover just by her touch or her breath. Flowers and blossoms wilt when they come into contact with her head. The bugs in her bed, the lice in her clothes, and anyone who washes in the same water as her, all die. With this in mind, you should keep far away from her as possible."
~ Astanga Samgraha of Vaghbhata. 💗
Read the full article in the Learn section of my website for more engrossing tales and to learn a lesson or two about acquiring immunity. 
#VishaKanya #VenomousVirgin #OkaSatmya