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Can’t wait for Greta Gerwig’s take on Little Women to hit screens? Then tap the link in our bio for 8 stirring tales of sisterhood that have been adapted from the page to the silver screen.
@priyankachopra's 2015 American debut in Quantico was the first time an Indian-born actress starred in a major U.S. network series. Since then, the outspoken beauty (who came into the public eye after winning the Miss World title in 2000) has become not only an on-screen fixture but a passionate advocate for women, writing for several publications on women’s rights and safety, child marriage, and many other topics. Chopra also launched her own self-funded organization, which grants children in India access to medical coverage and education; was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador; and was honored with the Padma Shri (the Indian equivalent to being knighted). Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photographed by @studio_jackson, styled by @jordenbickham, Vogue, August 2018
“You’re either a hat person or you’re not,” says artist  @maryamkeyhani, who falls definitively into the former category. Tap the link in our bio to read more about her accessory of choice.
Success was a slow rumble for @awkwafina, who this year clocked roles in @oceans8movie and @crazyrichasians. Her first viral hit in 2012—“My Vag,” a parody rap/ode to exactly what it sounds like—was followed by another—“NYC Bitche$,” a song that alternately features her bopping in front of the Barclays Center and reading Joan Didion. The first video led to her firing from her job as a publicity assistant at a publishing house (“the best job I ever had at the time!”), but it also opened doors, in particular, to a collaboration with her “saving grace,” Korean-American comedian @margaret_cho. “You need some representation growing up,” says @awkwafina about Asians in the media. “Because if you don’t have that, you can’t materialize any dream.” Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview. Photographed by @lafillebella, styled by @gurvial, Vogue, August 2018.
"A portmanteau of the words glamour and camping, glamping has been around for centuries, though the word itself is only a little more than a decade old. While its history is steeped in luxury—think extravagant African safaris taken by the wealthy in the last century—modern-day glamping spans a wide spectrum of amenities and price tags." Six years after she published a memoir detailing her solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail, @cherylstrayed returns to the rural yonder. But this time she does it in style—as a glamper. Tap the link in our bio to read the full piece.
Art by @jane_newland, The Retreat (2016)
Watch as @carolinetrentini reveals two low-maintenance, at-home treatments, both of which are designed to make you appear fresh off the beach. Tap the link in our bio for the full video. 
Filmed at the @thebeekmanny
Cover star #SaoirseRonan generally speaks of her job less as a career than as a calling. “It’s very intimate,” she says. “There are certain moments where it feels like it’s just you and the lens.” This almost private experience is connected to the years she’s spent performing: “It’s something that has been a very stable, consistent thing in my life. The camera has been the thing that has stuck around the longest.” Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview. Photographed by @jamie.hawkesworth, styled by #CamillaNickerson, Vogue, July 2018.
Italian designer Gio Forbice's new lookbook is filled with eerie images, as if plucked from Google Street View. “[Google Street View] captures people with ‘weirdo’ behaviors on the street,” he says. “They don’t know they got shot, and basically they are victims.” Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photo by @jordan_hemingway.
"One of my greatest fears is living a self-centric life," says @yarashahidi. "I think this industry is bred to create that—especially if your physical body is your tool or your face is what makes you money. I’m trying to understand that and then pulling back to figure out, How do we avoid that? How do we want something and have a greater purpose?" Tap the link in our bio to read our full interview. Photographed by @alessandra_sanguinetti, styled by @yslebasi, Vogue, August 2018.
For the women sheepshearers of California and Oregon, back to the land is just the beginning. Tap the link in our bio for more. Filmed by @nhmcelroy
The World Cup final is underway, still having trouble deciding who to root for? Let these fashionable fans help you choose your World Cup team. Tap the link in our bio for more. Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, September 2005
Today marks the 20th anniversary of There’s Something About Mary. Of the many hair looks Cameron Diaz serves up in the 1998 cult comedy, only one remains iconic. Tap the link in our bio for a look back.