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HOUSTON. I’m gonna be writing and recording custom songs out of this trailer tomorrow at @giantleapcoffee’s  grand opening celebration. 12-7 pm.
REPOST. #vday #vcard #WAkenzie #kanyecertified #MadAboutYou #TheNotebook #verlaineandrimbaud #50shadesofgrey
Ms. @mickeyrose is making Valentine’s Day bouquets. Head to her Instagram and order some for your new squeeze, old flame or just yourself cos this holiday is made up. If you’re realllly unlucky, I’ll be delivering them.
Remember @jimenoacid’s 21 birthday? He doesn’t, but that’s what friends are for. HBD!!!!
Kraftwalker!!! #autobahn #tearitoutmyheart
@kcromwell, @zawodniak, @kyford, @seeshellzz and i started this puzzle at 5:42 pm. WE ARE, in fact, THE CHAMPIONS. #superbowl
Eye of the tiger, skill of the mook.
Five years ago I rescued Hank Williams IV from being named Captain Picard forever. He was so chill at Austin Animal Center. I thought owning him would be a breeze. As it turns out, he had a massive internal infection robbing him of all his puppy energy. The dog I brought home was in fact very scared of people (except if u sat with him on the couch,) fiercely committed to making the worst decisions possible for his health and a true believer that a dog needs “wide open spaces...room to make the big mistakes.” Nowadays, Hank loves people. Mainly due to my friends (esp. @zawodniak & @kcromwell) accommodating his ever diminishing neuroses over the years and for sitting with him on various couches. Hank has otherwise stayed true to himself. I don’t bother anymore trying to illicit sympathy from y’all when he, say, eats @mickeyrose’s underwear and has to have a THIRD surgery in 15 months. What’s the point? Hank is Hanking. If he dies, it will be doing what he loved. Also, when he bounds through a cactus patch, he gets to visit his favorite ladies, the Austin Vet Hospital Vet Techs! Hank still loves wide open spaces, but, thankfully less so than before. 
Like the old song says, “to know him is to love him and I do.” Hank has a weird charm that I’ve watched work on many people. My relationship with him has been a really great grounding force for me and i hope I’ve given him enough stability to have a good rep with other dogs. I’m honored that he’s stayed with me since he has thoroughly demonstrated time and time again that he could flee whenever the fuck he wants. 📸: @toddvwolfson
Happy birthday to my amazing sister, @ashleylukens.
Three years ago today, “Every Night” came out and was the most shared thing on @spinmagazine all week. Thank you for making my songs part of your life. http://spoti.fi/2rn0erO
I am @cooder69 now. My old brand wasn’t working. Link in bio.