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Vegan Protein Packed Overnight Oats! ⠀
Kick start your day with a protein packed breakfast! This one is suitable for anyone!⠀
RECIPE 📝👇 In a bowl mix together:⠀
☝️1/2 cup gluten free oats⠀
☝️1 tsp Granulated stevia ⠀
☝️1 tsp chia seeds ⠀
☝️1/2 Tbsp psyllium powder⠀
☝️1 tsp ground flax⠀
☝️1 scoop of your protein  flavour of your choice ⠀
☝️1/2 cup almond milk unsweetened⠀
☝️1/2 to 1 cup of water⠀
☝️Give it a good Stirr, Place in the fridge overnight.⠀
Top with any of your favourite toppings! 🙏⠀
Recipe: 👐@healthyeating_jo ⠀
⠀ .
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Do you track your activity level? .
Did you know that actively tracking your activity level throughout the day can lead you to more optimal results and a healthier you?
So either track your steps or make a conscious effort to get up and move every hour, take the stairs instead of the lift, park a little further away and walk  and you will be surprised how much activity you can fit in! .
A little Monday motivation to get your body moving! 
Tag a friend you would like to try this With. 📸 IG| @laydeelo .
Do you feel like your metabolism is always in sloth mode! 👎🏼
Well lets boost your metabolism with a few little tricks! ✖️Spend more time resistance training than you do on cardio and other aerobic activity
✖️Eat enough protein 3-5 times a day in your meals ✖️perform HIIT cardio over steady state cardio ✖️spend periods of time eating more calories rather than less calories ✖️supplements such as ATP science T432 can stimulate a slow thyroid which can assist in optimal metabolism
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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and you could change a life by simply asking R U OK?. Today, take a minute to notice what’s going on with your family, friends and colleagues – and yourself. Take a minute to start a conversation if you've noticed something has changed. Take a minute to find out what help is available for yourself and others

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Do you take a BCAA during your workout? .
Did you know BCAAs provide repair to your muscle during exercise and as a result have many other benefits. If your body is repairing optimally it will allow you to keep more lean muscle. Plus is can help maintain a more efficient metabolism as well as reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. If you feel better, you will perform better! Which will keep you more motivated and consistent when it counts. .
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Have you Tried Delicious Protein yet??⠀
For a limited time only order a 5lbs Giant Delicious Protein and get a FREE Xtend water jug and a Giant towel!⠀
What is Delicious Protein?⠀
Giant Sports Delicious Protein contains 81.8% high quality whey/milk proteins, only 12.1% carbohydrates with no added sugars or Maltodextrin, and only 6.1% fat per serving – compare this to “the other brands” – it’s not just delicious…it’s good for you too!⠀
Why all the fuss?⠀
The First and Only Sports Nutrition Protein Reviewed and Approved by a Board Certified Physician⠀
* Gluten Free⠀
* 27g of protein⠀
* Just 4g of carbs⠀
* Added BCAA’s⠀
* No Added Sugar⠀
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Pizza and Nachos all in one! You can even make these are home!! .
What's your favourite food to indulge in?? Tag that person you would share these with (or not share 😉)
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