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A non-human #AI won 2nd place in the China International Fashion Design Innovation Competition.  These designs made by ‘DeepVogue', an apparel design system from Shenlan Technology, managed to beat out many of their human counterparts before a panel of 50 judges, causing some to speculate about the impact of AI on creativity.

According to Shenlan Technology representatives, the technology requires a great deal of input from human designers, who can import images, themes and keywords into the DeepVogue system. The system then uses “deep learning”– essentially extensive studying by a machine of a database of information — to produce original designs. The designers are then able to filter out the results based on cost and other preferences.

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Happy #EarthDay everyone! 🍃🌎 It's our group responsibility as brands and individuals to do our bit and help save the planet! We recently spoke to Jolyon Bexon, Head of Retail at @raeburn_design, about how the label mixes sustainability with impeccable design ✨ 
Head to our link in bio for the full interview ♻️
The Adidas Primeknit bra Engineered for the Perfect Fit

Co-created with @Adidas global network of female athletes, like LA dancer @Mettenarrative .

Designed with a superior soft and absorbent nylon yarn that provides unparalleled comfort and cooling, the adidas Primeknit bra came about after years of research studying the female body in motion. It is this research by the adidas Advanced Concepts team that made it possible for them to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support required, using this unique Primeknit knitting technology.

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“The biggest thing that companies can do - from H&M to Sainsbury’s - is to communicate where they are on their road to being more sustainable,” @jolyonevattbexon, head of retail at @raeburn_design, told us. “We’re not expecting H&M and Zara to suddenly become sustainable brands but what we want from them is honesty about where they are and what their plan is to improve.” Head to our link in bio to read the full interview with Jolyon, where we talk about the importance of transparency and how Raeburn approaches sustainability 🍃
We love this Heart Rate Dress by @artbyphysicistkittyyeung - a creative technologist and hardware prototyper focused on programmable clothing, computational textiles and wearable textiles 💃

The Heart Rate Dress has an embedded heart monitor into a beautifully designed evening gown, which collects data that can be recorded for analysis by health care professionals. "It has three electrodes that you can attach to your body. When the heart rate monitor detects your heart rate, you can actually see your EKG and you can map that to the LED and make it blink according to your heart rate. I put it behind the flowers so it looked a little like fireflies,” said Yeung about the gown. 
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2019 marks the first decade of @christopher.raeburn’s eponymous label. What began as the designer’s fascination with reusing military garments has turned into the brand’s key guiding principle. 
As Raeburn prepares for the next chapter of the brand, we sat down with @jolyonevattbexon - @raeburn_design’s newly appointed Head of Retail - to hear more about the importance of experimentation in physical spaces and mixing sustainability with impeccable design. ♻️ Head to our link in bio to read the full interview, including details about the brands new retail space @raeburn_lab ✨
Gown of Fire And Ice by @irisvanherpen 🔥❄️ The most anticipated, final season of @gameofthrones is out today! @gwendolineuniverse captured the mood of the HBO hit with a look from Iris van Herpen’s Spring 2019 Couture collection. Covered in abstract forms that look like flames or icicles depending on your perspective. The divine fashion moment is a result of a collaboration between van Herpen and @NASA engineer-turned-artist 
#gameofthrones #shiftsouls #irisvanherpen #wearableart #fashioninnovation #fashiontech #gotseason8 #fashionfutures #couture #redcarpetready #fashioninnovators #gwendolinechristie
Petit Pli is one of 5 winners of the H&M Foundation's 2019 Global Change Award. @petit.pli creates clothes that grow 👶🏻 The startup constructs the most advanced technical children’s clothing in the world. Petit Pli’s versatile & rainproof garments are embedded with a patent pending structure that allows them to grow bi-directionally to custom fit children from 9 months to 4 years. The designs are a desirable way to be sustainable & proliferate sustainable values in the next generation.
Last night @hmfoundation announced the winners of its 2019 Global Change Awards 🤩 Needless to say congratulations are in order🍃🥇 First up @circularfashionsystem was awarded for its Loop Scoop system! 
The Loop Scoop is a digital system which specifies how each garment choice of material, cut and production affects the planet – providing designers with knowledge and tools on how to design with recyclable intent. 
The specifications are then saved as a digital identity, a circularity.ID, which can be scanned by consumers to access information on the best options once done with the garment – encouraging consumers to reuse, update or recycle their fashion ♻️ How incredible is this? We can’t wait to see how they progress!!
Smart fabric startup @loomia_co has launched its first direct-to-consumer product: a self-heating smart jacket for women🔥

Loomia used its patented technology, the Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL), to bring three heating sections to the jacket. The LEL is different from other heating technologies because it is completely wire-free, meaning less opportunities for breakage. It also makes the garment thin and form-fitting instead of puffy and uncomplimentary - an important consideration for the female-led team.

The H1 retails for $550 and is available to pre-order through Loomia’s website until 14th April 2019, with orders being shipped in October 2019 (just in time for the winter season). Head to our link in bio to find out more ⚡️🤩
Join @cfe_london’s biannual manufacturing trade show and their FashTech meet-up on 3rd of April to meet and mingle with some of the most inspiring companies and industry leaders in the space 🌟

Head to our link in bio to read more and book your free ticket 🎫
“We try to recreate a drop-like hype with the clients that we  work with,” says Gazzard about @justcatalyst’s print on demand services. “A lot of the time, when you have a store that’s always available it’s difficult to create that urgency and it’s also difficult for the influencer to keep the promotion around it authentic.” Head to our link in bio to read how Catalyst partnered with ‘Good Influence’ YouTuber @unjadedjade  to launch her own clothing collection and helped Jade grow her ecommerce platform to one that sees thousands of orders per drop.