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@realdaltonharris looking chilled out after having a #lavashellmassage from our @lavaangels @vitaskinspa. Creating the ultimate #spaathome experience @kokolokahi #new #veganfriendly #spaathome #candle #pure #natural
#LavaLove from @realdaltonharris after his @lavashellmassage with us at the X Factor house. #DaltonHarris #XFactor
Our lovely Sam with the amazingly talented @realdaltonharris 
So lovely to see you again for a @lavashellmassage 
Your skin repairs itself while you sleep,  so it’s important to take your make up off as early as possible. The ideal time to do your night time skin routine is before 9pm as this is the optimal time for skin repair. So instead of falling asleep and forgetting, or doing it at midnight, why not add a little ‘me time’ into your day around 8pm to cleanse and apply your night products. 
We love Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon 💤 which you put on at the end of your skin care routine to leave you looking refreshed when you wake.
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With the amazing @jeffreymisunderstood from Misunderstood at the X Factor house. Jeffrey is about to have another @lavashellmassage with us.
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So lovely to be back at The X Factor house this afternoon. Sad to see @mdsofficial go but know there are amazing things to come for them. 
@jeffreymisunderstood enjoying another @lavashellmassage with us. 
We will miss you Jeffrey and @stephanmisunderstood xx
Tired eyes this morning? 😴 when you don’t sleep well, your Skin suffers. Use Dermalogica’s Stress Positive Eyelift as an under eye mask with the built-in applicator whenever you need a boost! It is super cooling and helps dark circles and puffy eyes.
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The perfect treatment to help you sleep and induce pure relaxation - 
Silent night

The ultimate relaxation for anyone who struggles to sleep, those who feel stressed or struggle to relax. The ritual begins with the comfort zone Tranquillity pro Sleep massage. This innovative body treatment leads to a profound state of relaxation. A full body massage like no other, this gentle massage uses a light touch to stimulate the senses. The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound which has been created to induce a deep rest and a balanced, regenerated mind, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay massage techniques combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind and body state, favoring sleep. In the Winter months skin becomes dull and lacklustre, especially if you struggle to sleep well, so we’ve teamed our Tranquillity massage with an apple stem cell facial, created to deliver an even, bright and glowing complexion. This renewing facial promotes skin cell renewal and brightens and restores skin balance.

2 hours - £105

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The perfect gift 💕Our limited edition Mindful Aromatherapy Mini Balms in our luxury purse makes for the ideal stocking filler. The silver purse contains all five of our best-selling 100% natural balms - Sleep Well, De-Stress, Focus, Escape and Be Happy. #iamscentered
Absolutely gutted!!! @mdsofficial I can’t believe it. You’ve been amazing and the nicest guys. Loved all of your performances. We’ve loved meeting you at the house and we will miss you next week xxx

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Introducing our 2018 Christmas gift sets… 🎄 🎅 This year’s holiday sets have been designed to reflect the mood of celebration, festive Christmas party lights and the afterglow of a great time 🎁
They feature products that keep the skin glowing day and night 🌟 which means you can spend less time worrying about your skin – and more time celebrating the festive season!
Pop in to Vita to see our Dermalogica gifts.
November is Digital Detox month here at Vita, with one of our focuses being helping to improve your sleep. 
Reflexology is a popular Holistic treatment, which has many benefits including promoting better sleep. Daily stressors can have an enormous impact on your mind and body’s capability to sleep, and many people will have experienced either difficulty falling asleep or quality of sleep due to these. However, taking time for yourself and allowing your body to recuperate and recover, will help in changing these patterns. 
Reflexology works solely on your feet, but amazingly we can rebalance and rejuvenate your entire body through them. For those who have had Reflexology, you will understand that the experience is like no other massage treatment. The power behind it induces the tranquil state you fall into during a treatment, and creates the feeling afterwards of “walking on air”. The reflex points on the feet map and correspond to organs, glands and parts of the body, meaning that we can concentrate on the sleep region within the head and brain to promote more ideal sleeping patterns. True relaxation and stress relief produced by pressure point massage, will truly help calm the mind and result in a deep sleep. What better way to kickstart your Digital Detox.

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