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Now in its second year, the weekend-long event schedule for @aarhuswalksonwater aims to open up the world of fashiontech not only to emerging talent and people in the industry, but also to locals and guests in the city. This is why all public-facing events from its programme will be free to attend. 🌈

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Step into the wardrobe of the future at @munichfabricstart with @fashnerd_ @wearablex @thesiscouture @emel_and_aris @lornaandbel & others 👗✨ Find out more via the link in bio ⭐️
For fashion brands and retailers, adding image recognition and visual search capabilities to their online stores or apps brings enormous potential for better product recommendations, improved customer experience and upselling opportunities, which positively impact their bottom lines.

Learn about @fashwell uses machine vision and image recognition to supercharge retail operations 🌟 Link in bio 🤖
“It's important that large organisations take notice and create a movement towards adaptive collections,” Grace Jun, faculty at Parson’s School of Design and managing director of Open Style Lab, tells INTERLACED. “Everyone is aging and have a higher chance of facing a disability at one point in life. The body, in general, is changing over time and the products and services today need to address this change. Not only is it promoting public service but there is a market that is not addressed - people with disabilities and those who are aging.” 👵🏻 Head to 👉🏻👈🏻 to find out why inclusive fashion is a business imperative
We are so excited to reveal our new website 🌺🌟 - A lot more focus on editorial content about the most exciting developments for the future of fashion, retail & beauty 👗⚡️ - Talks, projects & workshops archives 👩🏼‍💻 - And a lot of ways to collaborate with you! 🔮

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Is Virtual Tuesday a thing? We might try & make it happen 🙌🏻 This week’s virtual inspo comes from @watashiwanoodle - the original CGI influencer 🌟
Hello, is it us you’re looking for? 👀 
Throwback to a wonderful day we spent at @cutecircuit’s studio earlier this spring 💐
“"Are you real?" is the comment I receive the most. Which is an interesting question. The internet is real; so does this make me real?” told us virtual influencer @perl.www 👾🔮
Happy birthday @daiwear 🎉💖 In celebration of the brand’s first anniversary, revisit our interview with its founder, @joannadai, to learn about the company’s mission to empower women and fight for a more sustainable fashion industry.

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So excited that our @krissyxkd will be taking part in this month’s #WLBProject talking sustainable fashion with @wearthewalk & @gung_ho_design 💖 Be sure to come along if you’re a @sohohouse member 🌺
The seventh act of ‘The Performers’, GQ original video series in partnership with Gucci, presents renowned Osaka University roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro from Japan who is on a lifelong quest to build the world's first fully autonomous, sentinel android. Here we see them both in Alessandro Michele’s creations 👾✨🧠
Fashion was an instrumental part of how Mexican artist Frida Kahlo constructed her image ✨ 
We highly recommend @vamuseum’s Frida Kahlo - Making Herself Up 🙌🏻