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The iconic @viviennewestwood mini-kilt Kate Moss wore at the designer’s Fall 1993 show has returned to @viviennewestwood's New York City store alongside a just-slightly longer men’s kilt. A key piece from Westwood’s Anglomania collection that twisted French perceptions of British style and culture, the super-short kilt was designed as an homage to her husband, Andreas Kronthaler. (Its specific red, blue, and yellow tartan pattern is even registered in Scotland as the “Westwood MacAndreas” design.) Tap the link in our bio for more details.
“Everything’s interconnected," @JaneGoodallInst says. "You learn that in the rain forest.” And that, in a nutshell, is her message: Humans fancy ourselves supernatural, but we’re just as much a part of the natural world as chimps, as the parasites they groom from one another’s fur, as the termites they dig from the ground, and on and on and on. If we don’t course correct soon, she warns, we’re headed for disaster. “I care passionately about nature,” Goodall says. “I care passionately about children. I have three grandchildren. I think about their children. If we can’t do things differently, what is the world going to be like in 50 years?” Tap the link in our bio to read our conversation with Goodall about that question, as well as the half-century-old memories stirred up by the new documentary Jane.
@Zorasc knows that @AGJeans are essential to the perfect date night look.
“Anyone who’s a shearer is some sort of interesting person,” photographer @nhmcelroy said. “So I started photographing some of the farms and shearers I work with. I want to depict the labor and get people to think about where wool comes from.” Recently, though, what that labor looks like has changed. “I was always acutely aware that there were less women shearers,” @nhmcelroy said. But last year, when he began shearing on commercial crews for a shearer and sheep rancher named Robert Irwin, McElroy noticed more and more women working on flocks—many who Irwin actively recruited. “I really think, going forward, it’s going to be women doing farm work,” Irwin said. “The last five years or so, teaching guys to do this stuff, a lot of them just don’t have the mentality of waking up and thinking to themselves, ‘I’m going to get better at this.’ The women do. They’re more apt to stick with this; they’re more detail-oriented; they’re tougher.” Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photographed by @nhmcelroy, reporting by @_true_stories_.
Most of the shearers in @nhmcelroy's photographs have a story about the extremes they’ve gone to in order to protect their animals. Shearer and sheep rancher Robert Irwin's sheep, both his own and the flocks he manages for others, are spread out throughout northern California. On a recent night, the winds around his Lake County, California ranch were blowing up to 50 miles an hour. “Everything was unsettled—the dogs, the sheep, the people,” he said. “We sensed in the air that something bad was going to happen.” When Irwin tried to check on reports of fire at another ranch, he opened the door to see a wall of fire in their path, with flames that shot up to 10 feet high when the wind picked up. “It sounded like a jet engine roaring across a racetrack,” he said. In the days and nights to come, he and his neighbors rallied to action, waking up neighbors in the fire’s path, and transporting animals to safety. They managed to rescue a flock of 530 sheep—”some of them were month-old lambs, still on their moms,” Irwin said—from a ranch in Potter Valley, just before the area was completely evacuated. At time of press, all the sheep were accounted for. Irwin and his wife, Jaime, who is eight months pregnant, were watching the winds closely. “We continue to dodge bullets,” he said. “But this is a good part of the world that still helps their neighbor out.” Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photographed by @nhmcelroy, reporting by @_true_stories_.
"I’m 25. I started shearing about five years ago, and I quit for a couple of years to have my daughter, who is 2 years old now," says Katherine Richie from Roseburg, Oregon. "Before I started shearing, I would help the crew in different ways. One of the first years, I was helping lead the sheep through a chute to the trailer and working to put the wool in a wool press. It was one of those days: a hundred degrees outside, and a new guy on the crew made a sexist comment to the effect of, wouldn’t it be nice if I could shear some sheep, too bad I was a girl and couldn’t handle it. Well, I went to shearing school. The first time I sheared with that guy, I sheared three more sheep than he did; the second day I did eight more than him. In my second year of shearing I would average 24 more a day than him. Now we’re friends." Tap the link in our bio to read more stories from Katherine and other women shearers like her. Photographed by @nhmcelroy, reporting by @_true_stories_.
A little sparkle goes a long way in the City of Light. @KendallJenner, @KarlieKloss, and friends take the season’s best fine jewelry out on the town in the link in our bio. Photographed by @mariotestino, styled by @tonnegood, Vogue, November 2017.
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While @alamaproject has received new visibility through @faithconnexion, @elisabetatudor emphasizes that the designs remain true to the Masai culture. “We don’t change the original jewelry pieces or get inspired by them to create new, more ‘fashionable’ ones,” she points out. “What you see is an authentic bit of Masai culture and your purchase of a piece, or willingness to just talk about it, helps promote the Masai culture.” Tap the link in our bio to see more from the collaboration. Photographed by @louisphilippedegagoue.
Meet the 2017 @CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists, as they show off their talents with a little help from some fashionable friends. Full spread in the link in our bio. 
Featuring @karliekloss in @vaquera.nyc dress and train. Photographed by @gstyles, styled by @jordenbickham, Vogue, November 2017.
“I better be going somewhere after this,” declares @cassie, as she shows off her party-ready beauty routine. Tap the link in our bio to learn all her secrets, from her eyebrow makeup hack to her 10-second smoky eyes. Filmed by @lucasflorespiran at @thestandard.
You’re never sheepish, and you know it. So you hightail it over to Saint Laurent for Anthony Vaccarello’s barely there and completely definitive skivvies, shorts, and stilettos. Tap the link in our bio for more haute inspirations for Halloween and beyond, featuring the best of Paris Fashion Week’s Spring 2018 collections. 
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