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The WOW cycle team is riding 2,499 miles to raise funds for the fight against pediatric cancer. Hit the link to help us end it for good.


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Thanks to @johnnyroe_realestate and @naterwins for the impromptu Sports Talk interview on Jock 98.7! Gaining supporters all across Route 66 💛
I tell ya what, if cows had Instagram and Twitter we would have 100,000 followers and a whole bunch more text to give dollars.  These animals are so attentive to us riding by. #cowssupport@waronwheels1
Please make up for the cows not having cell phones  Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 today
Please support our mission to end pediatric cancer. Link in bio🎗
A few fresh faces joined us yesterday out of Clinton! Follow their lead and support our mission to end pediatric cancer for good. Link in bio.
80 miles of love today riding for 5  beautiful innocent children.  2 of which have gained their wings... because we haven't done enough for them, and that is painful to say in today's world of constant  tech advances and personal splurges.  We would like to thank some wonderful people!! Oklahomans(Jerry,Debray and Brady) as well as some really hard working Texans(Mike and Lauren who rode 80 miles on modified mountain bikes!!) Texans go big or go home.

New twist- 1st person to answer following question in comments gets a LImited edition War on Wheels t shirt.

Question- from the following line...tell me what the title of the song is and movie it comes from. "THOUGH HIS BODY SAYS STOP, HIS SPIRIT CRIES, NEVER!! This is what us as riders are feeling, we ride for these kids.  Kids who have passed, kids who are fighting , kids who have beaten this disease and kids yet to be diagnosed(46 will be tomorrow) 
Their spirit and fight keeps us going...
Amazing child alert... just talked to Shane who we honored in yesterday's ride and  is recovering from a full left leg amputation due to Osteosarcoma.  He has been in a rehab center for last 4 weeks and gets to go home tomorrow!! My first question was.. How are you doing?  His reply?  A resounding and energetic "Great!" This is a 15 year old who has been through hell and back vs. cancer for 5 years and has lost his leg... oh did I tell you 1 year ago(yesterday) his heart stopped and his kidneys failed. I told him if we could bottle his mojo and let every human being have a few drops... we would have a wonderful world.  #inspiration #helpushelpthem #whyweride  #hereforareason
Yesterday’s ride was tough. But whatever hardships we face, we remember it’s nothing compared to what happens to a child and their family after a pediatric cancer diagnosis. We have to do better. Hit the link in bio to help us end pediatric cancer for good.
Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 and support our mission to end pediatric cancer 💛🎗🙏
We need to do better for kids with pediatric cancer. Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 and support our mission to end pediatric cancer for good.
Yesterday’s ride was hot, long, and 100% worth it 💯 Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 to help make it worth even more.
The most priceless set of Zipp wheels @zippspeed on the planet.  Signed by kids fighting cancer and other names of kids fighting and who have lost the battle.  These wheels making the 2500 mile journey!! Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 to help the kids.  #helpushelpthem  #cancersucks  #saveourkids
Last 📸 in New Mexico, here comes Texas. Text GIVE2CALS to 20222 and support our mission to end pediatric cancer.