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I'm about to lose at Risk! Yay! (I'm black).
Another day of aerial surveys, another bird's-eye view of the Everglades. And well, some places that used to be Everglades.
Some shaky footage of a bouncy flight... (We're diving down to get a better view of/ID the wildlife - i.e. some deer)
The Florida Everglades...From The Air! (Courtesy of our annual aerial wildlife surveys).
The swamp buggy...a side view.
A view of the cockpit (of an old swamp buggy).
A forgotten boardwalk on a hidden tree island.
An alligator graveyard. We found 6 poached gators today...
Last burn of the season!
It's baby season in the Everglades!
My little Florida campfire.
Behold the mighty strangler fig!