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Photographer, coach, husband, father, son and friend - Going to run my tank completely empty. Respectfully,Walter Green - Out
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#humpday start fast
@6bgbrewingco  USCGA90 approves, great spot.
Going up!  Today is going to be a great  day.
Be a Spartan.
I just "sponsored" myself via a screen shot,  have a great day. :)
Filed under WTF, because having a few of their delicious chocolate chip cookies with lunch or after dinner just isn't good enough #post #chipsahoy
Cheers, happy Tuesday. ;) #limoncello  water
Happy Friday.  #embassysuites
To all the mothers out there, stay strong stay sweet...
To all the teachers out there, thank you for all you do.
In some ways, I admire him.  Is that bad? #thanos #marvel #marvelstudios #avengers
All these lobsters and no hot water. #atlantis #atlantisbahamas