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In large part, most of the music I do now came from never wanting to play acoustic guitar and sing for drunk people at bars again. Never had the confidence, never found the right audience. My songs were also REALLY sad then. Thank you to the handful of you that stuck through that blue period. 
Last weekend at @sofardfw was such a blast. It's was treat and pretty redemptive to get up and play acoustic guitar for an attentive audience. Hoping tonight at @carolinerestaurant is at least half as fun. 
Gonna play the acoustic, sing with @mickeyrose, play some looper songs, play piano ballad and bring my laptop and take cover requests. Fuck it. What's love in Trump's America? Baby don't hurt me.
U can make me out of paper or come see me play tomorrow night at @carolinerestaurant. Playing solo.
If you take away the ACA without a suitable replacement, you make it even harder and scarier  for us broke dick musicians! Get well @curtisroush
Float Fest a blast! Disappointing a 10 year old with my answers was not. I'm not ready to be a parent for christ's sake! 📷: @trishbadger
I just got interviewed by a 10 yr old. Really solid questions. #floatfest
God son reminds me what it sounds like when doves cry every time i try to hold him. #dallas
Hank Williams IV is not dead and is still this man's best friend.
AUSTIN: Playing solo next Thursday. Taking cover requests. ITS FREE.
WEDNESDAY #heybabyquepaso
Made a @spotify playlist of reference songs before a recording session and accidentally made a pretty solid IM HOT & UNDER EMPLOYED mix. I'll be adding more songs each week. FOLLOW. ENJOY. SHARE. CARE FOR YR FRIENDS. NARE IF U WANT. DARE IF U WILL. Link in bio.
Buy some shit from the online store rn and I'll throw these Walker Lukens matches for freeee!
Then there was steel frame. Thanks, Josh. #landyachtmen